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Singapore Education Grading System

The education system is the framework that provides knowledge to the students regarding different subjects. One of the best education models runs in Singapore that has a long journey from third-world war to first in one generation and identified as Asia’s success stories.

Singapore Education Grading System

The authorities of the state focus on formulating the education system that provides efficiency, universal, and furnishes skilled workforces for state industrialization. Such a system helps in the growth and development of the economy and reduces unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy.

The authorities had the vision to build the teaching mechanism as well as higher studies in University that led Singapore on the world map. Due to consistent changes and modifications introduced in the education system of Singapore, it ranks at the top of OCED’s program for international student assessment.

Structure of education system

The structure of the education system in the state incorporates from preschool to national primary school-leaving examination in the school stage.

Such examination will determine the next stage for which student would be eligible such as either a normal secondary school, a specialized school, or an express school that furnishes O level certificate in four or five years of certification.

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The examination is followed by another exam that determines the admission of the student in pre-university education, that is GCE O level known as annual general certification education ordinary level.

The next stage that is post-secondary education ordinarily takes one to three years that incorporates the schooling, junior colleges, polytechnics, or institute of technical education that ordinarily takes one to three years.

The structure of such an education system is governed by the ministry of education known as MOE that develops and supervises the state school receiving taxpayers’ funding. There is a difference in the extent of autonomy, admission policy, tuition structure of public and private schools. It is noteworthy that 20% of the annual budget is contributed by education in the state.

Grading mechanism in the education system

The grading system that functions in the education system is as follows:-

Grade.                 Grade Description
A1/A2/A Distinction
B3/B4/B Merit
C5/C6/C  Credit
D7/D Sub-Pass/Fail
E8/E9 Fail

 Secondary 9-point

Grade Scale
A1 1.00-1.99
A2 2.00-2.99
B3 3.00-3.99
B4 4.00-4.99
C5 5.00-5.99
C6 6.00-6.99
D7 7.00-7.99
E8 8.00-8.99
F9 9.00

Junior College

Grade Scale Grade description
A 70.00-100.00 A
B 60.00-69.99 B
C 55.00-59.99 C+
D 50.00-54.99 C
E 45.00-49.99 Ca passing grade
O 35.00-44.99 Conditional pass
F 0.00-34.99 Fail F

Most Common

Grade Scale Grade Description
A+/AD 95.00-100.00 Distinction
A 90.00-94.00 Excellent
A- 80.00-89.00 Excellent
B+ 75.00-79.00 Very good
B 70.00-74.00 VeryGood
C+ 65.00-69.00. Good
C 60.00-64.00 Good
D+ 55.00-59.00 pass
D 50.00-54.00 Pass
F 0.00-53.00 Fail


Grade Scale Grade description
AD 95.00-100.00 Distinction
A 80.00-94.99 Excellent
B+ 75.00-79.99 Very good
B 70.00-74.99 Good
C+ 65.00-69.99 Above average
C 60.00-64.99 Average
D+ 55.00-59.99 Pass
D 50.00-54.99 borderline pass
F 0.00-49.99 Fail

Curriculum and teaching quality

  • For determining the teaching quality, the education system in Singapore commences with be orientation, ascertaining the curriculum, instructional learning, and lesson plans. In such a training facility with the objective to standardized education and built robust academic outcomes.
  • The reforms of 2004 introduce sweeping changes in the teaching framework that has a tagline of teach less and learn more. Such slogans concentrate on the quality of learning and furnishing the same with technology in the classroom.
  • In the education system of the state, considerable growth has been seen in executing learning-oriented teaching along with compliance of institutional rules. The reforms that take place in the recent education system focus on quality over grades, as there is life beyond grades that need to be stimulated via the grading system in the education system of Singapore.
  • For equipping the students with quality education, the faculties selected from the high school graduates who possess an athletic academic ability and a passion to teach. In selecting the appropriate candidates for pedagogy, it is important to look for enthusiast mentors which will further undergo the programs to function as.

Tuition industry

The guardian focuses on tuition for higher test scores because no student or parent wishes to see failure or fewer marks in the examination. In the Singapore education system, the fear of lagging or losing marks is so strong that led to the emergence of the tuition industry in the education system.

The tuition or giving teaching to the students from preschool to post-secondary school has risen in the education system with spending higher amount as per the stage or level of education. Such a tuition mechanism allows the students to secure higher scores in PISA.

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Hope you have understood the grading system of Singapore.

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