Updated on: 14th Jun 2017

7 School Games That Graduates Want To Play Back

The school is the first learning academy for every individual. School times is the best part of the academic life of students. Every student wishes to revisit this time. It is the time when students don’t have any responsibilities, no tension of assignments and other academic tasks, a life filled with enjoyment and pleasure. It is a place where every facet of a child’s development is kept in mind and worked upon accordingly. A child gains not only bookish knowledge from schools but also social, moral and cultural growth.

The school is fun. There are big groups, good friends and school life is the most fun filled one. They have a splendid time together. Fun in school is a different thing. School life is the most memorable part of students life since that is the only period of time they had fun, free of tensions or disturbances. In their school days, students play a variety of games.

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As they pass out from schools, they don’t get enough time in their college or university to do such pleasure. Hence, here are seven school games that every graduate wants to play back-

1. Hide and Seek – Whether kids or toddlers, this is a very common game among students. Whether at home or school everyone plays it with their parents and friends. This game requires more than two persons. One person needs to close his eyes and counts while other people hide. The purpose is to spot all the hidden persons. There are several variants of this game.

2. Musical chairs – The Musical chair is one of the another common and easy game to play. One less than the total number of contestants the chairs are arranged in a circle facing outwards. One person is there to take care of playing and stopping the music. As soon as the music is played all the players need to go through the circle made by the chairs. And when the music stops the player’s try quickly to fill a seat and ultimately one stands out since he or she has no chair to sit. The player leaves the game, and one chair is drawn out. This goes on up to the time of there are two players and one chair left.

3. Marbles – This is one game which is still popular among school going students in Singapore, and every graduate wishes to play again. This is a multi-player game and has simple rules. All you need is to hit the marbles. In two modes ‘friendlies’ or ‘for keeps’ this game can be played. The last mentioned one is more of an earnest business as if you fail to hit; you have to give away the marble. In this games, you will win other’s marbles or will lose your own.

4. Snakes and Ladders – It is a first-class game in which a board consists of squares of rising numbers from the bottom and randomly put ladders and snakes that link one square with another. The intention is to roll the dice and move as per to the points. If the pupil land on the ladder then he climbs the ladder and takes the associating square. If the pupil land on a snakehead, then, sadly, they have to go down and land on the square that attaches with the snake’s tail. It is an easy fun game risen with good tension. To score high students try to roll the dice hard. The first one to reach the square with the highest number wins the game.

5. Killer Blink – This game is based on careful observation. Secretly teacher selects a student who becomes the killer, and other is selected to be the detective whom the teacher announces openly. The killer’s purpose is to kill other students by blinking at them without getting noticed by the detective. The detective has to recognize the killer before all the disciples are dead.

6. Telephone – This is an entertaining game. All the contestants sit in a circle. A chosen person thinks about a phrase, expression or sentence and whispers it to the nest person’s ears. That person murmurs what he listened to the next person’s ears, and the series goes on. The last person hears it and utters out loud. Most of the time it is funny what the last person says because the sentence is distorted by the time it extends out the last person.

7. Heads down thumbs up – This is an excellent and straightforward game which can be played remaining in the class. Four pupils, decided by the professor stand in front while others close their eyes and place their heads on the desk. Only the thumbs are placed on the desk. The four elected ones walk quietly i.e. tip-toe around the classroom and press the thumbs. When made all four stand in front of the class once again like before. Now the students have to guess who among the four had pressed their thumb. This game is great as it involves good psychological tension.

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