How to Write a Marketing Plan?

Management studies are growing interest in Singapore from the last decade. Singapore has world-class universities to study management including Nanyang Technology University, National University Singapore etc.

Marketing assignments are being a major part of their management studies. The students interested in learning marketing have to undergo the learning of traditional and contemporary tools of marketing.

Marketing is enthralling as well as challenging field as the students have to create lots of marketing plan assignments which need proper intricacies related to the subject.

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What is the marketing plan?

Marketing planning is an important part of a business plan which provides a comprehensive plan and basic strategy, which they need to follow to achieve the business objectives.

A marketing plan presents the current business position in the market and suggests some strategies which a business needs to follow to achieve future goals.

What are the benefits of writing marketing plan assignments?

Marketing planning plays a significant role in achieving the business roles. By creating an effective plan, you reach the target audience and aware them with the products and service of the company, in order to aware them with the benefits of the product and service.

Creating an effective plan is important for the success of the product. Below are some of the importance of creating a marketing plan:

  • It helps to reach the target audience.
  • Helps to evaluate the market demand.
  • Identify the competitors of the company.
  • Helps to identify the current market position of the company.
  • Helps you to provide reasons to the target customers about the benefits of the product.
  • Helps to describe the target audience how the product is more significant from other similar products in the market.
  • Identify how one can optimum use its resources.
  • Create a path to achieve the determined objective of the firm.
  • Helps to keep control over the business, its expenditures.
  • Work as a money-saver and time-saver.
  • Reduce the risk by creating the best possible way.
  • Helps to increase the profit margins by creating the strategies.
  • Discover some external support for the company.
  • Helps to create a market relationship.

Formulating a marketing plan is a step for achieving the vision for the development of the company in forthcoming days. Though most of the business organization finds it useless wasting time on creating a plan, but in today’s competitive world, without creating a fruitful plan, development of a business is not possible.

Types of the marketing plan?

There are various types of marketing plan depends on the vision of the business. One can even modify the planning according to the product and service.

  • Indirect Marketing Plan: This is the most prevalent way to stable a business in the market where one doesn’t approach the consumers directly; they approach them indirectly. The organization participates in various charity functions and events to keep the company name lively among the customers.
  • Direct Marketing Plan: In such kind of planning, the organization focuses on the direct promotion of the product and services.
  • Relationship Marketing Plan: In such kind of marketing plan, the product and service are stable with the help of buyer and seller relationship. Where the company mentions a good relationship with the consumers, it helps them to sell their service and goods.
  • Cause Marketing Plan: Cause marketing plan is made by those firms who want to connect themselves with a social cause. This strategy is best for eco-friendly services and healthy products.
  • Niche Marketing Plan: This marketing plan aims to a particular group of the people where the services are provided to the target audiences and make them aware of the benefits of using the product.

Why students need marketing assignment help?

Writing a marketing assignment is not an easy task for the students it needs proper understanding on the theories and concepts studied the classroom and lots of research procedure to collect the accurate data and information on the topic.

Other than the concepts and knowledge, there are many specific problems faced by the students while writing their marketing plan assignment paper such as:

  • Problem in the English language
  • Lack of writing skills
  • Unaware of the reliable resources to write a marketing paper
  • Inadequate resources to collect the information
  • Lack of research skills, time or concentration
  • Problem in multiple assessments of task

In short, we can say writing a marketing plan is not a cakewalk for many Singaporean students.

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