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What is a case study and its Type

Case study is done by the professional people who want to find certain results on a given case that may belong to book, movie, organization or criminals as well. If you are given with a case study assignment and do not know How to Write a Case Study for Singapore College then go through the tips given here. You will be able to write all types of case study easily by these suggestion and guidelines.

What is a case study and its Type

What is Case Study?

A case study is a type of research-based work in which researcher do a lot of research on a business organization, a single person or that of on handful of employees. It could also be performed on the criminals and many other such arenas.

The main purpose of doing a cases study is to get rid of the loopholes that are being followed in an organization, to know the reason of business downfall, finding out the reality of a criminal etc. it could be given to the business, economics and many other subject students in Singapore.  From management case study to business cases study, anything can be obtained by the respective graduates of Singapore.

How to write a case study?

A case study is written by following the research methods in steps by the researcher so that the final result that is obtained is authentic. A case study written with wrong method is erroneous and do not find any purpose for which it is done so make sure that your data and statics are correct.

Business Case Study Assignments to economics case study can be done with proper way by the professionals. So if you are writing a case study make sure that you are following the format of case study by reading suitable sample. Various case study examples are available in Singapore to the students of SIM University and Nanyang Technological University as well.

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Types of Case Study that can be assigned to graduates students in Singapore

Those pursuing their study in management, business, Economics and such other subjects in Tampines and Choa Chu Kang have to write case study assignments on regular basis. These Singapore college graduates should know about the Types of Case Study that can be assigned to them by the professor in their respective subjects. Here are few common types of case study assignments given to the graduates of various Singapore Universities.

  1. Explanatory case study
  2. Collective case study
  3. Cumulative case study
  4. Exploratory case study
  5. Instrumental case study
  6. Criminal case study
  7. Group case study
  8. Event case study
  9. Book case study
  10. Qualitative case study
  11. Quantitative case study

These are some common types of case studies that are assigned to the students by their professors. You can easily complete your case study assignments by experts’ ideas and samples of case study available on Singapore Assignment Help website.

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Proper format for writing a case study for Singapore Colleges?

Throughout the various colleges of Singapore case study writing work is very common and given to every single student at one point or another of their course. For writing a case study in well-organised manner like that of professionals’ separation of the objectives, points and solutions or findings along with recommendations is very important. Step by step guide for case study format in Singapore is available from the Singapore Assignment Help easily. College graduates can easily finish off supreme quality case study in proper ideal format by following these steps. Have a look on the points of case study format below.

  1. Decide the topic of the case study
  2. Try to accumulate resources for research on topic
  3. Prepare the outline of the case study
  4. Write the objectives of the case study
  5. Observations
  6. Major points and findings
  7. Solutions to the issue of topic
  8. Conclusion and recommendation

These are the main points to be followed in a case study by the students in order to make it best in every way with respect to the format. Case study outline is very crucial to frame for preparing the format of it.

Step By Step Guide for Case Study Writing

Writing a case study requires a deep understanding of the theories studied in the classroom along with the proper analysis of the situation; identify the real problems in the situation and recommendation a satisfactory solution.

Before start writing a case study, many students have plenty of ideas but just because they don’t get proper guidance their all idea get buried in the heap of confusion. So here, expert case study writers have presented you a perfect way to write a case study.

Step 1:  Read and read the case given to you:-First, you need to carefully study the given case. Analysis the case properly and find out the potential customers, product and every aspect of the case and how the product is affecting the customers.

Step 2: List out the problems in the given situation:-Every case study presents a story from start to end which has a proper starting, a scenario (background), a problematic situation (Villain) and many people who are effecting with the problem (potential customers). So first, you need to identify the problems in the story. To identify the problems, you can analysis your case using certain questions:

  • What is the main action taking in the case?

  • What kind of problem exists because of the action?

  • What are the consequences of the problem?

  • Who is affecting with the problem?

  • Who is responsible for such problematic situation?

  • What are the actions appropriate to solve this problem?

Apply the theories studied in the classroom:- Once you have identified the list of the problems exist in the case now, apply the theories and practises studied in the classroom with such situation and find out what was done correctly and what was not done accurately and list out everything.

Identify the possible solutions:- Now, you need to conduct a research, apply the case study theories and collect the facts and data and all possible relevant information about the case to find out the possible solutions.

Select the best solution:- Once you have listed out the possible solutions, you need to select the best-suited solution which you think is the perfect for this situation and satisfying all needs of the situation.

Structure your case study:- Once you have gathered all relevant information, next, you need to structure the case using a proper case study format. Through case study follows the basic format of academic writings, it can differ according to the needs of the organization or assignment guidance given by the faculty.

Step 3 : Introduction:- An introduction is the first thing which comes in the contact of the reader so it should be catchy enough to grab the reader’s attention and increase their craving within the readers to complete the case study paper.

You need to clearly present all problems in the case at the starting paragraph and then create a strong thesis statement, and at last, you need to summarise the outcome of the case using 2-3 lines.

Step 4 : The body part:- You need to write the body part as you are presenting a story where you need to present all the problems and consequences of the problem in the different-different paragraph.

You should present the sub-heading of each paragraph, which gives a perfect idea on, what you have included under this.

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Step 5: Conclusion: Lastly, present your conclusion is an effective way. Here, you need to present the solution to every problem which you have discussed in the body part without adding any new problem or information.A conclusion is the last part which you professor going to read before grading you so you need to spend a quality time before crafting it and make it impressive, which can leave an impression of your writing on the reader’s mind.

Step 6: Referencing and recommendations: Finally, you need to present the recommendation, you can present the recommendation either in the last paragraph of the conclusion or you can present it separately. Here, you need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

You can even recommend the future action which can be taken to resolve the situation, along with your recommendation, you have to discuss what should be done in the future, how will it be done, what resource will be used to complete it and what would be the benefits.

After recommendation, you need to provide the information of the source used in the case including textbook, prior case study, any person which you have interviewed to get the information.

Step 7: Editing and proofreading: Lastly, you need to proofread your case study paper. The best way to proofread your paper on your own, leave your paper as it is for 1-2 days and then read it. If you don’t have that much time then leave your paper at least for 2-3 hours and then proofread it. The idea behind leaving the paper is to come up with a fresh mind.

Read every sentence of your paper and find out any kind of mistake in your paper and make it an error-free paper.

Remember, a case study should be presented like an impressive story which should be interesting and your readers should not get bored with it.

Some professional tips to write an impressive case study paper:

Though using the above-mentioned steps you can write a tremendous case study, there are some tips to make it more intriguing.

  • Always tell a story from start to end which should be engaging and can manage to hold the reader’s interest till the end.
  • Always create a plan before you start planning your paper, it will help you to save lots of time and help you to make it more impressive.
  • Create an outline of your work which will help you as a route map.
  • Add some real-life examples in your case study paper to make it more authentic paper.
  • Always provide credible information in your paper, a case study is not a place for assumptions.
  • Use simple language which can be easily readable and understandable.
  • Always try to prove your words with the figures and numbers.

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