Posted on: 15th Jul 2021

What is the GCE O level in Singapore

To understand the education system in Singapore, it is important to comprehend the GCE O level that functions in the education mechanism of Singapore. The General certificate of education ordinary level is the examination that introduces in the year 1971 intending to conduct the examination properly and systematically.

What is the GCE O level in Singapore

Because education is one of the core aspects in shaping the future of any student and this system of examination brings parity in the objective of educating students. It is believed by the experts, scientists, academician scholars, researchers that examination plays a vital role in determining the student’s capabilities to the extent and to conduct it fairly and reasonably, it is important to administer it with the concept like GCE O level.

Such a mechanism of conducting examination provides transparency in the examination system along with closely associated with the school curriculum. For proper administration of education in the country, this certification increases the same and works in a hierarchical format.

This article discusses the GCE O level that functions a major role in the education system in Singapore and explicitly deceives the significance and benefits of the same.


The Singapore Cambridge general certificate education ordinary level is termed as one of the best certifications in the education system of Singapore that enable the students to pursue their career in the desired stream. The examination was designed to evaluate the student’s abilities and skills. That’s the reason the examination exhibit the marks of the students in a grading format that enables the authority to assess the skills.

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There are various states incorporated in the examination that ought to be passed by the students to qualify for GCE O level certification. The examination also provides benefits to the school students who are going to admit to college, as the examination is in line with the school curriculum of Singapore. The exam conducted in GCE O is offered on annual basis keeping in mind the learning, skills, and another factor of the examination.

The students who are going for admission in secondary courses or college or secondary five normal courses need to register in such examination. The GCE O level examination gives students the opportunities to go for higher studies. Moreover, the authorities in the GCE O level examination are joint with the authority of Singapore examination, MOE, Cambridge assessment international education, and OSIE.

Syllabus of GCE O level

The syllabus of the GCE O level examination is quite different and furnishes aggregate scores of all such subjects that encompass examination to the students. It is often misunderstood that mother tongue language is a general certificate of education ordinary level but it is not so.

Both The examination envisage different subject areas and the syllabus of the mother tongue langue that is MTL is not reckoning based on aggregate score. The students who clear the mother tongue language syllabus B are eligible to get admission in junior colleges and the scorecard of such exam reflects in terms of merit, pass, or ungraded.


OSIE stands for O-level school initiative elective that is introduced by MOE and giving flexibility in the curriculum of secondary schools. It is introduced to educate and ascertain the skills of the students properly. The initiative is educated in addition to the MOE curriculum and the students who wish to register for the examination of OSIE need to be approved by the MOE curriculum planning and development division.

The scorecard of the examination can be used for admission in junior college and GCE O level aggregate scores. For the development of the economy, it is important to formulate the education system in such a manner that professionals could work with transparency.

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Applied Subjects

In the computation of the GCE O level aggregate, the applied subjects play a crucial role that is evolved by the polytechnics. The examination aims to furnish the growth of the students who keen to learn and obtain the certificate.

However, the education system is like an ocean where such certification needs to be introduced after every short interval of time. After scrutinizing the need and academics, authorities regulated differently certificate courses with the objective of progress and the GCE O level is one such examination conducted by the education authorities of Singapore.

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