All you Need to Know About NJC Academic Programmes!

National Junior college was established in 1969 and become the first Junior College in Singapore. Initially, the college provided a 2 years course for pre-university students but now in 2009, it introduced an integrated learning 6-year of the programme. Both programme leading up to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE advanced level.

The college is recognized as one of the best Junior College in Singapore. The college has received many awards and achievement and one of those achievements was that the school was awarded as The School Distinction Award.

National Junior college is located on Linder Road and Duneam Road. The school has boarding facilities for foreign students and for the students who participate in the college’s enhanced boarding programme.

Academic Programme offered by National Junior college:

The National Junior college delivered an excellent programme to its students which are awarded in 2005 as Best Practice Award in teaching and learning. The school offer 2 type of programme that leads to the GCE ‘A’ Level examination including Integrated Programme and JC Programme.

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  • Integrated programme: this is a 6-years programme (level 7 to level 12). A student enrols in this programme can skip the ‘O’ level exam and directly lead to ‘A’ level exam.
  • JC Programme: this is a 2 years programme. A student can enrol in this programme in his grade 11. The students enrol in this programme must have to take ‘O’ level exam or equivalent exam.
  • Co-curricular Activities: The National Junior college provides a huge range of co-curricular activities including, Chinese dance, choir, Malay dance, guitar ensemble, Indian dance, western dance and string orchestra and many more.

School offers a huge range of sports for its students such as basketball, canoeing, shooting, squash, softball, met ball, table tennis, hockey, rugby, badminton and many more.

The extracurricular activities provided in the school helps the students to develop their physical, personal and mental growth. The school provides the best platform for academic, leadership and character development.

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