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Cor167e Managing your Personal Finances Course

Nowadays, students come across the names of many short term courses. Because of all these different names, students become puzzled, and it would be difficult for them to choose the best one for them. Cor167e is preferable among all these courses by college students. It is necessary for the students to know about each short term course. For the convenience of students, in this handout, we are going to give you a brief description of this course.

Cor167e Managing your Personal Finances

Most of the students preferred to do a study along with the job. It would help them to pay the charges of their studies on their own and can also afford their daily expenses. Short term course is thus helpful for these students to complete their studies without much affecting the timings of their work. They prefer to do their short term course in the same field as that of their job so that their skills in that subject would be enhanced.

About the course

The living standard in Singapore is very high. So, students from different part of the world come here for their livings. Students here prefer to do some short term courses along with the job. These short term courses help to improve the skills of migrated students. Cor167e is the most preferred among all courses. This course allows students to manage their financial status. For the achievement of the financial goodness for the long term, financial planning is necessary.

Public opinion polls suggest that the majority of Singaporeans have not planned their future in any aspect. They suppose that for their pension, their CPF deposits should provide satisfactory revenue. It is now recognized that it is not the situation, and an extended life span magnifies the issue.

Trying to manage one’s personal affairs or finances is a financial voyage via the instrument to achieve individual personal ambitions. The comprehensive method includes collecting appropriate economic data, setting commercial objectives, reviewing the underlying economic status and developing a plan to address the future plans and present scenario.

This course is being taught in many top universities of Singapore like that of Singapore University of social science, national university of Singapore, and many more universities. The duration of this course is only six months. After joining this course, students become efficient in managing their financial status. It would help them in smartly planning their future financial goals. After qualifying this course, the problems faced by the students regarding the economic well-being are too much minimized.

They also become able to withstand the situation of financial crisis very efficiently. E-learning by utilizing multimedia reading materials in the Canvas, training is performed mainly online. Students achieve web instructor’s advice and assistance through discussion emails and forums. Managed to add to this will be some face-to-face meetings. If this course has tested a part, on-campus will be administered.

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Outcomes of learning

So after knowing the description and the advantages of this course, it is the time for you to know about topics which are being covered in this. The issues which you come across during the tenure of this course are as mentioned below:

  • Wealth construction and creation: Cash, finance and pension planning is an essential aspect for the growth of wealth through money’s time value.
  • Personal Planning of the Financial Principles: Processes and Benefits Principles of Individual financial Organizing: Process and Benefits importance for the Financial Planning & it is a 5-Step Management Process for finance of your own.
  • Wealth accumulation and creation: investment, cash, and the scheduling of retirement is the Key for the income creation factors via planning for the investment.
  • Wealth conservation: insurance, property planning, and tax planning is the critical factor for the conservation of wealth through the plan of the property.
  • Personal Planning of the financial and it’s Principles: Benefits and Check-Up for the Financial Health process.

Now, after knowing the topic which you have been going to cover in your course. It is the right time for the college students and also for the migrated students to know the result of this course. As nowadays everyone is only interested in understanding the profit which he may get from the course. The outcomes which you get from this course are mentioned as below:

  • Demonstration of the critical elements of tax and insurance protection.
  • Classify the use of such current operations of the notion of the value of time for the cash.
  • Usage of the main elements of wealth through property planning.
  • Show the capacity to evaluate private economic health by using the ratios and also the financial statements

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