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Top 10 Colleges in Singapore for MBA

Education is one of the integral parts of a person’s life solely because it determines the career success in the future phases. Before they can plan for a bright future, one has to actually work hard and come out with flying colors. With the increasing competition to get ahead, there is more and more requirement for professional courses on the qualification list. The value of a person increases when it comes to courses like MBA.

Top 10 Colleges in Singapore for MBA

For those who are looking for a recognized Masters in Business Administration courses need to have an open mind and look for an international option as well. If you are thinking about an MBA in Singapore, there are ample MBA jobs, and career opportunities and some the world’s leading businesses have their headquarters here. If you are searching for the top ranking business schools in Singapore, B-Schools, MBA colleges or universities in Singapore, then your search may finish here.

List of top 10 MBA colleges in Singapore is-

  • The National University of Singapore- This is one of the best MBA universities in Singapore that has every right of being on top. Various corporate companies highly recognize the degree from this place not only in Singapore but also globally. The management and administration skills that they incur in the students are usually from the demands of the Asian market.
  • INSEAD Singapore- This is another of the MBA university that is well deserved to be on this list. They have campuses all over the globe and one in Singapore is best of the among. The course tenure is about ten months and is known to acquire more than 70 different types of nationalities in the classroom to provide each student a distinct experience.
  • Nanyang Business School- Also known as NBS, this is a quite renowned MBA college in Singapore. The rigorous curricula that they understand help each of the students to polish their talent and skills as per the future needs of the industry. The first rate learning experience is what brings most of the prospectus MBA students to apply here. There are both the graduate and undergraduate programs available. This is done through best research centers and state of the art facilities and features. The school also provides job opportunities once the course is successfully passed.
  • Singapore Institute of Management- The postgraduate degree that this institute offers is one of the highly recognized one and is a full time one year course to start with. Their global susceptibility to students is one of the reasons why you should pick the Institute for professional courses like MBA. Aside from the regular course work, there are a lot of extracurricular exercises for the students as well. A lot of other programs apart from MBA are also available here for learners looking for various other qualifications.
  • S P Jain Global MBA- The global MBA program offered by S P Jain Institute of Management is one of the top one to be mentioned here. Herein, you will also get the golden chance of traveling to Dubai and Sydney to know about the market practices and the current affairs and industrial trends in these places. It will also give the students the chance to work with cross-cultural teams and provide them the local knowledge of the business.

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  • Uptrend College, Singapore- This institute in Singapore came into being in the year 1986, and today it is in the top 10 colleges in the city. Simultaneously with the main school, there are three more campuses of this college in the whole country. Diploma, degree and certificate courses all are available according to the specification of the student. Apart from the acknowledged MBA courses, it also specializes in graduate programs like BBA.
  • ERC Institute- Affiliated to the University of Greenwich, the MBA course here is 18 months and a full-time course after the graduation program. It is a private education institute and provides a practical environment for students to know the best of the industrial environment. It is one of the best ones in Singapore as a good option.
  • Raffles School of Business- It is the school of the MBA that was known as Hartford Institute and it was formed in the year 1999. Premier education is their USP, and their programs are globally recognized not only in the case of Masters but also in the case of Bachelor’s degrees. Various known organizations have accredited the institute for having a protected and acknowledged system for students. It is assuredly one of the best colleges to be included in this list of MBA schools in Singapore.
  • Essec Business School- As a part of Victoria Street, it is on the top where MBA programs are concerned and is directly affiliated with the main campus in Paris. An international platform is also available to the students to get high exposure to different industrial trends. Entrepreneurship and innovation are encouraged for the students.
  • Walden University- In the year 1970 this university came into being where the Singapore campus is concerned. Along with MBA course, there are 385 other specialization courses accessible in the university. Walden University is one of the best in Singapore that you can adhere to.

The list provided here will be beneficial for the students’ who are getting enrolled for MBA in Singapore Universities. Hence, international students’ taking admission in Singapore University can acknowledge the list considering the various aspects. Taking guidance and help from online assignment help agency will be beneficial for the students. Students taking admission in these MBA colleges can avail MBA assignment help services from the online helpers to ensure their admission in the MBA college Singapore.

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