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Diploma in Health Services Management Singapore

Students who wish to play a crucial role in healthcare but without having contact with patients generally opt for different health service management course. Department of health service management does not mandate the students to go into the operating room, take care of patients or dispense medication to them. But these all will not be any effect without efficacious health service management.

Those students who want to become a vital part of the medical industry in a way, look for different bachelor’s, master’s or diploma courses for health services management in Singapore.

Diploma in Health Services Management Singapore

Introduction to Health Services Management

Health service management is planning, organizing, coordinating and providing quality services in a variety of health service settings with leadership skills. It is the overall management of the healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics etc.

A person who takes care of the complete management of health services is a health care manager. A healthcare manager is a chief who is responsible for the effective running of a healthcare facility in terms of the aim of the facility’s practitioners, and the needs of the community while maintaining a budget. He is the in-charge of supervising the daily activities of the facility.

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The health service management is also responsible for providing information to the media. The manager of the health service department also works together with the medical staff leaders regarding various concerns like department budgets, and medical equipment, plotting the approaches to meet facility goals as well as maintaining a good connection and fellowship with the staff, nurses, doctors, and heads of all departments.

In addition to that, the department of health care management is also answerable for the decisions made for performance evaluation, social media updates, budgeting, billing and staff expectations.

Various Courses in Health Services Management

There are many courses available out there in Singapore for health services management. As the health service is one of the leading and growing departments in the world, several institutes, and universities provide a variety of courses in the management of health services.

The courses available for health service management in Singapore are: –

  • Bachelors in Health Services Management
  • Masters in Health Services Management/ MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Diploma in Health Services/ Healthcare Management
  • Short courses in Health Management
  • Certificate and training courses for Healthcare/ Health Service Management
  • Health Services Management Online courses
  • Full-time or part-time healthcare management courses in Singapore

Singapore Institutes providing Diploma in Health Services Management

Various universities/ institutes, medical colleges cum hospitals provide different courses in health services management. Most Singaporean students opt for a diploma program in health services management and search for Singapore colleges for health services management diploma courses.

Here are some colleges/ academies in Singapore which offer diploma courses in health services management: –

1. Republic Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Health Service Management (R45)

2. Kaplan Higher Education Academy

  • Diploma in Health Services Management

3. Singapore Management University (SMU)

  • SMU- SinghHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership (GDHM)

4. Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health

  • Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Management

5. Charles Sturt University

  • Graduate Diploma of Health Services Management

What is being taught in Health Services Management Diploma

The health care diploma course equips Singaporean students with great knowledge of major healthcare policies, practices and processes. The healthcare management diploma provides management-oriented health services training. Part-time diploma in healthcare management Singapore provides a strong basis of healthcare knowledge as well as hands-on practice training to prepare the students to work capably and efficiently as versatile healthcare professionals.

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The students pursuing a Specialist diploma in healthcare will get profound knowledge of health services and their management as well as various approaches for skills enhancement. The health services management diploma course provides great wisdom on health services in different modules.

Students will learn problem-solving and critical thinking techniques, methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and life skills approach. They will also get practical experience while learning the theoretical syllabus. The course will prepare them with a solid foundation in healthcare knowledge and effective experience.

The course will also provide some information related to the health service module i.e. health and wellness, sociology of sports, health, and leisure, biopsychosocial aspects of ageing etc. Not only the crucial information but the healthcare diploma also give various assignments to the students and a deadline to submit them.

The general outline of the core topics included in the modules of the health service management diploma are: –

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Patient Care
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing
  • Service Quality and Professional Etiquettes
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Introduction to Counselling and Communication
  • Health Ethics and Law
  • Human Diseases
  • Health Psychology
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Social Care and Community
  • Case Management
  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Financing for Healthcare
  • Quality Management in Healthcare

Career Aspects from Singapore Diploma in Health Service Management

A Singaporean graduate of a healthcare diploma course will be ready to embrace different roles in any healthcare organization.

They can work in numerous healthcare facilities such as-

  • Private as well as public hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Nursing homes
  • Specialist medical centres
  • Clinics etc.

The diploma graduates in health services management will be able to work on the following profiles in the above-mentioned domains: –

  • Admission Officer
  • Case Management Assistant
  • Corporate Service Assistant
  • Business Office Assistant/ Officer
  • Clinic Coordinator
  • Executive Assistant (in different departments- Finance, corporate planning, medical affairs, human resource, operations and quality, medical disciplines)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I work in a hospital with a diploma degree in health services management?

Ans. Yes, you can work in a hospital having a degree in health service management diploma. You can also pursue further studies after a diploma for more growth in the healthcare field.

Q2. Can I work from home with a health services management degree?

Ans. As the internet is exploring itself in every field, it has taken up the healthcare sector in the storm too. Many organizations offer flexibility to do work from home whereas some necessary tasks need on-site work too. So, you can work in any of the jobs either WFH or on-site job.

Q3. What are the responsibilities of a Health services manager?

Ans. The HSM has numerous responsibilities over his head. The general responsibility of an HSM includes: –

  • Directing Others
  • Coordinating Work Activities
  • Supervision of financial resources
  • Do an effort to develop an effective organization

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