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FEM101 Building Services: Course Overview 

Building Services, i.e. FEM101, provides learners with a depth of thought into the electrical and mechanical technical services systems principles and design.

Building facilities involve mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems, lower and higher voltage systems, battery backup systems, water systems (cold and hot supply), hygienic and fuel systems, fire safety systems, elevators, and escalators.

Building services is one of the most popular and famous course works in Singapore. It is a short term course that allows the scholars of Singapore to know about different services that are present in any building.

Building facilities are building systems that are installed to keep them healthy and comfortable, operational, efficient, and reliable.

Construction services could include Veneer engineering (including requirements for building shading), safety from fire, detection and security, insulation, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC).

Scholars must know the actual meaning of FEM101 so that they can decide very smarty and wisely, whether they have any career option in this field or not. Building services are necessary to know by the students of Singapore.

They can also apply the techniques of this coursework in their day to day life. To know about this coursework is very useful for the scholars as it proved to be a better career option for them.

Building Services Topics That We Cover In Our FEM101 Assignment Solutions

One of the main problems faced by most of the students while doing their duties is to select the possible aspects to include in their paper.

Our professionals, through their proper research, have suggested some of the critical topics.

Students can schedule their study on the proposed topic accordingly and provide more informative data to their readers;

  • The introduction section is a must, and it should include a thesis statement for your readers as well.
  • Water supply should be the next section as water is the basic need of every human being. So it should be clearly explained how they can provide both cold and hot water.
  • Drainage, gas system, fire hydrant, electrical, Automatic fire sprinkler, fire alarm, etc. Students can explain all these either in separate sections and can take a more significant part.
  • Air conditioning system, ventilation, lifts, escalators, security system, etc. These are the advanced needs of any building. So they should also be explained in brief.

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Primary learning outcomes that Singapore students will achieve from the coursework of Building services

Now, it comes to the most basic and first most things that students consider before registering themselves for a course. FEM101 course provides multiple outcomes to them. These are:

  • For various M&E systems, naming their design principles is necessary which students can easily do after completing the course.
  • They can describe the functions and components of every system confidently.
  • They will get proper knowledge about installing, commissioning, and testing the system.
  • When there is a break down in building service, they could be able to identify and face them quickly.
  • If there is a need for further safety requirements, needs to follow some regulations and relevant standards, they can themselves review the services of building and make changes accordingly.
  • They will be able to identify and determine the necessary actions that should be adopted when there is any need.

These outcomes not only help the learners in their building constructing services but in their daily life as well. Students should take this course seriously and try to get maximum benefits out of it.

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