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Human Resource Degree Courses in Singapore

Generally, it is seen that most of the students, when asked about career plans, take the name of management. Not only management is enough but they also look for career opportunities in finance, marketing and human resources. Many students who are good at communications and have good interpersonal skills, tend to opt for a career option having a major in human resource. They search for a degree program in human resource and gather every possible detail of all the degree courses for human resource management available in Singapore.

Human Resource Degree Courses in Singapore

Objectives of Human Resource Degree Courses in Singapore

The main objective of human resource management courses in singapore is to provide the students with ample knowledge to manage an organization. It teaches the students about every possible issues and situation that can arise in front of them in the work field. The human resource course enables the students to deal with all the constraints and bring the possible outcomes which meet the pre-set goals.

Human resource degree Singapore mainly focuses on the following: –

  • Management principles
  • Recruitment/ Hiring Employees
  • Employee morale
  • Bonuses
  • Productivity
  • Harassment issues
  • Retirement
  • Budgeting

The human resource course aims to make the student able to recruit, evaluate, forecast and manage the manpower of a business. A student after the completion of the HR course is expected to possess all the skills required for an efficient HR.

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Levels of HRM Degree Courses in Singapore

The students who are keen to learn human resource course can opt any course with a major in HR. A student who wishes to go in the human resource field can go thorough different certification courses and opt multiple level degrees. Many students choose to learn after schooling and pursue their graduation in human resource whereas many of the students go for a master’s degree in human resource after their graduation in some other fields.

Below are the different levels of human resource management course and you can take reference for the best success of your career in the human resource area.

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Duration of HR courses of Singapore

Duration of the HRM degree courses in Singapore depends upon the level of your dedication. Degree courses with a major human resource can take the following time to complete: –

  • The Associate’s degree programs which provide an opportunity of entry-level, generally take 2 years
  • Bachelor’s degree programs take 4 years
  • Master’s degree programs, MBAs or PGDMs generally take 1-2 years

Colleges and Universities for Human Resource Degree Courses in Singapore

There is no shortage of colleges or universities in Singapore for management courses thus no students can be unaware of the colleges or universities for HR courses of Singapore. You can also apply for skillsfuture hr courses in Singapore.

Moreover, following are the options for their reference and ease to know about the top colleges and universities for degree courses in human resource  in Singapore: –

  • Singapore University for Social Science (SUSS)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
  • Curtin Singapore
  • Dimensions International College
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  • Shelton College International
  • London School of Business and Finance (Singapore)
  • NANYANG The Innovative Polytechnic (NYP)

Part-time degree in human resource management Singapore

If you don’t want to pursue for full time course in hrm, then you also have an another option of part-time hr degree Singapore. Doing part time degree courses in Singapore for hrm also allow students to do a side job while studying.

Here are the top institutues for part time hrm degree courses

  • Kaplan univeristy
  • SUSS univeristy
  • SHRI univeristy
  • mdis univeristy
  • sim global education
  • psb academy
  • curtin singapore
  • NYP singapore

HRM Degree Courses in the Above Colleges/ Universities

1. Singapore University for Social Science (SUSS)

  • HRM203 Human Behaviour in Organizations
  • HRM231 Employment Law and Industrial Relations
  • HRM233 Training and Development
  • HRM261 Work Motivation
  • HRM263 Team Dynamics
  • HRM313 Total Reward Design and Management
  • HRM318 Human Capital Measurement
  • HRM331 Talent Management
  • HRM333 Performance Management
  • HRM335 Leadership Development
  • HRM337 Workforce Planning
  • HRM359 Global Human Resource
  • HRM373 Assessment and Selection
  • HRM375 Interviewing Techniques
  • HRM488 Strategic HRM and Change Leadership
  • HRM499 Human Resource Management Applied Project
  • PSY201 Organizational Psychology
  • SSC263 Cross-Cultural Intelligence at the Workplace
  • SST201 Sustainable Society Through Innovative Technology
  • SWK105 Human Growth and Life-Span Development (Adulthood to Old Age)

2. Singapore Management University (SMU)

  • Master of Human Capital Leadership
  • PDPA- A HR Perspective
  • Role of Effective Managers- Connecting the Dots
  • HR Graduate Certification
  • Certified HR Analytical Professional (Advanced Level)

3. East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)

  • Master of Business Administration with Specialism in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business and Management Studies (Human Resources Management

4. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

  • Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
  • Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

5. Curtin Singapore

  • Management and Human Resource Management

6. Dimensions International College

  • Master of Business Administration (Human Resources)

7. Kaplan Higher Education Academy

  • Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Human Resource Management (Double Major)

8. Shelton College International

  • BA(Hons) Human Resource Management

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9. London School of Business and Finance (Singapore)

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management

10. NANYANG The Innovative Polytechnic (NYP)

  • Human Capital Management (Specialist Diploma)
  • (Specialist Diploma) – Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management

Inside the Degree Courses of Human Resource Management

HR courses in Singapore are the various degree courses providing the syllabus of human resource. Human resource is one of the most famous specializations of management among Singaporean students. A course in human resource provides vast knowledge and information or different approaches of recruitment, managing the environment of an organization, relations between employees and productivity of their work.

HR is responsible for most of the activities of any business or organization. He needs to maintain company- customer relationship as well as manage the internal issues of the company. The human resource profile is responsible to make the base of an organization that is hiring deserving and proficient candidates who can lead the company at a higher level meeting the required organizational goals.

Singapore human resource degree courses furnish the students in every field of human resource i.e. teach them every single thing which an HR need to possess. The human resource course introduces a lot many things to the students which can be helpful in their day to day life also. The students get theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the human resource skills by performing them in their daily life schedule.

Some of the basic, as well as essential topics of an HR course, are: –

  • Principles of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Business Communication
  • Industrial Relations and labour law
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Marketing and Management
  • Compensation and Reward Management
  • Financial accounting etc.

The students also get human resource assignment in the form of report writing, dissertation writing, PowerPoint presentations and case studies etc. As the students already go through a busy and tight schedule, they do not get enough time to finish their assignment and need homework help to get readymade human resource assignment sample.

Skills Required for Degree Courses in Human Resource

Although there is not any criterion of skillset for pursuing a degree in human resource management in Singapore, yet if students possess some specific skills that will be a plus point for them to excel in the course. Enhancement of skills is always proved helpful in the betterment of a student.

For pursuing Degree Courses of Human Resource Management, the students must have the following skills for a better understanding of the implementation of the course in future: –

  • The desire to collaborate
  • Good listening skills
  • Good questioning skill
  • Critical thinking
  • Negotiation skills
  • Confidence
  • Strong communication skills
  • Friendly personality
  • Punctual
  • Organizational skills
  • Empathetic
  • Teamwork
  • Great planning skills
  • Interpersonal skills etc.

Besides, the students also need to possess the ability to manage a hectic schedule for the course and after this course as well. In the human resource degree course, the students have to complete some assignments related to the course and submit them within a pre-set time limit. These assignments carry a significant % of marks in the final result of the course which makes them necessary to complete before the deadline. In such restless routine, the students seek for masters assignment help to get human resource assessment answers.

Career Opportunities After Pursuing Singapore Human Resource Degree Courses

There are no less breadwinning opportunities in Human resource than in other fields. If you are doubtful because of what people say, keep in mind that the career in HR can make you the odd one out in your surroundings. The human resource is in high demand and fast-growing field.

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Who does not want to take the experience of being the core necessary asset of any organization to run it properly? The human resource will make you reach such a position with a bright income as well.

Here are some of the well-known areas and job profiles at which the graduates in human resource management can work in: –

Job Profiles and Areas for HR Candidate

Employment, Recruitment, And Placement Manager International Human Recourse Associate
Executive Recruiter Human Resources Consultant
Government Sector Labor Relations Specialist
Education and Training Chief HR Officer (Or) Vice President of Human Resources
Training and Development Manger Insurance
Banking & Finance Hospitality & Tourism
Human Resources Director Digital Media/ Media
Energy, Mining & Resources Telecommunications
Medical and Health Care Compensation and Benefits Manager
Human Resource Manager Consulting & Professional Services
Salary In Charge Performance Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Human Resource Degree courses available in distance learning course format also?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for any degree course of human resource management in a distance learning program as well. Many Singaporean students who cannot manage to go and take classroom lectures take DLP of HR courses. You can consult with the administration cell of any college for that. You can also search and register on online portals available to provide distance learning programs in human resource.

Q2. What is the HR courses SkillsFuture?

Ans. Skills Framework (SFw) is a SkillsFuture initiative which is developed for Singapore personnel to encourage the skills mastery and lifelong learning. It is an integral feature of the Human Resource (HR) Industry Manpower Map.

Q3. What are the possible degrees I can pursue in human resource?

Ans. You can pursue courses in the above-mentioned levels or you can also take reference from these-

  • Bachelor of human resource management SUSS
  • Masters in human resource management in Singapore
  • Postgraduate diploma in human resource management Singapore

Q4. Can you help me in SUSS human resource assignment?

Ans. Yes, we can assist you with every type of assignment for any university. We can provide you with SUSS human resource assignment as well as the university assignment of Kaplan Singapore and many other universities of Singapore also.

Q5. Is SHRI recognised in Singapore?

Ans. Many Singaporean students have the same doubt about SHRI. SHRI stands for The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI). It was founded in 1965 and it is a not-for-profit professional HR institute in Singapore. Yes, it is recognised in Singapore and many Singaporean students wish to learn human resource management course from there.

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