Various Degree Courses Offered By RVHS!

River Valley High School is a Singapore based autonomous education school which was founded in 1956. The school offers an Integrated Programme which provides the excellence in education and helps in the bicultural development and efficiently bilingual in English and Chinese.

The institute is renowned as a world-class education institute which provides holistic education to its students and nurtures every child in terms of intellectual, emotional, social, physical, moral and aesthetic domains. The school is nurturing its students from more than 55 years and had won many awards and accolades.

The education curriculum of the school is comprised of leadership-character development curriculum (LCDC), cognitive-interest development curriculum (CIDC) and the co-curricular activities curriculum (CCAC).

  • Leadership-Character development curriculum: This curriculum is based on citizenship and character education of a student. The school runs many programmes such as CHAMPS programme and value in action programme and many more with an aim to nurture value-based citizenship and leadership in students.
  • Cognitive-Interest development curriculum: This programme develops many skills and good habit as well as prepares students for university admission.
  • Co-Curricular activities curriculum: This programme has an aim to develop the physical and personal interest of a student through offering many co-curricular activities to the students.

The Integrated programme at RVHS:

RVHS provides 6 years of the integrated programme and is among those schools which provide 6 years long IP programme. The IP programme is considered to develop the talent and potential of the school’s students.

Those students who follow IP 6-years programme at RVHS will allow students to sit in GCE ‘A’ Level examination without taking ‘O’ level examination.

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Admission at RVHS:

The school introduced a direct admission process in 2004, where is a DSA scheme. This scheme allows a student to take admission at secondary level through their talent and opportunities.

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