Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) Admission Path & Degree Programmes

Hwa Chong Institute is a Singapore based independent school which provide secondary and pre-university education to its students since 2005. The institute is established with a merger of The Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College.

Hwa Chong Institute provides its education to nurture every student for the national and global community and help to maximum everyone potential and prepare them for lifelong achievements.

Hwa Chong Institute educates its students with a spirit of strength, tenacity and resilience through the continual quest and continual self-improvement to innate entrepreneurial dear and a spirit to never give up.

The school prepare its student to win-win situations by enduring spirit of community and service to others and guide them to gratitude and humility to others who have nurtured and developed us and help to develop student’s character so they can actively contribute towards the betterment of the society, their family, humanity, nation and the global community.

HCI “A Global Academy”:

HCI has international partnerships along with China and many industry leaders worldwide that enable student’s to connect with global professors, interact and learn from experts of overseas.

The school’s internationalisation organizes many trips and events that allow the students to experience the global diversity, connect them and learn new things from them.

HCI has a special online programme for those students wants to learn from home. Lesson prepared by the teachers are uploaded online so they can easily learn to remain at home.

Talent Development Programme at HCI:

HCI has a special talent development programme for the future leaders in research, government and industry. HCI students can choose their programme according to their interest from the list of the programme such as

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  • SMTP & GATE (Mathematics & Science talent development programme)
  • iSpark (for those has interest in philosophy)
  • AEP (Art Elective Programme)
  • Bicultural Studies Programme (China)
  • Language Elective Programme (Chinese Language)
  • CENTAD (an integrated science & technology development programme)
  • Research Studies (programme for scientists and researchers)
  • Humanities Studies

Student Development Programme at HCI:

HCI provides its education on the basis of holistic development where the school aim to overachieve aim every student through Character Citizenship Education, Leadership Education and Guidance Education so they can become a responsible citizen of good character.

  • HCI High School: HCI provides high school education through Integrated Programme (IP), Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and Sabbatical Programme to develop the scholastic excellence, leadership, academic excellence, creativity and character building in every student in a caring, secure, stimulating and joyful environment.
  • Subject offered at High School are Chinese Language, General English Language, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Infocomm Studies, Literature in English, Physical Education.
  • Admission at HCI High School: A student can take direct admission in the school through the talent based entrance exams including Bilingual Talent, Leadership, Humanities Talent, Mathematics & Info-communications/Robotics Talent, Sports Talent and Science Talent.
  • HCI College: A student studies many subjects such as Economics, Geography, English Language, History, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education and Computing at the college level.
  • Admission at HCI College: Forms are available on the website for joint admission programme, returning for Singapore students and for international students.
  • To take direct admission on the basis of talents such as intellectual and scholastic potential, leadership potential and outstanding talent.
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