Posted on: 6th Oct 2017

Why Indian Students Prefer Singapore For MBA Education

Indian students search for an ideal place to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and the majority of them prefer Singapore as a perfect destination. Making this city own a leading position regarding successful global operations, Singapore is nicknamed as “The Lion City,” which is known for its business world as one of the most innovative and competitive ones.

What makes Singapore such an attractive study destination, including for proposed MBA students, is a combination of world-class education, a vital number of scholarship possibilities, high employability rate after graduation and the multicultural environment. Being close to India and offering an international experience in the class, makes it a popular choice for cost-conscious MBA students from India.

Why Indian Students Prefer Singapore For MBA Education

Reasons to do your MBA from Singaporean Universities

Since most Business Schools overseas requires work experience from applicants, Singapore, in particular, is an appealing choice for the majority of the Indian students. Studying in Singapore is an interesting option to study and pursue a career and has a perfect environment for Indian candidates. Most Indian students prefer to pursue their MBA degree education from Singapore. Some of the advantages of studying in Singapore are:

  • Affordable education- If you wish to pursue your MBA education Singapore is one of the most economically feasible alternatives. The total expenditure of the fee and living costs in most educational institutions in Singapore is less than compared to B-schools offering MBA education in India. Hence, the cost of Singapore MBA in Rupees is much more nominal as compared to doing MBA from other nations.

Quality of educational institutes- Singapore owns some of the best academic learning institutes in the Asia-Pacific regions. The Singapore education system guarantees a global experience that draws from the latest and the best in knowledge from around the world.

Work permits for students- While pursuing their studies, students in Singapore have permission to work for 16 hours a week to economically support themselves.

  • International batch-mates- In Singapore, you will have scholars from more than 30+ countries as your batch mates. This allows you to take benefit of the rich inter-cultural environment and unique global networking opportunities. Foreign students come here to earn their part-time degree from Singaporean Universities.

Safety- Concerning the students Singapore is the safest city. The government of Singapore has a no-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging on the campus.

Job opportunities- Singapore is the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters for most global organizations and is, therefore, a hub of major business activity. There are more than 20,000 international companies in Singapore where learners can look forward to an outstanding professional networking as well as job possibilities in one of the best business environments in Asia.

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Interesting aspects of MBA courses in Singapore universities and business schools

  • Universities link up with local and international companies and social group and often organize business workshops.
  • All MBA programs cover internships or networking, work opportunities, and social activities.
  • Students work on team projects that run across the semesters and have to explore and learn more about organizational and managerial effectiveness and communication.
  • You can also take Admission in part time MBA course in Singapore.

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