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PSLE New Scoring & Grading System in Singapore 2023

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in Singapore is a national examination taken by all students at the end of their primary education. The PSLE is used to determine which secondary school a student will be placed in based on their performance on the exam.

The PSLE is made up of four subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, or Tamil). Students also take a paper on Social Studies, which is used for school placement purposes but is not included in their overall score.

The PSLE grading system consists of grades A to E, with A being the highest and E being the lowest. The grades are further divided into sub-grades of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, with 1 being the highest within each grade and 5 being the lowest. For example, an A1 is the highest possible grade, while an E5 is the lowest.

PSLE New Scoring System in Singapore

The PSLE grading system is used to rank students within their cohort and to place them in the appropriate secondary school based on their performance. Students are generally placed in secondary schools based on their overall score and the availability of spots in the school.

It is important to note that the grades and scores a student receives on the PSLE are only one factor in determining their future academic and professional path, and should not be the sole focus of their efforts. Students should strive to do their best on the PSLE, but should also recognize that there are many other opportunities for learning and growth beyond this exam.

Every institution requires reforms when the time demands such as banking institutions, tertiary sector and so the case lies with the education system. To make education effective and efficient that could able to meet the challenges, reforms are needed.

In the education system of Singapore, the authorities introduce substantial changes in the education mechanism that stimulate not only the growth of students but also prepare them to deal with the challenges and led to a rise in the growth of the economy.

As education system incorporates 20% in the annual budget of the state and requires it to be formulated in such a way that led to the progress of the state.

The education system of Singapore encountered several reforms that prove to be beneficial for the progress of the state. As education not only make the person literate but also help in reducing the unemployment level, poverty rate and drive the growth of the economy.

PSLE grading system 2023

Here is a table of the PSLE grading system in Singapore:

Grade Sub-grade Score Range
A1 1 80-100
A2 2 70-79
A3 3 60-69
B4 4 50-59
B5 5 40-49
C6 6 30-39
D7 7 20-29
E8 8 10-19
E9 9 0-9

The grading system consists of grades A to E, with A being the highest and E being the lowest. The grades are further divided into sub-grades of 1 to 9, with 1 being the highest within each grade and 9 being the lowest. The score range for each grade and sub-grade is also provided in the table. The minimum score required to pass the PSLE is 20 for each subject.

Achievement Levels (ALs)

Grades for foundation Foundation Raw Mark Range  Equivalent Standard Level AL
A 75-100 6
B 30-74 7
C <30 8

The students who are going for foundation level subjects will be assessed from AL A to AL C grading system and provide an overall performance in PSLE scores. Whereas the grading system in the standard level is in form of 6, 7, 8 that represent the range from 75-100, 30-74, and less than 30 respectively. Moreover, the new scoring system also exempted the scoring mechanism for mother tongue language except for Asian and foreign languages.

As far as legibility criteria are concerned for the secondary school courses then students will be placed in express, normal either in academic or technical courses based on the PSLE score.

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Presentation of P5 results in Holistic Development Profile (HDP)

The Primary 5 (P5) results in the Holistic Development Profile (HDP) in Singapore are presented in a report that shows a student’s overall performance across multiple areas of development. The HDP is a comprehensive assessment system that aims to evaluate a student’s overall development, including their academic, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic abilities.

The HDP report for P5 students typically includes the following information:

  1. Academic scores: The report shows the student’s scores in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, or Tamil).
  2. Holistic development scores: The report shows the student’s scores in the areas of social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic development. These scores are based on the student’s performance on assessments and teacher observations throughout the year.
  3. Strengths and areas for improvement: The report includes a summary of the student’s strengths and areas for improvement in each subject and area of development.
  4. Recommendations: The report includes recommendations for the student’s future learning and development, based on their performance on the HDP assessments.

The HDP report is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of a student’s development and to help them and their parents understand their strengths and areas for improvement. It is one of many tools used to support student learning and development in Singapore.

Scoring for Foundation-Level Subjects

The scoring for foundation level subjects can vary depending on the specific subject and the institution or organization that is offering the course or program. However, in general, foundation level subjects are typically designed to provide a basic foundation of knowledge and skills in a particular area, and the scoring may reflect this.

Here are a few possible ways that foundation level subjects may be scored:

  1. Percentage grades: Foundation level subjects may be graded on a percentage scale, with a score of 100% indicating that all of the material has been mastered.
  2. Pass/fail: Some foundation level subjects may have a pass/fail grading system, with a pass indicating that the material has been mastered to a satisfactory level and a fail indicating that more work is needed.
  3. Letter grades: Foundation level subjects may also be graded on a letter scale, such as A-F, with A being the highest grade and F being the lowest.
  4. Competency-based: Some foundation level subjects may be evaluated based on whether a student has demonstrated the required competencies or skills.

It is important to check the specific grading system for a foundation level subject to understand how it will be evaluated and what is required to achieve a particular grade or score.

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Such reforms in the education system are required to deal with the issues and challenges that it is currently facing and provide the problem-solving approach to real-world problems. As education is the right of the person recognized by the state as well as internationally.

The new PSLE scoring mechanism is introduced by the ministry of education for the benefit of the students as well as the state in the year 2023. The reform in the education system is required after the state encountered the pandemic situation and such reform brings parity in attaining the goal of disseminating education. The main focus of such a revised scoring system is to allow the kids to concentrate on learning rather than comparing their abilities with others.

Meaning of new PSLE scoring system

  • The new PSLE scoring system secondary school is formulated by the ministry of education is to assess the child’s understanding of the fundamentals and strengthening the core of academics of such a child.
  • Such a scoring system enables the kid to learn at a substantial pace so that they can elect to get admission to secondary school.
  • The need for such a scoring system is to reflect the progress of a child’s development in its scoring cards and strengthen the education system that stimulates the growth of the child.
  • Such revised mechanisms help the students in knowing their strengths and interest rather than focusing only on gaining marks. Because at such tender age it is important to annihilate the fear from child’s mind and then only it could able to learn with a free mindset.
  • Such a scoring system focuses on the quality of learning rather than on comparing the marks of the students at such young age. The authorities of education of the state believe that at such young age, the minds of students should be in learning distinct subjects and skills and not only focus to come in merits because this could result in lack of skills and abilities in the students.
  • In the new mechanism of the scoring system, there are 29 possibilities of PSLE scores that reflect the student’s performance regarding the learning objectives of the curriculum.

The implication of PSLE new scoring system

Though the ministry of education of the state has come up with a new scoring mechanism, it is important to note the effect of the same on children. Certain key changes are the result of such a new scoring system and one among such is achievement level.

Such achievement level has wider scoring bands than earlier which operates in eight ALs. And the candidate in case of similar ALs shall be placed in the same AL for every distinct subject.

The eighth achievement level ranges from less than 20 which extends to equal to or more than 90. And such achievement level of every student is the computation of four subjects that varies from four to thirty-two.

As an instance, a student who scores AL 3, 2, 1, 2 in English, MTL, mathematics, and science respectively. So the PSLE score of such a student is reckoned as 9.

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Hope that our information on PSLE new scoring system in Singapore helped you to understand the entire mechanism.

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