Posted on: 26th Jun 2021

Continuous Assessment Guide for Singapore Students

This guide helps the students to understand the “meaning of continuous assessment and the mechanism of continuous assessment” in evaluating any candidate’s performance.

Continuous assessment is the procedure followed by the institution to evaluate the candidate’s performance during its learning process.

Continuous Assessment Guide for Singapore Students

This guide incorporates the comprehensive study of continuous assessment and furnishes the information on the same that helps the students in knowing its working mechanism.

The continuous assessment itself suggests the meaning of it which continuously reiterates the educational examination process to extract the learning outcomes of the learner.

It helps in obtaining the learning outcomes and tracks the performance of the students. In this guide, the students will learn how to score that comply with the norms of continuous assessment.

Many educational or academic institutions choose the path of continuous assessment as a tool to examine candidate learning.

The process is not a one-day task or a month but operates in a perpetual manner that gives an outline as to judge the performance.

The function of continuous assessment is to evaluate the student not only in an academic manner but also physically, mentally, and psychologically.

The continuous assessment incorporates not only academic marks but also assesses the candidate’s physical and psychological condition.

Continuous assessment is an overall examination of the candidate that consistently analyzes the learning of the students.

Continuous Assessment – Scope, Purpose, Objective & Types

By this guide, the students will learn about continuous assessment with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

Meaning and scope of continuous assessment with a comprehensive analysis

For the striking evaluation aspect, the continuous assessment proves to be a fruitful decision keeping in mind the student’s career. The continuous assessment introduces the establishment of a constant evaluation of the learner and testing the student’s knowledge that they acquire during the stipulated program.

As every programming course, session, lecture, video, and degree holds an aim to deliver knowledge to the students and with the help of consecutive assessments, the educational institution will evaluate the students learning.

The continuous assessment is the result of what individual students learn in the program and the result of such assessment reflects in the final scorecard of the scholar that works as a yardstick in obtaining a job. Yet the guide plays a major role in determining the mechanism, features, and criteria for continuous assessment.

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Features of continuous assessment that make it distinct from any other assessing criteria

We will discuss the traits of continued assessment that make it different from other norms. It is one of the best standards of constantly assessing the student’s performance. It provides a regular benchmark to the authorities to evaluate and focus on the module.

The objective of such continuous assessment is to maintain the records of the students as to how they perform and what they learn during the program. The guide incorporates the elements of continuous assessment that make it effective and accountable.

The final result of the students depends upon the result of continuous assessment as it provides an average of the candidate’s knowledge at the end of the program. The process can be formative, summative, comprehensive, consecutive, cumulative, guidance oriented, etc in nature.

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The primary purpose, the objective of continuous assessment & benefits of the assessments

In this solved Guide, the students will get to know about the primary purpose of the assessment, as it is very important to assess the knowledge of the student that it extracts during the program. The continuous assessment furnishes the means to analyze the skills that learner acquires and help in building the academic skills.

It provides a framework that is a core aspect in the constant, continuous, and regular assessment. Moreover, it also provides feedback in teaching mechanisms that help in improving professional skills. The guide work as a mentor in developing and improving the education and assessment system.

The guide facilitates the attractive benefits of continuous assessment as it is being a guidance-oriented mechanism that increases the student’s as well as teachers’ participation. Nowadays the continuous assessments took the form of final, summative, rigorous abd administrative in nature despite suggestive, goal-oriented, or formative.  It provides a way to observe the activities of the students regularly and a regular observation boosts the academic skills of the students.

Important types of continuous assessments

The guide incorporates two major types of assessments that are formative and summative.

A.) The Formative assessment – is the process of assessment that intending to incur acknowledgment to the students so that they can able to improve their skills and performance in future assessments.

It is one of the best assessments for the students to improve and enhance their aptitudes.

B.) The summative assessment – is that uses to assess the student learning and accordingly furnish the grades for the progression of it.

Such assessment takes place at the end of the program, session, course, degree.

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