Posted on: 16th Nov 2017

Top Singapore Universities for International Student

When I say universities for international students, the first question that germinates here is why international students only? What is so fascinating in Singapore which is urging students to go there for higher studies? It raises many other concerns as well like, whether there are no suitable institutes in other countries.

The questions are numerous in line. It is hard to enumerate all of them at this stage, otherwise, there will be no time for answers. In order to quench your thrust of curiosity, go through this article to find your answers.

Top Singapore Universities for International Student

Singapore, a Growing Hub of Higher Studies for all

In past couple of decades, there has been a huge flood of people going to Singapore for higher studies. This sudden blooming craze for Singapore among students is due to following reasons.

  • Affordable Study – When you will pay a great attention to the cost of different courses in Singapore, you will come to know that they are comparatively low than America and Europe. As a consequence of which more people want to grab the chance. One can choose a course according to one’s budget and students find it very convenient. The Cost of MBA & other higher education is less than other countries
  • Secure for Non-native Students – Unlike other countries where students have to suffer a lot, for being non-native, Singapore is safe. You hardly have heard any incident of exploitation and injustice in Singapore to the people of other countries. Girls who earlier were not even able to dream a higher study outside their countries due to security issues are now free from such bars.
  • Scholarship – You do not need to be getting worried if you are not able to manage a budget for higher studies in Singapore. In case you are a serious student, many universities in Singapore are providing scholarship programme for bright students. You can avail these scholarships in order to make your dream comes true.
  • Easy Visa Policy – It is very tough to get a visa for the countries like the United Kingdom, France and Russia. It takes a long time and big chunks of money to fulfil their requirements for getting a visa. A student cannot wait for that long to get a visa, as he has to continue his higher study. The polices of Singapore for Visa are not similar to that of others. You can easily acquire a visa from Singapore for genuine reasons.

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  • Dynamic Range of Courses – Whether you are looking for a course in engineering or architecture, all your needs will be satisfied in Singapore. Those who are going for a dual purpose that is to earn plus learn, no other place can provide such opportunity except Singapore. Here you can earn a handsome amount of money and simultaneously continue your higher studies by enrolling in part-time degree courses. Yes! A huge number of part-time degree courses are available for such students. Many students are heading towards Singapore to grab this inviting opportunity.
  • Quality Education and High Scope of Job – Once you get a degree of higher education from the renowned university in Singapore, the chances of getting a good job automatically increase for you. The education of Singapore is in high demand today. The reason behind it is the quality of education being provided in the universities here. Some of them are even enlisted in the list of world’s top ranking universities. For instance, Nanyang technological university situated Singapore is listed on the 11th rank worldwide.

10 Top Singapore Universities, Doing Magic for International Students.

I have sifted a list of all those universities which are doing an exponentially good job in making the future of students bright. A giant combination of different courses to meet the needs of every single individual is being offered by them. In order to take admission in Singapore universities, you must be aware of which university is offering the course that suits your requirement. Go to the following table with a keen eye in order to choose the best university according to your need.

University NameCourse Offered:
Nanyang technological university:No. one University in Asia and 11th inworld according to QS university rank.
Master of accountancy
Master of business
Master of science
Master of engineering
Master of arts
Master of mass communication
Master of applied science
Singapore management universityKnown for best courses of business, management and law.
Master of professional accounting
Master of business administration
Master of science in management
Master of IT in business
Master of science in finance
National university of SingaporeOldest university, and offer maximum number of courses
At 15th place of QS world rank
Electrical and computer engineering
Biomedical engineering
Industrial and systems engineering
Material science and engineering
Law and life science
Economics and law
James cook university SingaporeIt has wide roots spread in different countriesDeal in all kind of programmes from technology to environment
Master of tourism and hospitality
Master of information technology
Master of psychology
Master of business
Master of environmental sciences
Nanyang polytechnic universityEstablished in 1992 and run by ministry of education in Singapore
Master of business management
Master of engineering
Master of health science
Master of digital media
Master of information technology
Singapore university of technology and designA renowned university for technological programmes
Civil and environmental engineering
Architecture and sustainable designer
Engineering product development
Engineering system design
Arts and social science
Curtin university of TechnologyKnown for its quality education in health, basically situated in Australia and a branch in Singapore
Master of supply chain management
Master of health science
Master of international business
Master of science
Master of business administration
Master of clinical research
Singapore polytechnicApart from regular full time courses, part time degree programme are also offered by it.
Mechanical and aeronautical engineering
Master of mathematics and science
Electrical and electronic engineering
Master of digital media
Master of information technology
Master of chemistry
Ngee ann polytechnicOffer both full time as well as part time degree programme
Electrical engineering
Master of information technology
Master of accountancy
Master of business studies
Master of chemistry
Master of technology
Temasek polytechnicIt is also a state university under the govt. of Singapore, established in 1990.
Digital film and television
Environment design
Interior architecture and design
Product and industrial design
Communication design

After having gone through the above table, you must have got the idea that there is no scarcity of courses. No matter from which background you are, everyone can easily find a course for himself. So just prepare yourself from today for higher studies in Singapore.

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Things that you Must Know Before Leaving to Singapore

I have heard many people saying that they failed to get admission for their master degree in Singapore. Do not make yourself hectic about it, they suffer because of their own fault, make sure you do not commit such mistakes. Keep the following things in mind while going for a higher study in Singapore.

  • Fill Scholarship Form – If you are going for higher studies by getting a scholarship, you are required to fill a scholarship form. Many people make a mistake here and have to kiss the dust eventually when fails to get admission. You should learn from these mistakes of others.
  • Keep all your Documents with you – You never know, when there occurs a need for your personal documents, so take all your documents with you and do not leave them back at home for the fear of losing them in abroad.
  • Do a little research on the policies of university – It is required in every sphere of life. Whenever you are going to a new place, do a small research about the area, people, topography and above all the policies and ordinances of that particular place. It will provide you with a lot of help there.
  • Register yourself in the embassy – The first thing that you are supposed to do after reaching abroad is to register yourself in the embassy of your country there. This way you are giving them information about your presence there. This is because if you encounter any problem in the foreign land, you can take their help.Keep the above points in mind, choose a course for you and take a flight to Singapore for making your dreams true. Everyone has the right to have a dream and fulfil it.

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