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How is the student life in Singapore and can they work besides studying?

Singapore has become a dream location for international students to study because it offers a world-class education. The garden city has ethnic cultural system and the most supportive government and institutes which is quite enough to attract overseas students. Beside this, it is the most affordable city comparative to the other countries including the UK, US and Australia.

Moreover, the heart of Asia, Singapore has ranked 12th globally (QS 2016-2017) for the best universities in the world that has proved that this small island has a potential to be considered as the city to study.

How is the student life in Singapore and can they work besides studying

Furthermore, this education hub provides a huge part-time option for the international students while studying. Singapore has a multicultural workforce and an English language acceptance provides a comfortable environment for the students to work in Singapore even after their studies.

Thus, the international student can work in Singapore besides their studies.

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Lets first discuss the student life in Singapore and then we will discuss the rules and the regulation to work in Singapore.

Student life in Singapore:

Singapore provides a huge vibrant life for the students as it has many world- class universities that located in the most dynamic location of the city with all the facilities easily approachable. It has the most promising education system which provides an advantage to study with innovative and quality techniques.

Furthermore, Singapore is one of the most beautiful cities for tourists. Thus, allow a student to study in the most beautiful country with all latest technique available including the best transportation, the world’s busiest port, and well-established buildings with thousands of multinational companies which provides a very good experience of stay in Singapore.

Singapore, a safe city:

Singapore is the safest city to live to be a student because it has a well-planned safety provision in the city including safety cameras, protective citizen, and corporative police force; hardly you will find any citizen breaking the traffic rules. Through it has many deserted places but you can visit them all alone; nothing would trouble you there.

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An affordable city:

Singapore is known as the most affordable city as it has many options available for a single thing. It has many multinational stores, food court and supermarkets which are full of the many other cheap options and special price products available all the time.

Moreover, it has a developed transportation with many budgeted options for students such as a 50% discount for students and most of the metros are free in the morning hours etc.

You can easily plan your budgeted stay there.

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Very supportive citizens:

Singapore is one of the famous destinations to travel, where a huge number of travellers travel every year. It has very corporative citizens who welcome all the traveller from their heart. Through it is a well-planned and a self-informed city then also if you need any guidance regarding route-map or anything else, you will get the helping hands from the local citizen of the country.

Provide with an opportunity to be a part of the multicultural nation:

Singapore is a multicultural nation where you will get a chance to be a part of the rich Eurasian culture and diverse ethnic culture. Being an international student you will find easy survival there as multi-language is being used in the country including English, Chinese and Malay and English is the most commonly used language over there.

Many options to study:

Singapore has invested a lot in the education field and has become one of the top education sectors. The student gets a wide range of options (almost all) to study and many of those courses have received the accreditation from EQUIS and AASCB. The students can opt for any option; they are interested in such as management, arts, music, science, information technology, engineering and tourism etc.

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Adventure to clubbing, everything is available:

Being an international student you must want entertainment options and Singapore is a country where you will find many options to enjoy your life. Whether you are a sport loving person or you are the one who loves clubbing and pubbing, you will find everything available in easy approach. You can find surfing to dragon board racing to wake boarding and the best part is all you will find with its tropical weather.

Easy employability:

The policy to work in Singapore is very easy. Besides that, it has the multicultural workforce and English are a working language that provides easy employability options to the students.
Any international student who is a full-time registered student of the National University of Singapore is allowed to work 16 hours or less in a week during college time/weekdays and full-time in the vacations/holidays.

If a student is registered with NUS and has a valid student pass then he doesn’t need any further permission from the Ministry of Manpower to work in Singapore.
Singapore offers a huge kind of part-time jobs.

Work in Singapore after studies:

Most of the courses required a work place internship which is a compulsory part of the course curriculum where a student gets a chance to work in reputed companies of Singapore. This enables a student to get explicit real-life work experience that is quite helpful in developing the working skills. If a student performs well during the internship period then in the majority of cases, the same company hire them as a full-time employee of the company.

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