All You Need To Know About FTMS Global Academy!

FTMS Global Academy is established in 1986 with a purpose to develop academic and professional excellence in the students. It has 7 campuses in 5 countries in Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam with over the 30,000 graduates.

FTMSGlobally offers a huge range of professional and academic courses including Accounting and Finance, Informational Technology and Hospitality and Business.

The academic is collaborated with many UK universities and provide a dynamic study experience to the students and the courses of FTMSGolbally is focused on the developing the professional, academic and entrepreneurship skills in the students and help them to achieve world-class business opportunities.

FTMSGloablly has a team of professional and academic faculties who create such learning environment for the student so a student can meet up with the future and present challenges of the global market and helps in developing their professional skills.

Courses offered by FTMSGlobal Academy:

The academy provides a huge range of professional and academy courses.

  • Professional Accounting & Finance Course:
    The academy offers a huge range entry-level to professional accounting and financial courses which helps the students to develop their professional financial pathway.
  • Business programme at FTMS Global academy:
    The academy offers full-time and part-time (weekend) Masters of Business administration programme to develop the managerial skills in the students.
  • Hospitality and Tourism programme:
    The academy offers diploma courses to increase the skills in the professional in the relevant field.
  • English development courses:
    The academy offers a wide range of entry-level to master’s degree courses to develop the language skills in the students.
  • Computer Science Course:
    The FTMSGlobal academy offers a diploma programme to provide knowledge about the current trends of computing and software application.

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Why choose FTMSGlobal Academy:

  • FTMS Global Academy provides the best educational experience to its students.
  • It has a team of highly qualified and experienced professional faculties.
  • The course structure is covered with a comprehensive area of the subject.
  • It provides a helpful and constructive study environment to its students.
  • The studies are based on face to face lecture techniques.
  • The student provides exclusive support for its students.
  • It provides a premium class of education service and training to its students.

Campus Location:

The FTMS Global Academy is located in 5 countries in Asia and Singapore’s campus was its first campus and later on opened up other campuses in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and then in Vietnam.

Singapore Mailing Address: 20 Collyer Quay #02-02, Singapore 04931

How to apply at FTMSGlobal Academy:

If a student wishes to apply to FTMSGlobal Academy Singapore, he needs to download an application form which is available on the official website and then submit it on the website. Before submitting the form it is advisable to read all the student enrollment procedure carefully.

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