Know About Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) in Brief!

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School is an independent school in Singapore. It is one of the oldest only girls’ schools in Singapore which was established in 1899. This is a full education school that provides primary and secondary education to its students from the age of 6 to 16.

Singapore Chinese Girl’s School provides a rich, balanced and holistic education to develop capable women of character and relevance. Thus, they can develop their full potential, value, and competencies so they can contribute meaningfully to society and the community.

The school desire to nurture every student to be a precious gem of society like ‘Kim Geek’ who is a sincere collaborator, courageous change-maker, generous contributor, and servant leader. Singapore Chinese Girl’s School provides supportive, warmth, familiar and stable environment in the school. Thus, the students can develop strong values and potential according to their pace and interest. Also, give a meaningful contribution to their nation.

Singapore Chinese Girl’s School has achieved many awards. It is best for quality classes, character development, teaching, and student’s all-round development.

The educational program at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School :

SCGS provides its education with an aim to the overall development of a student and nurture every student. Accordingly, they can grow their own interest and aptitude. Consequently, they can be ready to thrive in the rapidly changing world.

To accomplish its mission SCGS provide in education through 3 kinds of programs such as Talent Development Programme, Character and Leadership Excellence Programme and Living and Lifeskills Programme.

  • Talent Development Programme: This program is based on the overall development of a student. Such as character development, social-emotional development, and future skills development. By providing a rigorous curriculum based on a wide range of learning so a student can achieve their fullest potential.
  • Character and Leadership Excellence Programme: This program is based on developing a student’s passion for character excellence and nurtures every student to be world-ready.
  • Living and Lifeskills Programme: This program is based on educating every student. Thus, they can lead a balanced life and can play a virtue role for personal and professional development.

Primary Level education at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS):

SCGS offers a wide range of programme at the primary level to nurture every girl with a joyful environment towards developing life-long learning.

The subject studies at primary level are Arts, Science, Mathematics, Mother Tongue, CCE, ICT and Physical Education. Other to this SCGS provides an internationalisation programme and a PAL programme.

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Secondary Level education at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

SCGS offers both the integrated learning and ‘O’ Level Programme at the secondary level.

SCGS offers many subjects at a secondary level including Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Mother Tongue, Home Economics, Humanities, English, CCE, and Physical Education to nurture every student’s character and develop their relevant lifelong skills.

Integrated Learning Programme SCGS :

IP program provides a vibrant and collaborative learning program. Accordingly, they can meet all the future challenges and become the principled leader of tomorrow.

Admission procedure at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School:

A student can take admission at the primary level through the application form. In order to take admission at the secondary level, the student has to be clear with an admission test that is conducted separately according to their level preference.

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