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Python Programming Courses in Singapore

Programming is the basic need to manipulate a system for doing a particular task/ work. It is a set of instructions which that tell the computer how to perform a task. The main purpose of programming is to generate a sequence of instructions to automate the functioning of a task usually for solving a problem.

Programming can be done using various computer languages such as Java, Python, SQL, C and C++.

Python programming is the most widely used programming language. Most of the Singaporean students who are interested in the coding sector opt for a course in python programming.

Python Programming Courses in Singapore

What is Python Programming?

In the context of computer science, Python is a high-level programming language which is being used in various sectors of developing technologies in the world. It is an object-oriented, interpreted, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.

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Its high-level is built-in data structures, blended with dynamic typing & dynamic binding, combinedly make it quite attractive for Rapid Application Development. Also, it acts as a glue or scripting or language to link existing elements together.

Courses for Python Programming

There are various certification and training courses for python programming in Singapore. Several Singaporean students learn different python courses in different modes i.e. full-time, part-time, classroom course and online courses.

Many computer science students after their graduation, opt master in computer science with a major python. Or those students who wish to complete their degree while learning python go for degree courses in data science.

Institutes/ Academies Providing Python Programming Courses in Singapore

Various colleges, institutes or academies in Singapore offer learning programs for python programming. Many institutes provide the python courses in indifferent levels like basic, advanced or full package python courses.

All of the top institutes/ academies which provide courses of python are as follows: –


  • Python Programming Essentials (PPE)


  • Python Fundamentals

3. Inspizone- The Training Experts

  • Python Language Course

4. Tertiary Courses Singapore

  • NICF- Python Programming Intermediate Level Course
  • Python 3 Essential Training

5. Hackwagon Academy

  • Data Science 101 (DS101)
  • Data Science 102 (DS102)

6. Coding Lab

  • P200: App Inventor and Python
  • P205 Python Junior 1
  • P206 Python Junior 2

7. Intellisoft

  • Python Programming for Beginners

8. General Assembly

  • Online Python Course
  • Python Course: Singapore
  • Online Data Science Course

9. G-Tec Computer Education Centre

  • Python Programming Basic
  • Python Programming Advanced
  • Python Programming Full Package

10. Computhink

  • Python Thinker Programming with Minecraft

Why Python is in High Demand?

With every single step in the developing world, we can see that there is high popularity as well as the demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning. That is why whether it is a beginner or an expert, python is gaining everyone’s attention and becoming popular among developers.

In the development of every technology, innovation, automation or any technological evolution, python has become the most promising to handle everything from dealing with big data to providing multiple libraries and frameworks at the highest of its simplicity level.

Following are the reasons due to which Python is getting in high demand: –

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Huge Community
  • Simplicity
  • Automation
  • Libraries and Framework
  • Multipurpose
  • Jobs and Growth
  • Salary

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What is taught in Singapore Courses of Python Programming?

The learning courses in Singapore for python programming covers the basic concepts of representing and storing the data using python variables and data types. The students will learn to control the flow of a program using conditionals and loops. The python course will introduce the candidates with different data structures like dictionaries, tuple and lists for the purpose of storing the collection of related data. The students will learn basic programming techniques at the beginning of the course.

Those students who have basic knowledge of python or any other programming language should opt any intermediate course and they will get to learn advanced skills and programming techniques using python. The students will gain knowledge of additional techniques and features of python for rapid development of test scripts and applications. Also, the programming python course will introduce the two of the most essential libraries in python i.e. Numpy and Pandas.

In addition to that, the coding course of python will also familiarize the learning coders with advanced features in python such as polymorphism, inheritance. The python programming course pays more attention to the unique features of python like lists, sets, tuple, strings, and dictionaries.

Students will get complete theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on exercises to use their knowledge at the best.

Following is the basic outline of a Singapore python programming course: –

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Control Statements
  3. Arrays
  4. Introduction to Tuples, List, Sets, Strings and Dictionary
  5. Functions and Packages
  6. File Handling in Python
  7. Exception Handling in Python
  8. Classes and Objects
  9. Introduction to Numpy
  10. Introduction to Pandas

With all of the above topics, the Singapore python programming courses also provide various python programming assignments with a deadline.

Who should attend a course for Python?

Anyone who is interested in programming and wants to learn a programming language or particularly python can attend a python programming course.

Those students who are just beginners or one who falls into the intermediate category in terms of knowledge about python, anyone can join a python class in Singapore.

Several students who have completed their education degree in computer science, IT or data science field and might have learnt python in that degree course. After a long duration, if someone from those students wants to revise and practice the programming of python, they can also go with a programming course of python.

Also, those people who have never learnt python before and working in marketing, sales, FinTech, IT, services, business analysis, networking or in any industry, can pursue a Singapore python programming course, and will surely be benefited from it.

What are the Pre-requisites for a Python Programming Course?

The coaching institutes or academies generally provide courses for every type of student i.e. beginners, intermediate or experienced ones. Anyone who aspires to become an application developer or wants to choose any career path using python can learn python programming course.

Python courses do not require any eligibility criterion for admission in the course. The students just need to have basic computing knowledge.

Career Paths after learning Python Programming Course

Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages in today’s world. Most of the banks, big organizations, data analytics companies, are largely using the python language for data analytics, machine learning and robotics etc.

As Python is the programming language of the highest demand, thus there are a lot of career opportunities for a coder of python.

Some of the job profiles for a candidate of python are as follows: –

  • Python Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Educator
  • Data Journalist
  • Research Analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer

The Python expert student can have a bright future in the following areas: –

  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering Sectors
  • Robotics
  • Internet Security

Also, the top organizations prefer to hire a python expert. These are: –

  • Google
  • NASA
  • Yahoo! Maps
  • IBM
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation

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What to do with the Python Programming Assignments?

The courses of python programming in Singapore are full of crucial knowledge of coding and various features of python. Also, these open up numerous paths for the students for their career development. In addition to that, the educational programmes of python programming also provide the students with different computer science assignments, programming exercises, and group-based python programming assignments.

The students who are pursuing the python courses in Singapore feel a burden of these assignments due to lack of time to finish them before the deadline of submission. Also, those candidates who are in a profession and pursuing a part-time python programming course in Singapore, do not have enough time and capacity to complete the assignments after such a busy and restless day. Therefore, all such students look for a homework helper who can assist them with all the homework assignments of the python course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Python can be called Interpreted language?

Ans. An interpreted language is one which is not in the form of machine-level code before the run time. Hence, Python is an interpreted language.

Q2. Is python a case sensitive language?

Ans. Yes, python is a case sensitive language.

Q3. What are the python packages?

Ans. Namespaces containing multiple modules are known as python packages.

Q4. What are the applications of python?

Ans. Python is the all-time go-to thing for every developer in various fields.

Here are the applications where we can use it for: –

  1. Database Access
  2. Applications in Education
  3. Games, 3D Graphics
  4. Scientific and Numeric Applications
  5. Web and Internet Development
  6. Applications in Business
  7. Network Programming
  8. Desktop GUI
  9. Software Development Applications

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