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In the wake of COVID-19, all the countries across the world are maintaining a precautionary campaign of isolation, and social-distancing.

Following this the Singapore which is concerned with the education of the youth.

All over Singapore, the universities, colleges or institutes are adapting online platforms to provide the essential courses and take the necessary assignments.

The different classes, courses, workshops or seminars are transformed into online sessions. Besides, one new thing is introduced in the process is the Timed Online Assignment (TOA) SUSS.

As the consequence of security lockdown, all the face-to-face/ offline classes are replaced by virtual classroom lessons which are being conducted via Zoom. Zoom is a web-conferencing platform which integrated within the Canvas learning management system, enables the instructor to conduct live online classes from anywhere (usually from home) and ease the students to communicate to their mentors synchronously online.

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In addition to that, the on-campus tests and examinations are substituted by Timed Online Assignment, Take Home Assignment which is taken and submitted remotely from anywhere (home for present case) but within a time limit.

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What is Timed Online Assignment?

TOA (Timed Online Assignment) is the online assignment given to the Singapore students at a particular time for a specific time limit to finish it.

Somehow TOA is like the TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) but imposed with a time limit. The TMA is provided in most of the courses at SUSS University and now the TOA is being introduced for all the courses in the SUSS university.

The format of the timed online assignment is somehow identical to that of the final exam paper. So, the students need to prepare well for TOA same as they do for their final examinations.

The TOA will be uploaded on the Canvas, alike a TMA. Despite that, the questions of TOA will only be available to see during the prescribed date and timing.

The TOA will be allocated with the same time limit as that of final examination of the course plus adscititious half an hour.

Students must complete the assignment and submit their answers through Canvas with Turnitin at the edge of the time limit provided.

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As the TOA is to be submitted in the same way as that of TMA but within a time limit. Unlike TMA, the TOA assignments are required to be finished before the due date by the pre-set time limit.

Despite some relaxations in tutor marked assignments, the students often used to struggle with the completion of their TMA answers and now the TOA has come up with more stress than TMA.

Earlier the students were worried about the deduction of marks and securing low grades in the final course result but at present, the TOA is much more terrifying than the TMA.

The timed online assignment SUSS does not follow the marks deduction policy on non-submission of the assignment answers but directly consider it as an automatic course withdrawal.

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Why submitting TOA is essential?

As students will be informed of the specific due date and time for doing their respective timed assignment, they need to submit the TOA by the time limit.

Although the TOA is similar to the TMA, it doesn’t prefer marks deduction like TMA rather submission failure of TOA leads to automatic course withdrawal and you won’t get another chance to write it with a new deadline.

You must have to submit the TOA as you will be getting out of the course due to un-submission and once the timer has stopped/ expired even your teachers also cannot reset the timer for your online assignment.

How are the TOA conducted?

While creating assignments, the timed online test maker (respective faculty) who design online assignments has the options to set date and time limit for the whole assignment.

In the case of TOA, the questions will be published on Canvas (learning management system) like a TMA.

Nonetheless, the TOA questions are not visible prior to the stipulated date and timing.

Every student will get his TOA on his due date with a preset time limit imposed within which he needs to complete all the TOA assessment questions.

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The format of this WebAssign timed assignment will resemble that of the course final exam which hence, students are suggested to prepare for the TOA just like the same way they prepare for the final exam of the course.

Also, the WebAssign time zone for this canvas timed assignment will be equal to that of the ultimate course exam with an additional half an hour.

The pupils have to submit their scheduled online exam before the timeline mentioned on their respective account. In any case of logging out would not help them to increase the time limit.

The timer will continue to run even if the student signs out or press the back button or closes the web page.

This so is employed to combat cheating on these WebAssign assignments so that the candidate should prepare to complete the entire TOA in on sitting.

If in any case the WebAssign schedule assignment is not submitted by the end of the timeline, this will be classified as un-submission leading to an automatic course withdrawal.

Besides all of that, students while writing their TOA paper can take help from notes, books or past year papers solutions but should not copy them as the online test taker will examine the TOA copies with the Turnitin and different tools for plagiarism, errors and collisions.

In addition to that, the Turnitin report will be taken under consideration in the marking process of every individual assessed assignment.

Key Takeaways for Timed Online Assignments

As, it is clear that when you will log in for writing the TOA, you will get a time limit of few minutes of hours and if you log out in between even then also the timer won’t stop and you are not going to get extra time.

Hence, you are needed to complete the whole assignment in a single sitting.

These are some key takeaways that should be remembered and taken care of by the students: –

  • Before starting your Timed Online Assignment, ensure yourself to complete the whole assignment without any interruption.
  • Ensure to be at a place with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • You need to finish the entire assignment in one go.
  • You cannot pause the TOA after starting it.
  • If you move out of the site/ log out, you will not get additional time as the timer of your TOA won’t stop.
  • Make sure to log in exactly on the start time which is mentioned/ assigned to you. If you make your login late, although you will be able to write the TOA your time limit won’t extend i.e. you will not get extra time.
  • You can refer to notes or textbooks but not copy them, it will show plagiarism. Your assignment will be thoroughly examined and checked on Turnitin.
  • If you do not submit your course TOA, it will be referred to as “Automatic Course Withdrawal”

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This has become nearly impossible for the students to finish the entire timed assignment in one go following the complex guideline to be careful of while writing the timed assessment answers.

The replacement of TMA with this take-home assignment has become a reason for worry to the Singaporean students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I lose my assignment if the timer reaches zero while writing the assignment?

Ans. No, you won’t lose your assignment, instead, it will be submitted automatically if you do not submit it and timer gets expired.

But if you log out from the portal without clicking the submit button, it will not be submitted automatically.

Q2. What type of questions might come in the TOA?

Ans. As it is mentioned above also that the format of TOA is the same as that, of course, the final exam, so the questions will be of that level only. Hence, you need to prepare well for that.

Most probably, several questions might be in the format of multiple-choice questions as the TOA is subjected to a time limit and its extremely difficult for the students to write descriptive assignments within a short time limit.

Q3. Can you also provide physics online homework?

Ans. Yes, we can assist you with physics online homework. We can help you with all of your online homework or assignments and deliver them by the date and time you will say.

Q4. What does the due date mean?

Ans. Once you log in with your details at the stipulated date and time, you will see two things i.e. due to date and due time.

The due date refers to the specific date by which you have to submit your online assignment before the timeline mentioned that. students can get different assignments with different due date and timeline.

Q5. What should I do if my performance is wrecked due to some unavoidable circumstances e.g. illness?

Ans. In such cases, you may submit E39 (Special Circumstances) form which you can get via E-Services in the Student Portal.

Q6. What to do if my TOA session schedules clashes; can I still do all of my TOA?

Ans. If your schedules of TOA session conflicts, the respective Universities will contact the students and make alternative arrangements

Q7. What should I do if I have a doubt regarding TOA questions?

Ans. It will be possible for you to get your queries clear. All you can do is make your markers known to your understanding & assumptions of the questions and answer the questions as best as you can.

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