NUS High School of Math & Science Degree Programmes & Applying Guidance!

NUS High School of Science and Mathematics is an independent high school in Singapore to inspire and shape the future of students in mathematics and science field.

NUS High School provides cutting-edge education to its students. The school has proved its education excellence many times by receiving many awards in local and overseas competitions and receive many medals and accolades in mathematics and science Olympiads.

The school provides STEAM education which is considered on developing the set of skills for the future. To pursue a student’s passion the school provides many novel learning opportunities and develop future-ready leaders who can make a positive impact on society.

The student gets an education in language, humanities and the arts other than science and mathematics so they can become an active leader, confident person and critical thinker.

The student develops many sets of skills of a student in their experience of 6 years in NUS high school and imparts some values in their personalities such as Integrity, Wonderment, resilience with Humility and excellence.

Highlights of NUS High School of Science and Mathematics:

  • The school has received many awards in local and overseas competitions and receive many medals and accolades in mathematics and science Olympiads.
  • Every year a group of talented NUS high school’s students get selected to represent Singapore in science and mathematics Olympiad.
  • Every year a group of passionate students get selected to represent Singapore in international young Physicist’s tournament.
  • The school has represented Singapore in the International Olympiad in informatics.

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Academic Curriculum at NUS High School of Maths and Science:

N US High school provides its education in 6 years of the span to its students and develops their advanced skills to meet the future demand.
The school provide a huge range of course which includes the study of NUS High School Diploma; physics & Chemistry; Humanities; Mathematics, Humanities and Computing; Research, Innovation & Enterprise; Music & Arts; English Language & Literature; Mother Tongue Foreign Languages; Chemistry; Biology.

Special Programme offered by NUS High School:

The school offers many special programmes including Boarding Programme, Aesthetic Appreciation Programme, Da Vinci Programme, Internationalisation Programme, Socrates Programme, and Einstin+ Programme to create world-ready students and to develop their specialized skills.

Co-curricular activities:

NUS high school offers compulsory co-curricular education to its students to develop many skills such as leadership, teamwork, commitment and co-operative skills.
CCAS offers at NUS High School in 4 categories including Performing Arts; Sports & Games; Uniformed Group and Club & Society.

Admission at NUS High School:

A student can take admission in NUS High School in only in 1st year and 3rd year in the month of January. The students will be assessed through a selection test, selection interview, academic performance in mathematics and science and all students have to submit their passion through a portfolio in mathematics and science.

A student can take the assistance of for the preparation for the admission test of NUS high school and while studying in the school you can take help of our professional tutor’s help in completing your Homework.