Whole Information About Victoria School Courses

Victoria School is a government secondary school in Singapore which was founded in 1876. The school is all boys’ school which is providing top-quality education over the decade.

Over the almost 140 years, Victoria School has nurtured many Singaporeans who are working at very good reputation and providing a tangible and significant contribution to their society and the nation.

Victoria School offers a dual track programme including 4-years ‘O’ level programme and the 6-year Victoria-cedar Alliance Integrated Programme which is jointly offered with Victoria Junior College and Cedar Girls Secondary school. This VCA IP programme aims to develop a passionate learner and the social innovator.

Victoria School provides a holistic education to its students to nurture their character, leadership, physical, aesthetics and cognitive domain. The school help every Victorian to discover their strengths and talent so they become a worthy and respective member of their society, nation and global market.

Victoria School has developed a lot in the last 140 years and become one of the top schools in Singapore. The school is famous for its academic, leadership and character excellence.

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The curriculum offered at Victoria School:

The school offers a huge range of programme for its students overall development including academic development, student development, talent development and the special programme.

  • Academic development:  To develop the confidence, abilities, passion a social innovator Victoria School offers 2 academic development programme including ‘O’ level programme and the Integrated Programme.
  • Student development programme:  The main motive of this programme is the students’ personality and ability development through Art education, Co-Curricular activities, Character & Leadership education, physical education, social innovation, environmental education, sexuality education and cyber wellness programmes.
  • Talent Development programme:  To increase the academic and artistic abilities of a student Victoria School offers many challenging programmes such as Art elective Programme, School-based talent programme and the regional studies programme.
  • Special programme:  Victoria School offers 2 special programmes for its students such as boarding programme and beyond border programme.

How to take admission at Victoria School:

A student can take admission at their year 1 through direct admission to sec 1, or admission to sec 1 via PSLE results or he can take admission as the P6 student and can take admission in IP programme at year 3.

A student must fill an online application form and submit it before the time limit.

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