Posted on: 29th Jun 2021

School-Based Assessment Singapore

In this article, we will discuss what is the strategy of designing the assessment program for the school educational system. To evaluate the student’s performance in academics, an assessment procedure was formulated by a highly qualified professional.

The assessment aim is to scrutinize what individuals learn during the program and yet, the school-based assessment is not a new concept. The implementation of school-based assessment is quite effective but there are possibilities and space for improvements.

School-Based Assessment Singapore

To make the school-based assessment strengthen, feedback plays a crucial role that needs to be taken into consideration. The educational institution designs its school-based assessment on a broader aspect and asks for valuable feedback that ensures the successful implementation of SBA.

The assessment is the process that furnishes an opportunity to the students to showcase their skills and whatever they learn during the course. The course plays a crucial role in determining the aptitudes and what is the basis of school-based assessment.

This article incorporates the meaning of a holistic and balanced approach. A school-based assessment is a mechanism of obtaining learning outcomes one by one that resulted in the growth and development of the student. The role of school-based assessment is to articulate the outcomes and to the authorities so that they can ascertain the skills.

The educational authorities design the assessment in such a way that it can provide a comprehensive opportunity to the students to accomplish it by obtaining the outcomes.

This article contains the extensive study of school-based assessment that helps the student to grow:-

Application and scope of school-based assessment.

This article discusses the implications of school-based assessment and a means to examine the learning process delivered by the teachers. It is one of the effective ways to adjudged the learning process opted by the faculties of the educational institution. The institution adopted formative as well as a summative assessment to examine the learning outcomes of the students.

The process incorporates continuous assessment that is carrying out in continuation of the session and maintains the record of the same throughout the year. The assessments can be in form of projects, homework, essay, answer writing, article writing, etc.

This article describes all the details of school-based assessment in an extensive manner that involved the issues and challenges of SBA, how it proved to be fruitful for the students. The ministry education highlights the key factor of an expeditious school-based assessment and how it forms the backbone of the career of the students.

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Formative assessment, an integral part

The school-based assessment incorporates the continuous assessment mechanism and a process to examine the skills of the students on a consecutive basis. Such assessments form an integral part of SBA and determine after the stipulated intervals. The process is carrying out throughout the academic year and that’s the reason it proves to be a beneficial mechanism in assessing the student’s credibility.

The student’s abilities and learning outcomes are the sources for the evaluation in the assessment process. The faculties of the educational institution in return encourage the student through various rewards, prizes, quizzes, etc. The formative assessment is distinct from the other major form of the assessment process that is a summative assessment and the assessment draws a clear distinction between both.

As formative assessment is a process that takes place at the end of the session and evaluates the learning of every student.

A holistic and balanced approach in school-based assessment

In this article, the holistic and balanced approach opted by educational institutions incorporates various forms. In such an approach the teachers conduct certain paper-pencil tests that the learning of the student.

Moreover, it also discusses the reflection aspect that encompasses the assessment process. The assessment also discusses the ways to obtain completed work and involves journal writing that instructed the students to accomplish. A holistic and balanced approach proves to be beneficial for the students as well as an educational institution to assess systematically.

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Issues and challenges of school-based assessment

In this article, we will pertain to the issues and problems faced by the schools and the techniques to opt problem-solving approach. As the concept of school-based assessment is not new and holds strong roots from ancient times.

So the process incurred a stable assessment process in the country and certain small loopholes filled by the educational institution regularly. The academic institution on stipulated intervals conducts a review of their assessment process and identifies the loopholes in it.

They further make the arrangements in such a way that improves the assessment process and enhances its impact. It makes the process more accountable and reliable to the students, parents, or their guardians.

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