Posted on: 28th Oct 2021

Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) Programme SUSS Singapore

The Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) Programme is a coherent management development framework designed to support CEOs and senior executives of mid-sized companies in ensuring a successful transformation. Taking Singapore as an example, the ELT Programme was launched on 20 March 2007 during its inaugural CEO Roundtable Forum. The ELT Programme aims to develop future economic leaders from both public & private sectors to meet global standards for economic excellence and enhance their international competitiveness. Participants who have undergone this programme will be equipped with relevant knowledge, tools and insights to respond to the opportunities and challenges of a globalised market.

One of Singapore’s objectives is to transform itself from a mid-sized company of today to a big multinational company in the future. The plan for this transformation had already been set and outlined through initiatives and strategies such as restructuring, retraining and reorientation of employees; promoting new employment opportunities; preparing managers at all levels; supporting SMEs (Singaporean small and medium enterprises); encouraging studies abroad (this is part of the government’s efforts to attract talented people); encouraging companies’ investments in overseas markets, and taking advantage of the country’s strong links with the global financial market.

About The Programme

Through the Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) programme, Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) in partnership with Enterprise Singapore supports businesses leaders to develop their growth capabilities. The program helps them set strategic goals and plans that will take enterprises up a notch on success! Eligible companies can qualify for 90% funding towards fees if they meet certain requirements like strong financials or revenues.

The ELT Programme will help you to:

  • Set your company’s strategic vision and align it with the overall national vision.
  • Build a strong team that is committed, cohesive and has common goals.
  • Leverage capabilities for competitive advantage in a changing global landscape.
  • Develop a workforce that adds value to your company’s business and growth objectives.
  • Ensure sustainability and growth of your business.
  • Understand what makes a modern enterprise so successful and how it can be implemented in Singapore.

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What Does The Programme Deliver?

The course is designed to give you the skills and guidance necessary for building your plan so that it can be implemented successfully. The curriculum spans at least 10 months with 54 contact hours of multi-faceted training in various topics vital towards strategic growth – all planned around real-world issues important on this journey. This program comes after six-month advisory period where participants are able to leverage outside resources when implementing their own Strategic Growth Plans.

The ELT programme’s wide-ranging curriculum consists of different topics, organised across various stages:

Stage 0: Pre-Selection and Networking Event –

The ELT Programme begins with a Pre-Selection and Networking Event held in three cities from July to September. This allows executives from mid-sized companies to prepare for the programme by networking with other participants, understanding the course content and applying for funding support.

Stage 1: Growth Aspiration –

This is the first stage in the process of preparing to grow your company. You will learn different things about your business including your models, propositions and strengths. You will also learn about leadership and the appetite for growth you have as a company.

Stage 2: Building Capability for Growth –

In the next stage, you will look at what markets and customers your business serves. You will also learn how to use data analytics to make your business better. You will study finance and human resources, which is very important for a business. At the end of this stage, you will review operations and try to make them work better for the long term.

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Stage 3: Innovation and Digitalisation –

In this stage, you will learn how digitalisation can help your business grow. You will also learn about the many different aspects of innovations and technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics. At the end of this stage, you will have new energy to do something innovative with your company!

Stage 4: New Markets –

Next, you will study new markets and how they can help your business. You will also learn about managing people from different backgrounds and understanding cultural diversity. Identifying new markets is a good way to grow your business. You will learn about Cultural Intelligence and negotiation. You can also learn how to enter overseas markets and use digital media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and digital solutions like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Stage 5: Strategic Review and Growth Plan –

In this stage, you and your team will put together a Growth Plan that shows the results of your learning and covers 12 months. This is where you can incorporate what you learned in all previous stages. You will choose what markets to enter and how to develop new products and services for those new markets. You may need someone from outside your company to help you review your Growth Plan. At the end of this stage, you will have a thorough Growth Plan ready for implementation!

The following are some more benefits expected from this programme:

  • Enhanced leadership skills for better career opportunities especially in Singapore’s fast-growing economy.
  • Exposure to businesses and work setting that one may not have encountered before or struggled to do so due to lack of necessary skillset.
  • Opportunity to develop new connections with other industry professionals, both locally and internationally.
  • Opportunities for international exchange programmes with leading organisations around the world (e.g.: Microsoft Corporation)
  • Stronger infrastructures through knowledge sharing among participants
  • A chance to become part of an ELT community that can inspire, motivate and also help each other on our journey of growth
  • An opportunity to learn from the best business minds of Singapore and the world through ELTs global network.

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Programme Fee

The fee covers course materials and includes several field trips and additional learning experiences. Eligibility for this programme is open to SME executives from all sectors that are passionate about their business growth journey.

International Participants S’poreans (aged below 40) and PRs Skills Future Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
(S’poreans aged 40 and above)
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Full programme fee (A) $28,000.00 $28,000.00 $28,000.00 $28,000.00
SSG grant (70%) (B) ($19,600.00) ($19,600.00) ($19,600.00)
Net programme fee (A) – (B) = (C) $28,000 $8,400.00 $8,400.00 $8,400.00
7% GST on net programme fee (D) $1,960.00 $588.00 $588.00 $588.00
Total net programme fee payable, including GST (C) + (D) = (E) $29,960.00 $8,988.00 $8,988.00 $8,988.00
Additional grants/subsidies from various schemes (if eligible) with total subsidies capped at $25k (F) ($5,400.00) ($5,400.00)
Total net course fee payable, including GST, after additional grants/subsidies from various schemes (if eligible) (E) – (F) = (G) $29,960.00 $8,988.00 $3,588.00 $3,588.00


  • Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy: Singaporeans aged 40 and above may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee.
  • Enhanced Training Support for SMEs: SME-sponsored employees (Singaporean Citizens and PRs) aged 21 and above may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee.

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Programme Application Process

The application process for SUSS’s ELT programme includes:

  • Sign up: Complete the ELT Application Form.
  • Interview: Applicants will be invited to a 60-minute interview with an ELT Programmes Officer.
  • Funding: Once you are qualified to go on the programme, you can start making payments. We will also help you find a subsidy that will pay for some of the cost of your fees.
  • Induction: A networking event is where you can meet new people. You will be officially inducted into the programme, and then you can start to network.
  • Strategic Growth Plan: Join the programme and start to build a plan that will transform how you manage your business.
  • ELT Growth Network: After completing the programme, you will be a part of ELT Growth Network. You can help new participants, and they may return the favour.


A Certificate of ELT Growth Programme Completion is awarded after completing all the stages. You can apply to be a Certified ELT Growth Programme Coach after completing the programme and coaching a new participant on their growth plan.

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