Out-and-Out Details of EASB Degree Programmes & Admission Procedure

East Asia Institute of Management is a Singapore based college is popularly known as EASB. The college was founded in 1984 and is a leading private management institute in Singapore.

Initially, the institute was founded as the vocational training institute which to provide training in informational technology but from 2001 it started a huge range of academic degree programs.

Over the last 30 years, the institute has earned a reputation as a hub of excellent educational centers as many international and local institutes are located in EASB. The institute attracts many international students every year.

The institute is growing year by year and now it has become the top leading private institute in Singapore which offers a wide range of post-graduation, graduation, diploma and advance diploma courses across all the major disciplines to its students.

The college has collaborated with 4 universities from the UK including Cardiff Metropolitan University, Queen Margaret University, Aston University and Herriot-Watt University to offers Masters and Bachelors programs.

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Why choose ESAB for studies:

  • The institute is one of the most leading private institutes in Singapore.
  • It offers a suite of postgraduate, graduate and diploma courses.
  • In December 2009 the institute among the top first batch of PEI’s awarded as inaugural 4-years of EduTrust certificate.
  • ESAB provide the transnational and employability central education to its students.
  • The institute will help you to become competent, confident, committed and creative professional.
  • ESAB offers so many scholarship programmes which are based on various factors including extracurricular, academics, achievement, overall profile etc.
  • The education is based on a holistic approach which prepares the students, career ready professionals.

The programme offered by ESAB:

ESAB offers a huge range of postgraduate, graduate, diploma, advanced diploma and certifies courses in almost all the disciplines including business and management; business information system; accounting; banking and finance; hospitality and tourism management; logistics management; allied health science and psychology.

Student life at ESAB:

ESAB offers a vibrant life to its students. The college has wide opportunities for every student so they can choose one of their interest areas. The institute has many students clubs and societies so the students can enhance their skills and connect with each other.

How to apply at ESAB:

The student can apply with the application form. After submission of the application letter, a student will receive the offer letter within 48 hours.
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