Posted on: 17th Dec 2020

Take Home Assignment Singapore 

In the coming years, educational institutions in Singapore are positive about making take-home assignments (THA) an important component of the evaluative procedure.

Take Home Assignment Singapore

The take-home assignments are getting popular these days due to lockdown in the entire city and pandemic situations.

Students take advantage of these to take-home assignments and search for services such as assignment writing help for students in Singapore and pay to do assignments.

Students generally get confused between an online exam and an open book exam so, hereby providing the detailed difference between them both and a brief about take-home assignments.

About Take-home assignment

A take-home assignment (THA) is a type of examination or a work sample given to a candidate to be completed on his own time and is accompanied by a time limit or a due date

These tasks are provided to the candidates to showcase their thought processes and practical skills.

The Take-home assignment is graded and carries a reasonable weightage in the final grade sheet. These are in the form of longer projects for papers and require much research work.

The Take-home assignment should consist of original content and must not be copied from the internet or any other resources as universities use software to keep a check on plagiarized activity such as Turnitin.

The Take-home assignments include online exams, open-book exams, homework, case study analysis, project work, and others.

The differences between an open book and online exams are discussed below

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The differences between an open book and online exams are discussed below

Comparison between an Open book exam and online exam

Open book exam

Online exam

In an open book examination, a student can consult his notebooks, books, and other resources for answering the questions.

Online examinations are the type of exams conducted using the university’s intranet or internet for students. It is popularly known as e-examination.

Open book exams are conducted online as well as in offline mode.

Online exams are conducted online with the help of the internet.

Usually, a longer time is given to students for an open book exam. 

These are also known as timed online assessments as they are to be completed within a stipulated time.

In open-book exams, a candidate is allowed to take resource material, and lecture notes accompanied by them.

Online exams are traditionally limited-time exams and the candidate is not allowed to take any resource materials with them.

Generally,  students don’t take this exam seriously and do not prepare for such exams in advance.

These exams are generally taken seriously as they have a certain time limit.

Open book exams do not support memorization and Rote learning and students are not required to stuff a lot of facts as they can check their books.

Students are required to memorize, grasp, and learn a lot of stuff and concepts as they cannot have access to any resources.

These are taken for the subjects that require direct referencing to the written materials such as parliament acts, statistics, and law statutes.

They can be taken for any subject.

They involve questions related to problem-solving, essay-style questions, tutor-marked assignments, and delivering solutions.

They involve multiple-choice questions, subjective answers, long answers, checkboxes, fill-in-the-blanks, case studies, and coding simulators.

Declaration of results takes time.

In online exams, results are declared immediately due to real-time report generation and quick assessment.

In open-book exams there is the highest possibility of plagiarism as students can copy text chunks directly from lecture notes and textbooks also stated as cheating.

In online exams, the possibility of plagiarism is reduced. Online exams can hardly detect cheating.

Open book exams are supposed to enhance a student’s intellectual skills and abilities. They detect their ability to quickly search for the relevant information then to think critically, analyze, understand, and apply that knowledge.

Online exams enhance the cognitive skills, learning ability, and memorizing skills of a student.

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So after studying detailed differences between online exams and open book exams we are now able to understand both of them. It is rather difficult to judge out of both as which is better as both of them have their advantages.

The main motive of these take-home assignments is to enhance students’ knowledge, to provide help with your academics, and to make you grasp your course concepts thoroughly.

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Frequently asked questions

Question1. Is the online exam hard?

Answer: yes, online exams are surely a way harder. You are required to grasp all the concepts and apply knowledge as these are time-based and you hardly get time to Google or search other resource materials.

Question2. Are educational institutions in Singapore strict if plagiarism is found in submitted work samples?

Answer: Yes, educational institutions in Singapore are very strict towards plagiarism. It can lead to the marks deduction thereby, affecting your final grades.

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