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The word science has been derived from a word in the Latin language which is Scientia.

The meaning of this word is knowledge. It is in simpler words a systematic pursuit of evidence holding knowledge-based validity, which has been based out on extreme observation, experimentation, and further proving.

Social science assignment help services from our end will guide about the same linked to sociology.

Social science is that branch of a scene that has its concerns linked to society, the individuals that make up this society, and their interconnection and dependency on one another.

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 History of Social Science

The history of social sciences revolves around the great age of enlightenment that saw extreme development and growth of the social sciences.

In the middle ages, people found only God as the centre of attention.

However, with time, there came a new age of enlightening where people started to recognize the spirit of inquiry and curiosity regarding the society of humans.

Now at this point in time, a human had become the centre of attention. This is what led to the development and growth of social sciences. Students who have opted for social sciences are well aware of the same.

Social Science assignment topics for which we provide assignment writing services

1. History

Military history Political history Social history Economic history History of ideas

2. Economics

Micro economics Macro economics

3. Political science

Political theory Comparative politics International relations Public law and administration

4. Sociology

5. Anthropology

Biological Anthropology Social anthropology Cultural anthropology Anthropological Linguistics

6. Philosophy

Logic Aesthetic Ethics Metaphysics Epistemology

7. Archaeology

8. Linguistics

Phonology Semantics Phonetics

Problems Faced By SG Students In Writing Social Science Assignment

  • All the subjects included in social science are co-related to one another. For studying a single branch, you need to have knowledge about other subjects as well. this is why students with the study of a single branch fail to understand how to go about their assignment submissions as it becomes a difficulty for them to write about all with the knowledge of one.
  • The other problem that students come across while writing assignments is that the deadline and the period of submission come with a very tight range. There is not much time to schedule research, writing, and checking, and then finally submitting in the days when they also have to attend their classes and more. Thus, they are not able to make submissions time and fail to score marks.
  • The subjects in the social sciences are quite vast and complex. They are quite demanding and need expertise and extreme knowledge for a person to write assignments. Only social-science experts and professionals can write such assignments.

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