Posted on: 8th Sep 2018

How do I apply for a Singapore student visa?

Want to travel to Singapore for higher studies; you need to have a student pass.

Many students dream to study in Singapore not only because it is a hub for many world-class universities but it has many excellent job opportunities and fantastic business growth.

How do I apply for a Singapore student visa

Singapore is such a small country but has great potential to attract many overseas students every year because of its cultural value, booming economic structure, great transportation system, supportive government, high employability and moreover, it is the quality education system.

In such a short span of time, Singapore has become one of the top countries to study higher education because of the rapid improvement in the education sector and most importantly it has many world-class universities that are capable enough to attract foreign students.

So before making up your mind to study in Singapore, you must require a student pass. For those students who want to apply for a short-term course get a provision to obtain a social visit pass, which is applicable for 30 days only. Otherwise, it is essential to have a student pass.

Who needs to apply for a student visa?

Every foreign student who is accepted by the educational institute for the full-time study in Singapore is compulsory to apply for the student visa until or unless:

  • He is a short course pass-holder
  • He is an immigration exemption or
  • He is a depended pass holder and studying in the government center.

How to apply for a student visa:

To apply for your student visa for Singapore you need to follow a procedure:

1. Acceptance letter from your university:

After deciding the university and college you want to study, you need to apply for an acceptance letter from your respective university because an acceptance letter is essential to apply for a student pass.

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2. Fill the application form:

Once you will get your acceptance letter you can apply for a student visa which is issued by ICA (Singapore Immigration & Checkout Point Authority)

You need to fill an online application form available at and submit it to Student’s Pass Online Application & registration+ (SOLAR+) system.

There are some requirements you need to know before filling up the form

  • If you are 19 years old or below to 19 years and you want to attend a full-time course in Singapore which is approved by Private Education Organization (PEO) then your application form will be directly evaluated by the Singapore Immigration & Checkout Authority (ICA).
  • If you are above 19 and wish to apply for the commercial, vocational, language and fine arts postgraduate/non-graduate degree courses then you may be required to have an interview at the embassy.

3. An interview at the Singapore Embassy:

After the successful submission of the form, the private education organization will contact the applicant via email and provide a date for an interview at the Singapore embassy Beijing within the period of a month.

If an applicant did not receive the mail he can contact to the PEO on his own.

Almost after 2-3 months of the interview the PEO will contact you again and let you know the outcomes of the interview. The applicant cannot inquire about the outcomes of the interview.

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4. Documents required for the interview:

If an applicant gets a call for an interview he is required to bring some important documents at the time of the interview.

An original and a photocopy and a notarized copy of the documents including a birth certificate, highest education certificate, education results and a fixed deposit (almost RMB 150,000) of a bank statement.

  1. An original and photocopy of Students, his parents and spouse’s
  2. Identity cards.
  3. Registered household
  4. Employment statement
  5. Monthly salary record of the last 3 months before the date of the interview.
  6. If self-employed then business registration certificate.
  7. Applicant’s overseas study plan.
  8. An original copy and photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport.
  9. One recent colored passport-sized photograph.
  10. Recent medical report.
  11. Proof for that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Singapore.

5. Security Deposit:

A student needs to deposit a security fee which is $5000, in the form of a banker’s guarantee.

6. Fees deposit:

Every applicant is required to submit a non-refundable to ICA, a processing fee that is $30.
When an applicant passes all the formalities of student pass then he has to pay $ 60 to ICA.

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Benefits of student pass:

A student pass allows a student to study in Singapore but apart from this, there are some other benefits that a student get with student visa including he can stay in Singapore for a longer period and explore the city deeply and he is allowed to work full-time in Singapore during the holidays and vacation times and part-time during weekdays. However, a student must be registered as a full-time student in the nation’s university.

Therefore, a student pass is the first step for a student to get into the corporate world of Singapore.

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