Whole Details About PSB Academy Courses & Admission Policy!

PSB Academy is known as the “Future Academy” and established in 1988, with an aim to develop updated knowledge and skills required for the further future. The studies are focused on what matters in the future to develop the economy. In 2017, the APAC insider was named PSB Academy as “Education Institute of the Year” and awarded as the “Education category for outstanding work in the region” and got 2 consecutive SBR National awards.

The academy offers a huge range of part-time, full-time certified and diploma postgraduate and undergraduate program to develop the future required skills in the students.

The academy is accredited by EduTrust and council of Private Education.

Faculty of PSB Academy:

PSB has a network of more than 500 teaching faculties who are very well proficient and qualified in with the teaching skills. The academy has tied up with many universities including the US, UK, and Australia, etc.

The university provides huge full-time, part-time postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and certified courses which can be studied under various schools of PSB such as

School of foundation studies:

This school offers a list of part-time, full-time and diploma programs focused on interactive studies for those students who are very young and started their educational journey. The school helps to enhance their skills which are required for their future. The student can choose the program provided in foundation studies according to their interest in the language certified course, preparatory course and study tour.

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School of Engineering and Technology:

The School of Engineering and Technology is a school for those students who want to become the nation-builders by providing their contribution to the rapid growth of the STM sector. The school offers a range of certified and diploma courses and Bachelor’s degree programs for the students to develop their skills and knowledge in the relevant field and helps them to become brilliant engineers of the future by providing them theoretical and hands-on practical knowledge of the real world.

School of business and management:

The school of business and management offers a wide range of part-time and full-time certifies, diploma and bachelor’s degree programs for those students who want to stable their careers in the global business market and develop the student’s skills required in the global market. It offers a huge list of subjects to study including Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Supply Chain Management & Tourism, Media & Communication, and Hospitality Management.

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School of postgraduate studies:

The school of postgraduate studies is a school for those students who want to build their further skills in their relevant area.

School of Life and Physical Science:

The School of Life and Physical Science provide a bunch of part-time and full-time diploma certifies and bachelor’s degree courses for the students who are interested to join the global scientific society. This school offers the study of many fields including pharmaceutical, biomedical, sport and exercise science, and molecular science.

How to apply:

A student can apply for the PSB Academy through the application form and student can apply online also.

Student life at PSB Academy:

PSB Academy offers a vibrant life for its students with a wide range of activities and student clubs so they can enjoy and learn in an innovative environment.


Courses are Under the PSB Academy Provided By the Singapore Assignment Help :


Business Courses  Management Courses Accounting Courses Computer Science Courses Economics Courses
Business Communication Human Resource Management Fundamentals of Accounting Communication and Information Systems Fundamentals of Economics
Fundamentals of Marketing Talent Development Principles of Accounting Digital Marketing Strategy
Business Decision Making Operational Logistics Digital Engagement and Loyalty
Business Law Materials Management and Physical Distribution
Mass Communications Operations Management
Written and Speech Communication Accommodation Operations  


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