All You Need to Know About Singapore Institute of Commerce!

Singapore Institute of commerce (SIC) was established in 1947 and was the first business school to be established in Singapore. SIC has opened up with the aim to educate everyone so it has many learning opportunities for every student aims to study business, accounting and law.

Over the last half of the century, SIC is providing its services and educated almost 30,000 aspiring students and many of them are working very well in global MNCs and SMEs.

SIC has expanded through 5 campuses and the main campus is located in the middle road of Singapore and the others are situated on Shenton way, Serangoon central, Tampines and Bartley.

The Middle Road Campus:

This is the main campus of SIC which is located at 250/252 middle road and is about 30,000 square feet area. The building is fully air-conditioned consist of 14 classrooms, one library, one computer lab, one auditorium and 3 board rooms.

This is a business school of SIC where a student studies the business & IT related subjects from CSU, LCCL, UOL, LSE and Northumbria University etc.

The Shenton Campus:

This campus is the most recent campus of the SIC which is located at Shenton house, opposite to the Singapore exchange centre. The campus is situated with all the latest technologies.

This is a Law & Graduate school of SIC where the post-graduation and graduation programmes related to law is conducted from LSE, Northumbria University, Finder University and UOL.

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The Bartley Campus:

The campus is located just opposite to the Maris Stella High School and covered more than 9-acre area. This is a fully air-conditioned campus with all the facilities.

The Serangoon Central Campus:

This campus of SIC is located in Serangoon central drive and offers a huge range of diploma and degree certified English language courses from world-class universities such as the University of London and the University of Cambridge.

Why choose SIC for the studies:

  • SIC is a world-recognized university which is educating students to succeed in their future.
  • SIC is a leading technological institute offering a huge range of part-time, diploma and full-time programme from world-recognized universities.
  • SIC has consistently maintained the standards of excellence over the last 60 years.
  • SIC has a team of highly educated and professional faculties.
  • The study technique is based on short classroom size and one to one lecture procedure.
  • SIC has an aim to “create learning for everyone” means in this institute every student is considered similarly.
  • SIC is a partner with many worlds recognized universities such as Landon School of Economics for Diploma of Economics and provide those universities programme at SIC with the same quality.
  • SIC was the first institute to received the SQC award(Singapore quality class for private education organization)

Student life at SIC:

SIC has 5 campuses all are highly established with world-class tools & techniques. Students get a chance to join many society and clubs where they can connect to each other.

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