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Digital Skills for Financial Planners (CET136)

Digital skills for financial planners (CET136) is a jointly organized workshop started by IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore) and SUSS. During the workshop, the students of Singapore as financial planners will become capable of learning about social media and digital marketing as well.

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Digital Skills for Financial Planners (CET136)

The course offered required that the students of Singapore have excellent knowledge about using computer applications along with visualization analytics. It becomes necessary for the SG students to apply the principles of design so that they can develop useful academic charts.

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What college do students learn when they start working on the CET136 course?

The students of Singapore have to first choose the efficient topic about the course writing, and then they can apply practical writing skills to finish the assignment. When the students start working on the projects, and then come to know the importance of data analytics and visualization. Along with the excellent analytical skills, the students can also improve their knowledge about social media and other digital marketing courses. The students need to understand the primary purpose behind starting the digital skills for financial planners. By the end of the CET136 project, the students would be able to:

  • Interpret while discussing the graphical presentation. The students can collect suitable information for impressing the readers when they are presenting their work in front of them.
  • Describe the usefulness or importance of analytics as well as visualizations. The concept can be understood easily by the readers when the students focus on the main project topic to highlight.
  • Efficiently explain the concepts related to digital marketing, along with social media data. The audience can found the top interesting when the students have studied excellent theory as financial planners.
  • Apply proficient design principles to the data collected, and it becomes easy for the students to develop standard graphical charts. It is efficient to know deeply about the applying techniques regarding digital skills.
  • Use proper or appropriate digital channels as well as conventional techniques to drive more engagement, awareness, and conversion from leads to sales.

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Learning of outcomes-Necessary to focus on while dealing with CET136 financial planning courses

There are some of the essential tasks which the students or other clients have to carry out during the financial planning program. Professional skills and the business planning functions are the fundamental requirement when it comes to preparing the projects on CET136. Among the various categories of collection, it has found that the SG students have to concentrate on the group rather than synthesis when they start financial planning projects. However few leading tasks which have gained the importance while dealing with digital skills for financial planners are;

  • Through efficient financial planning, the students can compile with the relevant financial services regulations and laws.
  • The task adheres to professional standards and code of ethics of practice.
  • The financial planning if completed in a proper way, then it can acts in the best interest of the client for providing professional services.
  • It has established a high interest in all effective professional relationships.
  • It demonstrates as well as evaluates the ethical judgment skills.
  • The students gain knowledge about intellectual honesty as well as impartiality while preparing for CET136.
  • It gives the strength to understand what the need of the client is. The financial planners can take time to understand the points made by the customers.
  • It identifies efficiently the objectives, needs, and values of the client’s choice that have financial implications.
  • Determines the investment objectives and complaints, if ever found in the deals made with the clients.
  • Collects information about the assets and liabilities of the client who is trusting on the financial terms and conditions.
  • It becomes easy to maintain the awareness of changes in the political, economic, and regulatory environment.
  • It recognizes effectively the role of public interest related to professional, and the financial planners can act according to the requirement of the clients.

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Digital skills for financial planning is the top-rated course initialized in top universities of Singapore, which helps in enhancing the accounting and professional qualifications of the students.

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