Absolute Information About Academic & Integrated Programmes of DHS

Dunman High school is a Kallang based Singapore school. This is an autonomous secondary school offers higher education to its students. This school is also known as Dunman Government Chinese School, a top co-educational school offers Integrated Programme and Special Assistance Plan (SAP) to its students.

The school was selected as one of the top 9 SAP secondary school in 1979. The school offers both English and Chinese language courses.

Academic Programme at DHS:

The school offers 6 years of IP programme which is delivered through the junior High academy and the senior high academy.

  • Junior High Academy Programme: This is 4 years of programme provide an interdisciplinary curriculum and focusing on building higher academic foundations.
  • This is a high quality programme which is given through project works, reach studies mentorship and master classes and indented to pursuit in-depth academic knowledge.
  • Students who study this 4-year junior high academy programme will skip the ‘O’ level exam and can directly sit in ‘A’ level exam.
  • Senior High Academy Programme: This is 2 year of the programme and prepares students for ‘A’ level examination. The student studies the broad level of the curriculum at this level and studies 3 higher research subjects such as science research programme, humanities and social research programme and Nanyang research programme.

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 Student development Programme:

DHS provides its education to develop a well-rounded student who is not academically sound but become a confident leader. DHS provides its student development programme through Physical Education Programme, Character Development Programme, Extracurricular Activities and Sexuality Development Programme.

Co-curricular Activities:

Dunman High school offers a huge range of activities including sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Wushu, Tennis, Badminton, Sailing, Golf, Netball, Bowling, Soccer and Table Tennis; music, uniformed groups and students societies. All the students can participate in any activity according to their interest.

Special Programme:

DHS has the aim to develop an all-rounder student with a global outlook and educate its students to become a loyal citizen. The school offers many special programmes such as science research programme, humanities and social research programme and Nanyang research programme to make them versatile and develop their desire to thrive in different cultures.

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