Posted on: 5th May 2020

Internet Marketing Course in Singapore

Internet marketing/ digital marketing has become one of the most alluring and adaptable fields which are thriving across the globe. The evolving nature of technologies has brought everything in the steps of people.

Internet Marketing Course in Singapore

Consequently, the internet brought the media to audiences worldwide. In this emerging era, most of the businesses are leaning towards getting online in their marketing activities.

Hence, the requirement of digital marketers is rapidly increasing giving the shine of hope to the slew of job seekers. Thus, most of the youth are inclined to pursuing internet marketing course in Singapore for their career prospective.

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, alternatively called as online marketing, e-marketing or digital marketing refers to the marketing of products and services on online platforms.

Basically, internet marketing is a component of marketing which employs online or internet-based digitized technologies like mobile phones, digital media and desktop computers & other digital platforms to advertise and promote different products and services.

Internet marketing supports organizations to promote their marketing campaigns in order to get great results and effective responses from the audiences and others.

Online marketing has come into one of the fastest-growing fields. Digital marketing brings up advertising and marketing efforts using web/ emails to improve sales leads while driving direct sales through electronic commerce. The online advertisement and digital marketing efforts are generally used in addition to conventional types of advertisement like newspaper, television, radio and different magazines.

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Types of Courses/ Degrees available for Internet Marketing in Singapore

Several pupils wish to pursue degree courses in internet marketing in Singapore while many go after a short duration course in internet marketing. Digital marketing courses are available in both UG and PG levels. Thus, there are different courses available in Singapore for internet marketing.

Different courses for internet marketing in Singapore are as follows: –

  • Basic Internet Marketing Courses
  • Graduate Diploma in Internet Marketing/ Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Certification Courses in Internet Marketing
  • B.A. Honours in Digital Marketing
  • Short Courses in Internet Marketing
  • Advanced digital marketing courses
  • Professional Certificate Courses in Digital Marketing
  • PG Certification in Digital Marketing etc.

Singapore Colleges/ Universities for Internet Marketing Courses

Digital marketing courses are available in various universities and academies all across Singapore. Different institutes provide different types of courses in internet marketing.

Several Singaporean students wish to opt internet marketing course and search for course provider for internet marketing. Many students long to pursue degree courses in digital marketing while some just want to do a 2 day digital marketing course.

Different students have different plans as well as choices for their career. Hence, they look for different professional digital marketing course in Singapore.

Not only the undergraduates but also many business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who want to make their business perform well while receiving the effective responses from public want to pursue different advanced internet marketing course in Singapore.

Such students who aspire to pursue courses in internet marketing at Singapore, and searching for internet marketing courses details can refer to the following list of various institutes providing different internet marketing courses at Singapore.

The list of top institutes of Singapore which offer the best digital marketing course is as follows: –

1. Singapore University of Social Sciences

  • Digital Marketing Analytics (MKT542)
  • Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

2. Kaplan

  • Digital Marketing Certifications
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Skills I
  • Digital Marketing Skills II

3. PSB Academy

  • Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

4. NTUC Learning Hub

  • Fundamentals Web Design and Development using WordPress CMS
  • E-Commerce Campaign Management (ICDL Digital Marketing)
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC Advertising) with Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google
  • Measuring Website Performance using Google Analytics

5. IMPOSSIBLE MARKETING- Infinite Possibilities Online

  • SEO Marketing
  • Google Ads (Pay Per Click)
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Web Design (WordPress)
  • E-commerce Business (Qoo10) Course

6. Inspizone

  • What Is Internet Marketing?
  • Basic Google AdWords Search Ads?
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Tracking Website Traffic
  • Basics of Email Marketing
  • Basics of Facebook Marketing

7. SKY Digital Agency

  • Instagram Marketing and & Advertising in Small Business
  • LinkedIn Marketing for Personal Branding
  • Email Marketing for Small Business
  • Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for Business Owners
  • IGTV Video Marketing for Personal Branding
  • Facebook Ad Manager Course (Advanced)
  • SEO Marketing for Website Owners
  • Integrated Mailchimp Email Marketing for E-Commerce and Business Owners
  • Corporate Training for Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Course

8. Equinet Academy

  • Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS) Programme
  • WSQ Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS)
  • WSQ Content Marketing Strategy (CMS)
  • WSQ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WSQ Digital Advertising
  • WSQ Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • WSQ Digital Marketing Analytics (Google Analytics Certification)
  • Advanced Content Marketing Strategy
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Analytics (GAIQ)
  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  • Google Ads (AdWords) Search (SEM) and Display (PPC) Certification Course
  • Google Tag Manager Certification
  • LinkedIn Sales & Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
  • NICF WSQ WordPress Website Creation

9. Conversion Hub- Transforming Businesses Online

  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization, SEO
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Usability Testing

10. General Assembly

  • Digital Marketing Course: Singapore

11. Digital Skills Accelerator

  • Digital Marketing Course

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Specialized Areas of Internet Marketing

Like any other stream, internet marketing also has various specializations within. Many students learn internet marketing course in any specialization. Almost all the institutes of Singapore provide courses for the specializations of digital marketing itself.

The various specializations of internet marketing are: –

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video/ Audio Production
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Interactive Technology (e.g. AI)
  • Web/mobile design/development
  • Content Marketing

Singapore Internet Marketing Course Aspects

The internet marketing course will equip the students with the profound knowledge of various techniques that can be used for advertising and promotion of products/ services over the internet. Since the internet marketing comprises of several specializations within itself.

Also, the courses let the students understand that it is not a single approach to raising awareness and interest via marketing strategies but involves a vast number of platforms created by the internet only. Courses in digital marketing entail different disciplines of the internet from email to social media, to web design, to search engine optimization (SEO) and many more to reach out to the steadily growing and evolving audiences.

The study programs of internet marketing Singapore deal with various approaches to make the students efficient digital marketer having great skills and knowledge. The digital marketing class Singapore teaches the students with different topics relevant to their opted specializations.

Some of the common and primary topics of internet marketing according to their respective specializations are as follows: –

1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Introduction to Digital Marketing Marketing v/s Sales
Inbound v/s Outbound Marketing Understanding Leads
Content Marketing Marketing Mix and 4Ps
Understanding Traffic Strategic flow for Marketing Activities

2. Website Planning & Structure

Core Objective of Website and Flow Strategic Design of Products & Services Page
Call to Action (Real Engagement Happens) Strategic Design of Home Page
Portfolio, Gallery and Contact Us Page Google Analytics Tracking Code
SEO Overview Designing WordPress Website
Website Auditing Strategic Design of Pricing Page


3. Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? Mobile SEO
On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO
SEO Keyword Planning Meta Tags and Meta Description
Keywords in Blog and Articles Website Content Optimization
Back Link Strategies eCommerce SEO
Internal and External Links Optimizing with Google Algorithms
Measuring SEO Effectiveness Optimizing Site Structure

Along with the marvellous skills as well as great knowledge, the digital marketing strategy courses also provide digital marketing assignments with a short but not sweet deadline. The top colleges and universities Singapore providing degree courses in digital marketing or any other certification course in internet marketing provide homework assignments with a notice of adding the assignment scores in the final result of the course.

Future Scope of Digital Marketing Course Students

Internet marketing is swiftly replacing traditional marketing worldwide becoming the primary go-to for the young rising generation of businesses. The sovereignty of digital marketing has already enormously outshined that of traditional marketing scheme- turned into a trend which is solely set to go on indefinitely.

Some of the top internet marketing job profiles are as follows: –

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • SEO Manager/ Professional
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Email Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Content Marketer/ Manager
  • SEO Executive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the benefits of opting Singapore Internet Marketing Course?

Ans. The benefits of pursuing digital marketing course in Singapore increases with the demand for success in businesses. As the business owners will know more about internet marketing, the more will be the chances of their success in online campaigns. Thus, more digital marketer expert will be required.

Hence, these are the benefits of opting internet marketing course in Singapore: –

  • Greater Creativity
  • Levelled Playing Field
  • Job Security

Q2. What are the advantages of internet marketing?

Ans. There are various advantages of internet marketing and the benefits of pursuing a course in digital marketing too.

These are some benefits of internet marketing- 

  • Kickstart your career with low investment
  • Internet marketing, being an evolving industry has auspicious scope
  • Enhancement and appreciation for your creative skills
  • Higher prospects for jobs

Q3. Is there any con of digital marketing too?

Ans. There is no such disadvantage of internet marketing but yes, people might feel some difficulty in this.

Somehow these are some cons of online marketing: –

  • The professional need to be flexible and update his knowledge as well as enhance his skills by the time with the development of new technologies
  • The one will have to face massive competition in the industry
  • Needs to have vast knowledge and adequate practical experience

Q4. What skills are needed for the success of a digital marketing professional?

Ans. to achieve success in an internet marketing industry, the professional should have the following skills: –

  • Programming Skills (JAVA, HTML, CSS)
  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-Commerce
  • Business
  • Ad serving tools (DART, Atlas)
  • Web Analytical tools (Net Insight, Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Trends etc.)
  • Life-Long Learning Ability

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