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Can we tie the intelligence of a person directly to their CGPA?

CGPA is a number that indicates how well you have performed in your academic coursework to meet the standards of your university and faculty. Unfortunately, we have grown up in the environment where our capabilities and growths have evaluated through our academic grades and gradually till the time we reached to our adulthood we accept that our grades are the only method to assess a student’s intelligence.

But this is really an important question that does really a CGPA defines a person’s intelligence?

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I don’t agree that anyways a person’s intelligence can define on the basis of their academic grades or CGPA. A person’s intelligence is defined as his capacity for learning, understanding, reasoning, mental activity, grasping and critical analysis on any subject or thing.
However, CGPA (academic grades) is a student’s ability to perform in his exams related to his coursework.

So how can CGPA define a person’s intelligence? To understand this subject widely I am listing some reason below so to present a deeper picture of my view why grades can never define your intelligence.

1. Your CGPA does not calculate on the basis of your all abilities:

Your CGPA is depending on your performance in your test and exams. Some students have exam anxiety, though they know everything covered in the coursework but still, those students unable to perform in their exams.

These people cannot perform well in their exams because in such situations they got too stressed to understand anything. Even after they know everything but still they end up with the lower CGPA.

2. The grades are all about memorization:

The students who have great memory tend to achieve higher grades than to those who have a poor memory. Generally, in academics, the student’s all consideration on memorising the material not learning the material.

Your abilities cannot be tested in such ways. This is just a game of memorising the lesson that is the reason the CGPA cannot actually measure your comprehension skills and problem-solving skills, ultimately doesn’t measure your intelligence.

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3. CGPA does not measure your IQ:

We all know the stories of many legends and geniuses who have done a lot in their life span but their academic grades have shown something else. Those admirable people were never good in their academics but the truth is they had a great level of IQ. So the truth is your academic grades can never analysis your intelligence quotient (IQ).

It’s OK you get below ‘4’ CGPA but still, you can manage to be a successful person that all depends on how intelligent you are.

4. Your CGPA cannot measure your talent and strengths:

Being a Human, we do have lots of talent and strength other than our numbers. Our CGPA only measured our some set of talent but our intelligence is based on our all the abilities and skills.

No Grade system can give a perfect look of our set of abilities, teamwork, leadership skills, so measuring one’s intelligence through CGPA is senseless action.

5. Each one has unique intelligence:

Every people are unique and have some different set of abilities. A Painter, a Musician and a Physicist, all three are Master in their own subject but if we measure anyone among them with the rest two’s set of skills then he might not get good grades in his paper.

Similarly, CGPA can never analysis everyone’s unique intelligence.

6. Everyone cannot learn in the same way:

CGPA depends on how well your performance fit to the expectation of your faculties. You might have heard this many times before that everyone cannot learn in the same way. Maybe you are a different thinker and you might not understand the way your teacher teaches to everyone and you might answer the questions in your way. But the truth is that doesn’t fit to the norms of the books and ultimately leads you with lower CGPA.

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7. Life is all about your learning not about getting good CGPA:

Only those people have succeeded in life who have learnt the things over just memorise the thing. I am not saying your grades do not matter at all; it does but at a just initials level and later on, only our intelligence matter, your abilities, and your skills matters.

There are many examples of those who are a very different person now, a smarter one and a confident one; those had once passed their graduation with bad CGPA.

8. Intelligence can be increased:

You might have heard that intelligence can never be changed or increased and the one will remain the same way throughout his life but the reality is far away from this. Many experts believe that your intelligence can be increased through training.

This is a very popular quote: one learns from his past mistakes.

It’s OK not to be a perfect student in your academics but learn from your mistakes which you have made throughout your academic and learn new things and boost your intelligence.

Lastly, I would like to say that your CGPA can never define your intelligence; it doesn’t mean that your CGPA doesn’t matter. It matters a lot, when you go for an interview and you have analysed equally talented as the one with the higher grade then the employer will select the one with the higher grades. Even there are many places where you can even apply for a job with lower grades.

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