Posted on: 3rd Apr 2020

Graphic Designing Courses in Singapore for the Singaporean Students

Numerous Universities in the Singapore and miscellaneous courses offered by them. Most of the Singaporean students are interested in Graphic Designing and want to pursue graphic design courses after 12th. But the major issue arises in front of them is lack of guidance and information about the best course for Graphic Designing in Singapore.

Graphic Designing Courses in Singapore for the Singaporean Students

What is Graphic Designing Course?

Graphic Designing Course is an advanced course which deals with the creation of visual content to communicate. Graphic designing aims to design visual concepts using hands or any computer software which can convey the message, idea or any information. Designing of graphics is all about using visual compositions to communicate and convey the message or any information through typography, imagery, colour and form.

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Many students in Singapore are really interested in art and creativity and also good at computers but they do not get proper graphic design courses details and a clear direction for opting this field as a future outlook. Students do not need to have any specific qualities to pursue a regular graphic design course but the basics of computer are needed. One thing which is very important for everyone is that he/ she should be a lifelong learner as time changes, development occurs so they will need to learn new things by the time.

Singapore Universities offering Courses in Graphic Designing

There are several universities/ institutes in Singapore which provide diploma, undergraduate programmes, graduate and postgraduate programmes, a short course in Graphic Design or graphic design tutorials as well. Those students who are searching for graphic design courses college, we are providing a list of the same for them.

Different universities which offer various programs for graphic designing are as follows: –

1. Raffles College of Higher Education

  • BA (HONS) Interior Architecture and Design
  • BA (HONS) Digital Media
  • BA (HONS) Graphic Design

2. Singapore University of Social Sciences

  • MTD201 Fundamentals of Graphics Design
  • MTD203 Advanced Graphics Design
  • MTD315 Computer Interactive Graphics
  • BAE12 Graphic Design Essentials
  • EAS419 Computer Systems Architecture, HCI and Graphical Interfaces

3. M.A.D School by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy

  • Diploma- UI UX Design Course
  • Professional Certificate in Packaging Design
  • Professional Certificate in Online Media Design
  • Professional Workshop in Packaging & Print Technology
  • Professional Workshop in Visual Communication

4. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

  • Diploma in Graphic Communication
  • Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Design and Media

5. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

6. Singapore Polytechnic

  • S35 Digital Animation
  • S56 Game Design & Development
  • S89 Interior Design
  • S39 Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

7. 3dsense Media School

  • 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • Motion & Graphic Design
  • Concept Design & Illustration

8. First Media Design School

  • Conceptual Thinking Using Design Thinking Methodologies
  • Graphic Design Essentials (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Graphic Illustrations and Design Fundamentals (Packaging Design)
  • Typography for Design

9. MAGES Institute of Excellence

  • Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphic Design

10. Orita Sinclair School of Design & Music

  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Diploma in UX Designing

Insight of Graphic Designing Courses in Singapore

The platform of graphics design deals with plotting and creating some outlooks and product design using digital platforms. Various software and applications are used in designing the graphics. If someone is pursuing a degree course in graphics design, he will get to learn about all the small and big applications.

Frequently graphic designing is involved with motion design on small screens keeping in mind that the aesthetics of the work must match with the user’s expectations. It completely works upon the creation, selection of colour scheme, design, organization and knowledge of tone and theme of the particular work. The Graphic Designing Courses uses Adobe Photoshop, illustrator (Affinity designer), InDesign etc.

What will you learn in Graphic Design programme?

Singaporean students who have a keen interest in designing can opt for a degree course of graphic design. They will get to learn a lot many things about the modernization, fashion, designing, creativity and different computer software as well.

If you also want to make your career in the field of digital designing, you can pursue a Singapore graphic design course. You will get a chance to discover various editing technique in Adobe Photoshop and other applications. The course will excel you with the new technology of designing, creativity and various type of graphic design styles.

Apart from teaching a lot, the degree courses of graphic designing will also come up with some graphic design assignments or some product design assignments. There no need to worry about the assignments but it is the way to learn more. Although this is true that after the regular classes of the course from morning to evening, students are not left with enough time to complete the assignment. They end up worrying for the assignment completion and look for some help to do the assignment. They search for some genuine assignment help from which they can get a readymade assignment.

Specialization in Graphic Designing Courses

The Graphic Designing Courses are not only about the logo and brochure designing but it also includes various categories in itself. Graphic designing is not only limited to the creation and designing of advertisement and magazines but also provide knowledge for the designing scope in different fields.

There are various specializations in courses of Graphic Designing: –

1. Visual Identity Graphic Design: –

Visual Graphic Design is all about the visual effect of the client. For example, a brand is a linking connection or a relationship between the organization and its clients/ audience. How an organization share its personality, theme, tone an essence, objective, emotions and experiences with the customer is called Brand Identity. The same thing is done in Visual Identity Graphic Design. It illustrates the visual aspects of the brand identity which become the face of a brand. That brand face communicates the incorporeal qualities of their product through designs, images, colour and different shapes.

Examples of Visual Identity Graphic Design-

  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Standard Business Cards
  • Corporate stationery etc.

2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design: –

The very first image for graphic design in the mind of people in the designs created for the advertisement and marketing purposes.

To run a company, marketing efforts are equally important as the quality of their product. Wonderful marketing interacts with the audience and engage them according to the needs, wants, understanding and knowledge about a product and brand. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design plays a vital role in this field to run an organization successfully.

Examples of Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design-

  • Ads of Magazines and Newspaper
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Postcards and flyers
  • Brochures (Printed and Digital)
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Images for websites and blogs etc.

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3. User Interface Graphic Design: –

User Interface can be described as how a user interacts with any device, system or application. UI Graphic design provides a smooth and friendly interface between the user and the device. User Interface graphic design focuses on the ease in the user’s visual experience. UI graphic design works upon the design of on-screen graphic assets like menus, buttons and micro-interactions etc. It maintains a balance between the artistic call and technical functionality. Overall it deals with web design and development.

Examples of User Interface Graphic Design: –

  • Game Interface
  • Web page design
  • App design
  • Theme design (Shopify, WordPress etc.

4. Publication Graphic Design: –

Distribution of long-form pieces among the public is a great way to communicate and are known as publications. Traditionally they are in print form. Publication Design has been a prime kind of design- newspapers, think books, catalogues and magazines etc. Anyhow, there has been a significant elevation in digital publishing.

Examples of Publication Graphic Design-

  • Directories
  • Newspaper
  • Catalogues
  • Newsletters
  • Books
  • Annual reports etc.

5. Packaging Graphic Design: –

Many products need some sort of specific packaging for their protection and to preserve them. No doubt, the packaging of any product directly influences the audience and make them to take the first step towards them. Thus, the packaging is also a very important marketing tool.

Every type of packaging tells the story about the product. The Packaging Graphic Design focuses on creating a concept or a story for a product and implement it by creating a file ready to print for a product.

Examples of Packaging Graphic Design-

  • Food items
  • Beverage cans
  • Children’s toys
  • Labels etc.

6. Motion Graphic Design: –

In simple terms, those graphics which moves are motion graphics. Motion graphics are simply graphics in motion. The motion graphic design is the highest and unforeseen rising graphic design in recent years. As the technology took speed, the media, video content and graphics improved and became the king. Motion graphic design also provide motion with animation in the movies, cartoons or advertisement clips.

Examples of Motion Media Design-

  • Promotional videos
  • Advertisements
  • Trailers
  • Tutorial videos
  • Animated movies
  • Video games
  • Animated logos
  • Apps
  • GIFs etc.

7. Environmental Graphic Design: –

The environmental graphics provides a connection between the people and places for their better experience. This makes the places more memorable, informative, attractive and most importantly easier to navigate. It provides various items in the graphics like landmarks, visual intimation or more.

The environmental graphic design consists of multiple areas for practice viz. interior design, architectural design, landscape and industrial design etc.

Examples of Environmental Graphic Design-

  • Museum exhibitions
  • Stadium branding
  • Signage
  • Public transport navigation
  • Office branding
  • Interiors of retails stores, cafes, restaurants and pubs etc.

8. Art and Illusion for Graphic Design: –

People generally take the graphic art and illustration the same as the graphic design, however, both are greatly different. The graphic designs deal with communication and solving problems whereas the art and illusion graphic design deals with the creation of original artwork.

Examples of Art and Illusion for Graphic Design-

  • Graphic novels
  • Infographics
  • Picture books
  • Comic books
  • Stock images
  • Concept art
  • T-shirt design
  • Technical illustrations
  • Book covers etc.

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Outcomes of Singapore Graphic Designing Courses

Learning Outcomes of Graphic Designing Courses in Singapore: –

  • Will have rich knowledge of typography, layout, colour theory, blocking, photos and other design theory skills
  • Learn to edit photos and their manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
  • Discover different editing techniques as well as non-destructive techniques in Adobe Photoshop
  • Learn to create various logos and branding packages for different clients
  • Study about how to create various editorial spreads and magazines layouts practising on Adobe InDesign
  • Know the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Affinity Designer
  • Propose ideas for interior design

A course in graphic designing at Singapore is indeed very interesting and exciting course which will never bore anyone but everything has a dark side too. Don’t panic, there is nothing wrong with the course but there is a little bit pressure of assignments during the course. Students who opt to pursue environmental graphic design course will get some interior design homework assignments. Or the students who choose to enhance their skills in UI graphic design might get some kind of game design assignments or design thinking assignment.

Similarly, different courses assign different assignments. To complete the university assignment on time, students get panicked and start typing on google that “who can do my assignment for me?” or “Who can help to do assignment?” and many more phrases like these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of assignments are given in the Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design course?

Ans. You will get to learn many new things related to graphics as well as marketing and advertisement too. You will get PowerPoint assignments, advertisement assignment, web page image designing homework etc.

Q2. Do students need to bring their laptop and software for learning?

Ans. No, as you take admission in a university or institute, you will get a proper system and software to learn. You need not bring anything of your own.

Q3. Is graphic design course a good option for a better career?

Ans. Of course, graphic design is one of the best options in the context of career opportunities. Graphics are now everywhere. From the advertisement of small things to large ones, from pin to the plane there are graphics used. As most of the work is digital so there is a large abundance of remote work. Every business, organisation, brands etc. all need graphics for publicity, promotions and marketing. In short, the need for graphics will never have a downfall. Also, work from home and get highly paid is the cherry on the top of a cake.

Q4. Is graphic design easy?

Ans. There is a very big misconception among people that graphic designing is so easy and stress less as a graphic designer always sits in front of a computer. Graphic design is not so hard but it’s not so much easy though. It is also like other professional works which require creativity, efforts and efficient output.

Q5. I am a beginner in Graphic Designing. What software is the best to work upon?

Ans. In a course of graphics designing platform, these are some of the best software-

  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • Gravit Designer
  • Inkscape
  • Sketch
  • Xara Designer Pro X

Q6. From where can I get online graphic design courses with certificates?

Ans. You can refer the above-mentioned colleges/ universities and get online courses for graphic designing as well as certificate too for that.

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