Posted on: 6th Jul 2021

Singapore Part Time Jobs for Students

The modern as well as exuberant island nation Singapore is very well-known across the globe for its evolution and making itself acme of education hub. The last decade has well and truly seen the rise of Singapore as a popular educational hub. If we examine the QS World University Rankings- Asia for the past few years; we can see clearly how institutions from Singapore have risen the rankings. Singapore boasts of some of the top universities in the world.

Singapore Part Time Jobs for Students during Studies

As a developed nation, it has rapidly become one of the top choices for international students. Several students from worldwide aspire to relocate to Singapore for their higher studies. But we cannot neglect that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries. There is no doubt in the fact that the lifestyle and standards of living in Singapore are no less expensive than in other countries at pinnacles such as the USA, UK, Australia, or Ireland.

Managing the proper quality of life while studying is a very big deal for the students especially the international pupils. The cost of living is big in Singapore that a student cannot afford to manage. Thus, many international students rely on a part-time job to help their finances while they study. Not only International, as well as Local students, also prefer to work part-time during their studies.

Part-time jobs for international students in Singapore

There are many part time jobs for international students in Singapore that can help them to manage living and study expenses. Foreign students in Singapore who are living and working on student pass are allowed to work part time said by Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore. These student pass holders often seek for part-time jobs for student pass holders in Singapore. As a student, you will find the list under below of flexible part time jobs for students in Singapore very helpful.

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Here are the top part-time jobs for university students Singapore:

1. Teacher

Singapore is full of teaching part time jobs in wide ranges of subjects such as English, Spanish, Humanities, Chinese, koeran, chemistry and more. You can also apply for primary & secondary school, high school and O and A level of teaching.

2. Receptionist

Working as a receptionist in Singapore as a part time job is also very popular. It will improve your communication skills and help you build confident personality.

3. Counselor

You can do counseling in your field of interest. To do so, you can help and guide individuals in Singapore through their careers and thus, gain unforgettable experiences with different people. In times of pandemic, online counseling has been working successfully.

4. Product Distributor

You can choose to distribute the products of the companies. However, it is quite exhausting at first, but you will get a brief knowledge of marketing skills.

5. Waitress or Waiter

Many hotels or F&B industries have been selecting students for the part time role as a waiter or waitress. You can try your hands in it.

6. Brand Ambassador

If you are one of the influential personalities, being a part-time brand ambassador for a company is a best fit for you. You will get to improve your speaking skills and will connect with new people while promoting brands.

7. Sales Assistant

If you are studying sales then a sales assistant part-time job will help you to enhance your skills further.

8. Food Delivery staff

You can serve food by working in the food delivery chains.

Why Most of the Singapore Students Seek Part-time jobs

Although Singapore lies among the dream countries for the students throughout the world to pursue their higher education but the expenses are also not a part of negligence. While the living wages in Singapore sufficiently great that some additional money is always welcomed by the students which can be earned by a series of part-time work options. The students cannot overlook the mode livelihood and feel the need to look for some part-time jobs while studying in Singapore.

For several international students, getting admission in the top-notch University of Singapore is just like a dream comes true; but the high tuition cost becomes a factor to worry for them. To ensure that their studies are not affected due to lack of funding, many learners lookout for part-time jobs. When visiting Singapore for studies, most students wish to work alongside as it helps them not just to obtain experience but also reimburse for the expensive courses and degrees.

Not only the overseas students but local native Singaporean students too search for “part-time jobs for students”. There might be many reasons for that. Besides, this fact is also true that there is a trend in countries like Singapore, UK, the USA for students to work while studying to manage their expenses by themselves with a motto of becoming independent.

Besides, following the same chain of becoming independent while studying inspires several schooling students or pupils who have just passed out of school. Those students start searching for “jobs for students in Singapore under 16” and begin to work as soon as they can.

In addition, while pursuing the educational programs, students are not able to maintain a routine and just relax after the classes but many students prefer to stay healthy by working and also getting money for that is cherry on the top. Although there might be many reasons behind students hunting for flexible part time jobs for university students in Singapore.

Some of the main causes why students look for part time jobs Singapore: –

  • To maintain a standard livelihood
  • Manage expenses
  • Collect money to travelling and adventures
  • To become independent
  • High rent for accommodations
  • Dining out
  • Entertainment
  • To contribute some to the family
  • Transportation (especially highly rental cab services)
  • Clothes
  • Personal Care

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How can Singapore Students Earn part-time?

Being a student, it is very hard for an individual to maintain a quality living paradigm. Although all the students get money from their family, there is always an urge of more, a flame to stand on their own, and also contributing to the family with a little financial relief. Students can efficiently manage these by getting a part time job during the course of study there.

The local multicultural workforce, sound workplace policies, and a common working language, i.e. English are good reasons for most students to stay back to gain work experience after graduation too. For this, Singapore local, as well as foreigner students, start exploring the search engines with the query “can international students engage in part time jobs in Singapore?”, “What are the part time jobs for students in Singapore?” and Best Singapore part-time jobs for international students & many more like these.

Many international students in Singapore choose to do part-time work to help pay their tuition or living expenses. Today 75% of international students are engaged in some type of part time work in Singapore. If an individual desire to work while studying or after graduating from a Singaporean Institute, it is a good idea to be aware of the work rights and any rules or regulations suitable for him as a global student in Singapore.

What kind of part-time work can I do?

This is one of the most confusing questions for Singapore students intending to work along with their education. The answer of this question will come down to your student visa and your communication ability, rather than your course and skills. So, the prime thing is to check your study visa restrictions. Although you might be a PhD student, it is not mandatory that you will get a part-time job in your chosen field only. And that is totally fine; no matter what you end up doing, it will add experience to your CV and knowledge of the workplace culture abroad.

How do I find a part-time job during studies?

It won’t be easy for you to find/ get a job until you have arrived and settled into your new surroundings. Further, you can start with your own university’s job centre or employment office. Also, you can go through the current listings of local jobs, which can help you write your job application, resume or CV, prepare for an interview. Moreover, make sure that you are ready for the differences in work practices.

Where Singaporean students find part time jobs?

Most of the students in Singapore find their part time jobs from WorkClass is the leading platform in providing jobs to singaporeans by its collaboration with top-class companies and brands in Singapore. They keep up to date with the fresh and new opportunities for the natives as well as foreign students and scholars.

If you are a Singapore university student and want to earn a decent amount of money while studying, workclass will guide you. You can select and apply for a work-from-home-based job or a half-time job according to your knowledge and skills. You can choose from high paying to decent paid jobs from your field of interest.

What will be the PayScale? Salary of part-time jobs in singapore

The PayScale will completely depend on the nature of your work and any additional advantages that you may get. For instance, if you work at a restaurant, you may get your dinner free every night and if you are working at a supermarket, your employer may offer you extra discounts on the grocery and products that you buy from there and similarly in other jobs as well.

Tips for Learners before joining any part-time job in Singapore

Any international students before start working at any place in Singapore must take care of many things. Especially he should possess his students work pass as well as permission from the university or the institute he is studying in. One should be informed about all the rules of his university for students working part-time on regular days, weekends, allowed working hours etc.

Regarding the case of working, the students must be aware and attentive for the kind of part-time job. If you have been thinking of working while studying in Singapore, you are not alone as several international students search employment during their studies. While searching for a suitable job it is important to take various things into account, such as the laws in the country of study. You should take into account are your studies and lifestyle- A work should never interrupt between your studies.

A good job for international learners should-

  • Fit a student’s lifestyle- Part time jobs that leave enough time for your curriculum and studying or offer flexible working hours.
  • Enable a student to develop stronger language skills- Crucial for international students who are not native English speakers.
  • Help a student mix quickly into a new culture and meet new friends.
  • Provide some benefits and perks.
  • Basically, offer some good work experience and open more career opportunities.

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Types of Part-time Jobs for Singapore Students while studying

There will be plenty of opportunities for students who wish to work with their studies. Either they are international students or indigenous pupils of Singapore, both can apply for various easy part-time jobs for students in Singapore.

Can international students work part-time in Singapore? Yes of course. Many international and domestic students wish to work part-time during their studies. So, it is important to get active for the interview of part-time jobs for student pass holders in Singapore. Show some enthusiasm even if the type of work is not particularly so much exciting.

Some of the part-time jobs in Singapore for students are: –

Working at the Campus

Working on the campus is one of the most popular options for international students. In Singapore, this work is also available for international students. There are various jobs offered on campus through, from working in the cafeteria to computer centres. Another on-campus chance is working for a student’s union. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in current problems and to help other students at the university.

As an international scholar, working on campus will encourage you to meet new people, improve your language skills and provide you with some valuable experience for the lifetime. You will probably spend more time with your friends from university as many students work on campus.

Besides, some universities also take help of international students to publicize the university in forms of blogging and social media promotions.

Cafes or restaurants

Students can work as a waiter, cashier. If you have the skills, you can work as a chef as well. But not many restaurants prefer hiring chefs on a part-time basis. The advantage of working as a waiter in a good restaurant is the tip, which will enhance the part time income.

Call centre

It is an opportunity for students to improve their communication skills while making that extra money. Students who work at call centres, BPO or tele-performances usually paid better.

Work with Singapore Assignment Help Services

If you do not want to get your mind diverted in different areas and want to focus on studies only but you also need a part-time job, there is a golden chance for you to work with the ace tuition assignment services. By joining them, you will be paid for writing essays for students for their university assignments. This way you will be able to continue your studies as well as get a chance to explore your knowledge in different education areas too.

Voluntary Work

Even though you might not be paid, it is still worth taking on voluntary work for a non-profit organization, or a short-term work experience placement. It will be an excellent option for medical students to gain the necessary working experience. You will learn worthy and valuable work skills.

There are also some job opportunities that many students opt to do: –

  • Private Tutor
  • F & B Staff
  • Receptionist
  • Flyer Distributor
  • Roadshow salesperson
  • Night cleaning crew
  • Clinic Assistant
  • Cab Driver
  • Retail Assistant
  • Data entry operator
  • Language teacher
  • Waiter & bar staff
  • Warehouse staff
  • Interpreter
  • Freelancing etc. and many more.

Although such part time work will not be enough to fund a major part of the expenses or tuition fee, it can surely help an individual to minimize his expenditure to a significant extent.

Do Singapore Government and Universities grant permission to the students to work while studying?

In recent times Singapore has become the hub for international students as many universities are setting their base here. International students studying in Singapore are not permitted to work unless they are issued a work pass immunity by the Employment of Foreign Manpower notification. Singapore government allows international students pursuing a full-time degree to work for a maximum of 16 hours a week to work part-time during terms period. During vacations, international students can work full time.

You do not require making any special applications if the work is within the limited hours and whether you are studying at one of the universities accredited by the Ministry of manpower.

Several universities have different rules about doing part time jobs for foreign students in Singapore besides their studies. Most universities have various work-study schemes which allow the students to work part time while studying.

Noteworthy Restriction- It is strictly restricted by laws and regulations for international students to work in entertainment service organizations that may affect public morals.

Part time Jobs for Students: Boon or Bane

After all of the above discussion, one major question arises i.e. “Is doing temporary jobs for students in Singapore good or bad?”

Working is never bad for any on either it is done along with the studies or after completion of the educational courses. It’s just the way a student has maintained his routine what will decide that a part-time job is becoming boon for him or a bane.

Although there are no boon or bane things in working anytime but again as that’s true, everything has two skirts like the two faces of a coin. There are also some advantages as well as a few disadvantages of working for a part time job for the learning students.

Advantages of Part-time Jobs

  • Earn extra pocket money
  • Learn to manage your money
  • Gain various skills
  • Become more confident
  • Get to develop interpersonal skills
  • Gain independence
  • Learn to manage time prudently
  • Chance to build your professional network
  • Make new friends
  • Gain work experience
  • Remove boredom
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Learn teamwork
  • Learn constructive use of free time

Disadvantages of Part-time job

  • Disturbance in studies
  • Lack with time for assignment writing
  • Lower grades in studies
  • Incapability in studying after the hectic day
  • Tight schedule
  • No time for self
  • More likely to have drugs and alcohol
  • Surge in stress

Is there any substitute of doing part time jobs in Singapore for students to compensate expenses?

As there is no much gain for the Singapore students from such part time jobs too to compensate their tuition fee and expenses, but somehow, they manage to cover the cost of their expenditure up to a little extent.

Now, in such a situation, the question emerges that is there any substitute for a part-time job for students to compensate for the expenses of getting some money from?

The answer is “Yes”. There are several financial benefits in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans available to international students who desire to study in Singapore. These are mostly offered by universities and some other educational institutes like National University of Singapore (NUS)National Technological University (NTU) etc. While estimating your total expenses in Singapore, a student can consider these financial aids as they can make his education in Singapore a much more reasonable prospect for him. Both the international student pursuing Singapore studies as well as local native students can apply for various scholarships at their campuses.

These are some of the scholarships, a student can apply for to alleviate the sky-high expenses in the pricey environment: –

  • NTU Fully Funded Nanyang Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Singapore Government Scholarships for Southeast Asians
  • Singapore Scholarship of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
  • NUS Graduate School- Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrative Sciences and Engineering
  • Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship
  • SPRING Singapore Executive Development Scholarship (EDS) etc. and many more.

In addition to all of these, the government of Singapore also offers “Tuition Grant Scheme” for international students in which the full-time diploma or undergraduate overseas students can get relaxation with their costs of tertiary education in Singapore. The Singapore citizens will be automatically attributed with tuition grant without any formality of applications.

But for the international learners, who wish to take advantage of this Tuition Grant Scheme, will in return need to fill up a Tuition Grant Agreement according to which they will have to work for 3 years in Singapore itself upon completion of their graduation.

Students should be aware of all of the scholarships and other government schemes to get most of the benefit and relaxation in their expenses. Moreover, they can still work for a part time job to get more relief keeping in mind that it should not affect their studies.

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Top 10 Home Based Jobs in Singapore for Students

“Want to earn money but don’t want to go out of your home”

Several students in Singapore wish to work with their education but they do not want to go out for that. As in such a competitive world, survival without money or with less money is very difficult thus, every single Singaporean wants to earn more money either by doing a full-time office job, part-time job or by doing it from home.

Work from home provides a flexible environment as like drinking your coffee while sitting on your couch and completing your work or you can say “sitting on the beachside with a laptop and doing work”.

Singapore people can do work from home, offline or online without any kind of investment. But some people find it difficult to search for what work they can start at home.

According to our experts here are some top home-based jobs which Singapore students can go for along with their studies: –

  1. Data Entry Job: – This is a very common job for those people lives at home. In Singapore, you can easily find data entry jobs. The only things you need to have are knowledge about MS Word, MS Excel, data processing. There are large numbers of such types of jobs available out there in Singapore
  2. Content Writing Job: – Content writing is a key job as a freelancer. Many business professionals or individuals seek for those people who can write for their website and can promote their service and company. For such kind of job, a person should have well command on English, writing skills and grammar skills. You can also be asked to write on academic letters, copywriting, book writing, blog writing etc.
  3. Designing: – Designing is the most popular job in Singapore. Graphic design jobs include web designing, icon and logo design, banner and poster designing. The candidates only need to have knowledge about key principles, technique and good communication skills.
  4. Home tuitions: – Home tuitions are another very popular job among the Singaporeans. There is a huge form of tuitions can be provided and can be greatly rewarded. It depends on your knowledge that what you know, how well you know and how well you can teach others. Reading and writing both are very common things, parents look for tuition.
  5. Transcriptions: – Media industry has a great demand for transcriptions, who can transcribe their audio directions in a report. This is one of the most challenging jobs. To become a transcript, you are required to be educated and have command on the language, writing skills and a pair of keen ears so you cannot miss even a single word.
  6. Survey job: – This is the most flexible job in Singapore or even worldwide. To get such kind of job you need to search those data research companies who are likely to do live surveys and then check with them if they are running with any, in which they required an additional staff for research.
  7. Translation: – In translation, you will get a file in one language and you will be asked to translate it in the other language. To get this job you need to have great command on the language, typing skills and good grammar in whatever language you are working and for translation, you need to be very fluent with both languages. So, in short, if you know two or multiple languages you can easily do this job.
  8. Editing: – This is somewhat related to the content writing, in this you do not need to write about the topic but need to edit already written papers, the documents, thesis, papers, essays of students and business professionals.
  9. Babysitting: – Babysitting is again a very common job available for Singaporeans. Babysitting normally involves taking care of different age group of children, includes feeding them sometimes bathing them, proving them different entertaining games and putting them to sleep on their scheduled time. Babysitting doesn’t need more skills only you need to be known with how to tackle so many kids of different age group at the same time. This job needs a lot of dedication and patience.
  10. Bookkeeping: – If you have knowledge of accounting this is a perfect match with you. To work as a freelancer, you do not have to be a certified chartered accountant, but you should have a piece of basic knowledge on bookkeeping.

These are the top 10 jobs you can do from home in Singapore. Apart from these, there are so many other options too available you can look for such as IT security consultant, product design, health registered nurse, hairstylist and many more. You just need to surf on the internet, have to make little more efforts then you will definitely come up with a worth enough solution.

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