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Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) is highly beneficial in developing regular study habits in learners.

Universities in Singapore like SUSS, Singapore Management University, etc., and even the National Institute of Singapore are adopting the practice of giving 20% marks advantage to their students for their submitted tutor-marked assignments in the final year of their graduation.

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What is Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)?

TMAs are helpful in developing learning ability to make it easier for the student to gain knowledge and be a successful student.

In order to help the student in understanding the concepts and make them a good learner, the open school has introduced many forms and techniques. One of these methods is Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA).

TMA helps to develop study habits in learners in routine and enable them to practice in composing the answers for questions while having some sort of rehearsal in preparing for their final exams.

TMA plays a significant role in the understanding and learning process through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. TMAs make students to know about their success and level of achievement and develop daily study habits.

TMAs provide all the learners with major practical terms that they can use to give multiple answers to the questions, including accurate feedback.

If you are unable to send your Tutor Marked assignments on time, however, you may have to face a zero in the mark sheet of TMAs grades.

You should prefer to take professional assignment help services in that case and save your grades by submitting the TMA solutions on time.

Why tutor-marked assignments are necessary for Singapore students to submit?

Many top universities and colleges in Singapore like Singapore Management University, National University of Singapore, SUSS, and many more carry the substantial weight of 20% marks for their students for the submitted TMA.

Tutor marked assignments have a significant role in enhancing the academic performance of a student.

  • TMA helps you in learning things quickly, which can further help you in scoring high grades in your final examination.
  • It helps in developing regular study habits in the learners.
  • Trough these assignments, you can know your progress by answering the questions in your TMA.

The marks earned by the scholars after the final year project submission would get included in the external review’s final mark-sheet.

The university learners have to present their Tutor marked assignments much before participating in the Public Examination for their respective subjects.

Students should not risk the quality of their TMA as it could affect their score. Instead, they should prefer to hire online experts and complete academic assignments under their guidance.

TMAs have become a mandatory part of most of Singapore’s top colleges and universities if students want to obtain higher academic grades in their final result.

Unless the students successfully submit their TMAs on time with high quality, their actual result will either remain incomplete or not be announced.

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