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How much money on average monthly do NTU (Singapore) students spend on living?

Singapore has shown an exceptional improvement in the education sector. It has shown the rapid development in past decades that helps it to become a developed financial hub and ultimately, a developed country. Singapore is also known for its affluence and political stability. Moreover, the country is famous all over the world for its high capita income and income discrepancy.

living cost for NTU singapore students

Singapore has increasingly giving efforts to develop its education sector and due to this, it has many world-class top universities for international students and top universities to study economics and become an excellent destination to study in abroad. So Singapore welcomes many international students every year. Moreover, Singapore is also famous as an expensive city so studying is Singapore needs lots of planning.

Not to worry: with smart budget planning you can estimate a monthly cost which you need to spend to live in Singapore.

My motive to write this post is to guide all the students who want to study in Singapore, about on average monthly money they need to live in Singapore.

Note: SGD 1 = £0.57 = €0.64

  • Accommodation cost in Singapore: Although, most of the universities offer the accommodation with in the campus, usually, a student hostel or residential hall but there is a large number of students come every year so it is quite difficult for everyone to live in there. Usually, residential rooms will cost an average SDG 155- SDG 800.

Many students opt to live outside the campus which is off-campus housing and organized by students housing agencies, where students live in student hostels or others rent accommodation privately in the nearby location of their respective universities. Monthly rent cost them near about SDG 300 to each student and initially, they have to deposit the one month extra amount of their rent as security charges, which they will get back once they will leave.

Each student receives the subsidy of SGD 15 for utilities and any extra cost will be divided equally in the all students of an apartment.

Hostel Offers Single to four bedded rooms and provides meals, laundry, cleaning, television and internet facility all their students and charge SGD 140- SGC 450 accordingly per month.

Many students choose to live in Housing development board flats and that cost per student SGD 400- SGD 1000 and private rental properties are the costliest option and usually cost starting from SGD 1000 per month.

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  • Living Cost of Singapore: Living cost includes your electricity bill, water supply, internet charges and some other cost of living, which is not applicable for hostel students but those who live privately; they will have to pay utility cost, which are relatively low in Singapore.
  • Utility cost (water & electricity) : SGD 100- 200 per month (if not included in rent)
  • Internet, 6MB: SGD 42 per month (if not included in rent)
  • 1 minute prepaid mobile: SGD 0.17
  •    Cost on Food: Singapore has a developed nation and has many stores, a multitude of markets and supermarkets which sell many food items on their special price and different prices. Prices are even varies within the supermarket chain as they offer many options for a specific product with special pricing.

Cost on food charge SGD 400-SGD 500 per month, if we consider per day cost SGD 15-SGD 20 per day/ 3 time meals.

  •  Transportation Cost:  Most of the money has been invested on transportation in Singapore. Singapore offers many options to travel including the metro, buses and light rail. Transportation charges are differed person to person on the condition how much distance they travel every day.

Student gets an option of the prepaid paid card where a student can deduct their transportation prices electronically, whose value must be toned up in multiples of SGD 10. If a student chooses to travel in air-conditioner carriage, that may cost them little more.

As a student, you will get the 50% discount on public transport and you will be charged a flat rate for any distance travel over 7.2 km. On an average we can consider that transportation cost would be SGD 70 per month.

  •  Entertainment Cost: Above mentioned is a basic cost that every student has to pay other than that there are some extra costs which differs from student to student.

Although, you coming to Singapore for the studies but you defiantly wants to do extra activities, socially and personally and want to explore the new city. So you should consider the Entertainment Cost that would be on: explore the city, travel for fun, extracurricular activities inside and outside the campus, gym, parties, clubs, shopping, eat out, movies and drinks.

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The adventure places in Singapore for students.

On an average, we can consider SGD 250- SGD 600(that differs from person to person).

  •   Miscellaneous Cost: Apart from the above mentioned cost, being a student, you need to pay for some extra money on stationery, books, medical, and phone bills. That could be considered as SGD 200- SGD 250 per month.

To sum up, Singapore’s cost of living for a student is not more than the other countries. Apart from that an international student can do part-time jobs and home based jobs in Singapore with their studies and can earn a decent pocket money. That could help them to enjoy their stay in Singapore in a little better way.

Finally, you get an idea of the money you required to study in Singapore. Be wise and plan in a proper way.

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