Know Everything About Raffles Girls’ Secondary School!

Raffles Girls’ Secondary School is one of the oldest schools in Singapore which was founded in 1879. This is a pre-territory educational girl’s school. The RGS is renowned for its educational excellence.

RGS offers a huge platform for each girl to build their high-abilities and release their ambitious. The school is providing top-quality education to the girls from last 30 years. Recently, it has collaborated with raffle institute to develop the special abilities in every girl including thinking, leading and pioneer and helps to enhance many skills every woman such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and creativity so they can positively contribute towards the society.

RGS has produced many high profile women with high abilities who are serving their nation over the years. The school are continuously achieving many awards from a decade and has received many awards in 2018 including

Singapore junior Biology Olympiad, F1 in School in Nationals Finals, Kids Lit Quiz World Final and many more.

Programme offered at RGS:

The school offers the academic and the diploma programme. The curriculum can cover in 6 years from 1st year to 6th year. The curriculum is focused on nurture the women and develop the next generation of leaders, pioneers and thinkers.

The programme is offered at RGS with the holistic approach where a student will learn in a challenging environment and develop thinking skills and lifelong learning in the students.

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Admission procedure at RGS:

A student can take admission in the secondary 1st year and secondary 3rd year only.

  • Admission in year 1 with direct school admission: This is a holistic approach to take admission where a student gets admission on basis of her achievements and talent.
  • Admission in Year 1 through secondary 1 posting exercise: The students get admission through their PSLE results.
  • Admission in Year 1 through Post-PSLE supplementary intake: This is a procedure after S1 posting; a student gets admission is subjected to available vacancies.

The admission in the 1st year will be initiated in the month of December.

  • Admission in the 3rd year through entrance exams: Direct admission in 3rd year only considered after the availability of vacant seats.

Application forms in the 3rd year open annually in the month of August.

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