Complete Details About Methodist Girl’s School (MGS) Primary & Secondary In Singapore

Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) is an independent girl’s school in Singapore which was established in 1887. This is a complete education school providing primary and secondary level education to its students.

Methodist Girls’ School provides its education equip with 4C’s to develop women of excellence with love in her heart and contribute positively towards society.

4C’s consist of the meaningful learning Culture of the school. The main focus is on Child development through the challenging learning environment in the school. Building sound Character, value and strong faith in our girls is an integral part of the school. We provide a dynamic, responsive Curriculum to fulfil the diverse and cognitive needs of our students.

MGS aims to develop Godly Women of excellence with love and faith in her heart. The school provides a holistic education to educate every student in a Christian environment so every girl can become master and grow in a competitive environment and survive in every phase of her life.

Know About Methodist Girls’ Primary School Singapore:

Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) educates every girl at the primary level of their education with the love and affection and helps them to develop their values, skills and competencies such as confidence, learning skills, active participant and concerned citizen.

The primary education is provided in 6 levels through many subjects including Mathematics, English, Mother Tongue Language, CCA, CCE, Social Studies, Informational Technology, Physical Education, Science, Aesthetics and Sophia Blackmore Academy.

Admission Procedure at MGS Primary:

To take admission at the Methodist Girls’ School Primary School, parents have to fill the online application form and provide all the documents needed. A student can also take admission in the mid-stream. The form is available on the school’s official website for the local students transferring from another local school and for the students returning Singapore and the international students.

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Detail About Methodist Girls’ School Secondary in Singapore:

Methodist Girls’ School educates its students at the secondary level to make them future-ready women and to strive, grow and service in every phase of life. The school provides a holistic education programme and extracurricular programme at the secondary level.

  • Student development programme:  The school provide student development programme through Character and Citizen Education (CCE) and Student Leadership Programme to enhance social, physical, emotional, intellectual and moral of every girl in the school so they can be responsible, morally upright and resilient women who get respect every level of her life and contribute effectively towards the society.
  • Co-curricular Activities programme:  The school provide EEA programme with an aim to develop an all-rounder, responsible and independent women through providing healthy recreational activities, to identify personal need, interest and qualities.
  • Methodist Girls’ School offers a huge range of clubs and societies, sports, performing Art and uniformed groups activities at school to provide enrichment of scope for creativity and to cultivate esprit in the students.

Admission at Methodist Girls’ Secondary School:

A student has to apply with a student’s application form to take admission at secondary school. There is a huge list of forms available at the website.

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