All You Need to Know About to Study in Singapore

Singapore education system is among the most highly respected in the world. Singapore has few of the world’s top universities offering a wide range of education to students in different fields. You can get into some reputed primary school, high school, universities or colleges in Singapore. Some of the famous educational institute in Singapore are- PSB Academy of Business School, Nanyang Business School, Lee Kong Chain School of Business, SP Jain School of Global Management, James Cook University, etc.

Getting into these institutes and pursuing your degree program is a dream of many students not only in Singapore but also around the globe. Singapore education system attracts every student to get the best education from the top professors in the country. Not only it is determining their career pathway but also help in the overall development of the students. As a result, this allows Singapore students to produce excellent academic results.

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How Is Singapore Education System Best Compared To Other Nations?

From students all around the globe, there is enormous pressure to perform well and establish a vast knowledge. The learning environment in Singapore is different from the rest of the world. In Singapore emphasis is led to teacher-led classes unlike the rest of other nations where teachers assign a lot of homework to the students. Singapore education system offers a great combination of learning styles to the students with developing an understanding of their subject by encouraging them to enjoy their studies. The nation consists of around 60 islands, the major of them being the one eponymous to the nation, and records a footfall of millions of tourists throughout the year. Top-ranking universities (Nanyang Technological University & National University of Singapore) offering internationally acclaimed advanced education programs The wide array of innovative educational and vocation-driven courses and specializations that combine usual pedagogy with applied learning techniques that are taught in English.

Why Students choose Singapore for higher studies?

Singapore has some of the best and worlds top ranking educational institute, which is the dream of many to get enrolled in. The educational institutions in Singapore offer the best facilities, students learning and amenities which make every learner desire to study in it. Singapore academic institutes provide high standards of learning which make every student dream to come out true with a good job and career opportunities.

The higher education framework in Singapore comprises of top polytechnics, vocational education institutes, & the local and foreign universities. Beside with several of the top-ranked local universities, Singapore is also house to the offshore campuses of numerous leading higher education institutions from different countries all over the globe. Cost-effective, better quality tertiary learning, Multicultural atmosphere and cosmopolitan outlook of the nation add to the welcoming attraction.

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Courses to study in Singapore

Quickly emerging as the most favored advanced education hub in Asia, Singapore provides myriad courses and specializations leading to certificates, diplomas, and undergraduate & postgraduate degrees that get global acceptance and recognition in academia and business alike. The following are the most well-liked courses for international students to study in Singapore.

  • Computer science and information technology (business intelligence and information systems, enterprise business analytics, computing and networking, interactive technologies, and business informatics).
  • Business administration & management (business studies, MBA in professional accounting & finance, MBA in marketing, global business studies, financial management).
  • Hospitality and tourism (international tourism and hospitality management programs).
  • Law and legal studies.
  • Art and design (applied arts, performing and visual arts, fine arts and design courses).
  • Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) , Diploma in Nursing , Bachelor in Science (Nursing).

Eligibility criteria and English language requirements

The admission requirements for the higher education institutions in Singapore usually depend on the course and level of study. Certain courses also require prior work experience, publication of research and assumed knowledge of specific subjects.

The higher education institutions in Singapore need international applicants from non-English speaking countries to please the language needs of the course of their choice. The cut-off for the English language ability test scores primarily depend on the kind of course chosen - business studies and law courses need a higher level of proficiency in English. The following are the standardized English language ability tests accepted for admission in the higher education institutions in Singapore.

  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE

Why Is the Singapore Education System So Successful?

Education in Singapore is better because the classes are focused on training the student’s particular problem-solving skills & subjects. The classroom is extremely scripted & the prospectus is focused on training students practical skills that will assist them solve problems in the real globe. Exams are extremely significant and classes are tightly oriented about them. One of the most distinctive strengths of education system n Singapore is a clear identification of desired outcomes of education. Parental involvement in students learning is one of the vital reasons for the success of the Singapore education system. The success of the learning process depends on the ability of teachers or professor to interact with their students.

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Scholarship Options for International Students Learning in Singapore.

The international scholars can choose for the tuition fee subsidy presented by the government of Singapore in return for joining the staff on completion of their learning programs for which they availed the teaching fee subsidies. Instead, they can also apply for any one of the several scholarships & fellowships on offer from the Ministry of Education (MOE) under the administration of Singapore, private organizations, charitable foundations & philanthropists. The following are several of the scholarship options for global students to study overseas in Singapore.

  • United World Colleges (UWC) International Youth Scholarships.
  • INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarships for Emerging Country Leadership.
  • Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship programs.
  • ASEAN Foundation Research Scholarship.
  • The Singapore Scholarship of the Republic of Singapore.
  • Science and Education for Agriculture and Development (SEARCA) Graduate Program.

Student visas for Singapore

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) issues a scholar Pass to global students who have been admitted to a study program in a higher education organization in Singapore. Using the Student Pass, the overseas scholars can live and move in Singapore through the duration of their learning programs and the ones enrolled in the public higher education institutions in the island-nation can connect in part-time work of up to 16 hours per week throughout the educational sessions.

A relatively easy and hassle-free process, the online visa (Scholar Pass) application process to the ICA requires the following documents.

  • A copy of duly filled-in eForm 16.
  • A valid passport or similar travel document.
  • One passport-sized photograph.
  • A copy of the in-principle approval letter (obtained from the higher education provider).
  • A medical report as per the immigration requirements By going through this overview of the fascinating and cosmopolitan island-nation, you can now effectively plan to study abroad in Singapore.

How Much Singapore Institutes Strict About Plagiarism?

Students studying in Singapore academic institutes need to be aware that they do not welcome plagiarism. You need to submit a well-written and original academic work. Offering a copied content means you could be expelled out from the university. Professors in Singapore are very strict about piracy and do not allow it. Top institutes and universities professors use Advanced and new Plagiarism check tool to find any duplicate and copied assignments Students must always be cautious to avoid plagiarism when writing Term papers and essays. There are strict academic consequences for students caught plagiarizing even a piece of their term paper - most will automatically get a failing grade, and in numerous cases, the student will be expelled from school completely. If you want to write your college papers and essay without being hunted by plagiarism feel free to call Our Singaporean Homework writing help experts at Singapore Assignment Help.

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