Complete Guidance of ACS(International) Admission & Courses 

Anglo-Chinese (ACS) International School is a Methodist private institute in Singapore. The school was founded in 1886. The school provides its tradition excellence education with a strong foundation in global experience and to develop spiritual values.

The school provide 6 years of academic education which can be completed either through 4 years of an Express Programme leading to ‘O’ Level examination and 6 years of Integrated learning (IP) programme that lead to the IB programme.

The 6 years of IP programme allow the students to directly progress from secondary level to pre-university level education without sitting in GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

ACS international school provides a holistic education to nurture students for uncertain changes and develop godly values and character in the students so they can serve positively their family, society, and nation and to the global market.

Academic Programme at ACS International School:

The school provides a huge number of programmes to cater to the need and the interest of the Singaporean students. ACS provides its education through two paths including the Express Programme and Integrated Programme and develops the qualities, skills and abilities in the students that enable them to navigate in an increasing needs and demanding complex market.

ACS offers a huge range of curriculum to develop talent, skills and pursue their passion inside and outside the classroom.

Talent Development Programme:

ACS offers huge range of prestigious scholarship and talent development programmes including ACE21, Dr Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Serious, IDEX, Accelerate Class of Science, Advance Science Programme, Music Elective Programme, Regional Studies Programme, Pathfinder, Humanities Scholarship Programme and Dr Lee Li eng Speaker Award.

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Student Development Programme:

ACS offers a wide range of sport, and non-sports activities to develop an all-rounder student with the lifelong learning, values and skills so they can lead in the global market. These programmes enable every student to discover their talent, strengths, interest and nurture them to face any future challenge.

Admission at ACS international school:

To take admission in the ACS international school a student has to fill up the form which is available on the school’s website and they have to take an examination, after clearing that they will be allowed to take admission. Future information is available on the school’s website.

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