Admission Procedure & Degree Courses Offered by NUS!

The National University of Singapore was founded in 1905 by Tan Jiak Kim as a medical college with only 23 students to serve the local community of Singapore. Today, it’s become not only Singapore’s but also Asia’s no 1 and 22nd ranked University of the world.

The achievements and influences made by it on global research have made it a world’s most prestigious university. It offers a wide range of disciplines including medicine, science, arts, law, environment, social science, engineering, design, business, music and computing in both undergraduate and postgraduate level education.


In 1905, the first medical school was established by Tan Jiak Kim and known as The Strait Settlement and Federation Malay state Government Medical School.

In 1913, this school renamed as King Edward VII Medical School, then again renamed and become King Edward VII Medical College of medicine.

In 1928, Raffle College was established to promote Tertiary education in Science and Arts and then in 1949, merged with King Edward VII medical college and formed the very first university of Singapore, the University of Malaya.

In 1980, the National University of Singapore was established with a merger of Nanyang University and the Universities of Singapore.

Programme offered by NUS University:

NUS University offers a wide range of multidisciplinary programme including 70 joints and double degree courses and innovative programme for under graduation and post graduation level.

NUS are autonomous university offers the diverse spectrum of courses that is enriches with the multidiscipline and cross faculty approach.

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  1. Art & Social Science:  This is further divided into 3 divisions such as Asian studies, Humanities, and social science.
  2. Business & Accountancy:  This school was established in 1965, and had six departments.
  3. Computing:  Established in 1998, and consist of Business Analytics, Computer Science, Information Securities, and Computer Engineering and Information System.
  4. Dentistry:  This is a four year dental course and provides the bachelor of Dental Surgery degree.
  5. Design and Environment:  Graduates from this school contribute to design, development, architecture, real estate and management of Singapore’s built environment.
  6. Engineering:  Founded in 1968 and has the largest faculty in the university and consist with several divisions such as Chemical, Biomedical, environmental, civil, Mechanical, Computer, Industrial & systems, engineering science and material science & engineering.
  7. Law:  It offers an undergraduate law programme and Graduate LLB Programme and offers double degree courses.
  8. Medicine: This was the first school and offers a full time undergraduate programme leading to bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery programme.
  9. Music:
  10. Nursing:
  11. The schools offered bachelors of nursing, post-graduation masters of nursing, Master of Science (nursing).
  12. Science:  It consists of the study of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biological science, pharmacy and statistics & applied probabilities.

Student Life at NUS:

NUS have diversified campus community that creates an emerging and unique learning environment. It consists of the modern campus which offers a vibrant and inspiring lifestyle.

How to Apply at NUS:

To apply at NUS first you have to choose an option you belong to and then check your status.

  1. Singapore Cambridge “A” Level: apply from end Feb 2019
  2. Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore: apply from Feb 2019
  3. NUS High School: Apply from 16 Nov 2018
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma: apply from 15 Oct 2018
  5. Singapore Citizen/ SPR with International Qualifications: apply from 15 Oct 2018
  6. International Qualification: Apply from 15oct 2018