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Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord (EDHEC) is a French business school which was established in 1906 and has its operating branches in Paris, Singapore, London, Lille and Nice. The Asian campus was established in 2010. The school has secured its position among the top 15 European business school and its Master in Finance course is ranked no 1 around the globe.

This is not just a business school, it is a school for businesses where the students will learn through excellent teaching techniques and produce the entrepreneur for life who can run their business without any support and in a creative way.

Why choose EDHEC:

  • The school has the aim to generate the professional managers and entrepreneur with many business skills so they can make a positive impact on society and the economy.
  • The school helps students in their personal and professional transformation.
  • The course is designed to develop student’s leadership and creative thinking capabilities.
  • The school has 5 campuses that allow a student to learn in an innovative environment with hands-on working experience.
  • The school has a strong research centre which has the aim to meet up international standards and provide some useful results to help business.

Programmes offered at EDHEC:

EDHEC offers full-time degree Programme which covers all business disciplines such as management, law, finance, marketing, data analysis and entrepreneurship. The management program is focused on the development of future managers who will be the leaders in the global market.

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The EDHEC business school offers Bachelors, Masters and executive programme for its students.

  • BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration): this is an exclusive graduate programme where a student gets a chance to alternative work placement and academic exchange between France and other countries.
  • Masters programme: this is a specialized programme which is taught in English and gets a chance to chose one among Masters of Science (Business Management), Master in Management (Grande Ecole Programme), Master of Science (Financial Economics)
  • Executive Programme: this course offers a full-time and part-time programme. A student gets a chance to choose its executive programme among Executive MBA, PhD in Finance Global MBA, Customized Courses, Open Enrolment Courses, General Management Acceleration Programme, and Advanced Management Programme.

Student life at EDHEC:

The school has developed a digital campus where the use of digital technologies makes student life easier, enjoyable and provides outstanding academic experience. The school launches an e-learning programme, a pedagogical Innovation Lab and innovative projects and many other things have been initiated to provide academic excellence.

The school has many sports and extracurricular activities at the campus so a student can enjoy its academic life to the maximum end.

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