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How does Turnitin Works

Turnitin is internet based software, used commercially to detect plagiarism content. A person has to buy its licences to use the software as a service website. Which is used by:

How does Turnitin Works
  • The colleges and universities to check submitted documents against the plagiarism content and database with the available website’s content.
  • The students to do a formative assessment of their paper to avoid plagiarism.
  • The content writer to check their contents to avoid plagiarism.
  • The newspaper editors and books and magazine publisher to check its content against plagiarism.

How does Turnitin works?

According, to its official website more than 30 million students and 15,000 institutions are using this software. This is quite simple software, where a student needs to submit their paper through the tools available on the website. Then the software algorithm that paper’s strings of text against the database available on the website that include the works and articles already published on website as well as the paper student’s submitted on the website then after calculation a report send to the faculty, which presents an “originality report” of student’s assignment.

To use it:

  1. Click on assignment: When you will open the software, you will see some options: resources, assignment, test & quizzes. You need to select the assignment option.
  1. Click add: Then you will see a display, you need to click on add option, where you need to mention all the details of the assignment. Like:
  • Assignment name
  • Add date when you are checking the assignment
  • Then select the single uploaded file only.
  1. Use Turnitin: Then you need to checkmark the use Turnitin option under Turnitin service.
  1. Select appropriate options: Once you checkmark on use Turnitin you need to select some options:

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A.Submit papers to the following repository:

There are two options under it

  • Selecting “none” means after the plagiarism checked on the paper, the paper will not go into Turnitin paper repository. This is an option for those who are checking a draft, not a final paper. Then the final paper is submitted will not be checked against the draft.
  • Selecting “Standard Paper Repository” means that after the originality checked is completed on the paper, the paper will go into the Turnitin paper repository and all the other papers submitted on the software after that will be checked against that paper too.

B.Generate originality reports:

There are two options under it

  • Selecting “Immediately”means a copy of the submitted paper will be sent to the immediately and the software will create the “Originality report” and send it back to the Trunk assignment to view for the instructor. The whole procedure will take 15-20 minutes depending upon the length of the assignment.
  • Selecting “On Due Date” ensure the delay in sending the copies of the assignment to the until the due date and then the originality report will send to the Trunk assignment to view for the instructor.

C.Allow students to view the report:

If this is checked then the student will be able to check the originality report.

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D.Check originality against:

There are 4 options under it

  • If “Turnitin paper repository” is checked then the software will check the text against the whole world-wide database available on its system.
  • If “Current and archived internet” is checked than software will check the text against the current and achieved text located on the public internet.
  • If “Periodicals, journals, and publications” is checked then the software will check the text against the database of periodicals, journals, and publications.
  • There is no Tufts “Institution-specific repository”.

Complete the assignment:

At the end, you need to click on the post option.

Is the use of Turnitin is justified:

Opinions on use of Turnitin have divided accordingly.

  • Some students and faculty things that this kind of software breaks the trust between them while the others think that it is a wonderful learning tool.
  • Some faculty thinks that it is very good software to access the student’s performance and students gets a detailed analysis of their work and get a better chance to improve their performance.

Common misconceptions about the Turnitin:

There are so many conceptions about the software:

  • Turnitin detects the plagiarism: Turinit matches the text with the available database and text and leaves the final judgement on the faculty.
  • Papers submitted on the software are easily accessible to others: This is not correct; the paper submitted on the software cannot be assessable by others.

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  • Percentage shows in the “Similarity Index” of paper are plagiarized content: Percentage shows in the Similarity index are just a percentage of the content that matches to the database available in the software that can include the citations and the quotations.
  • Every paper submitted by the students becomes part of the Turnitin database forever: Student papers can be removed but only by request of the instructor of the class.
  • Turnitin is not flexible and works the same in all situations: This not true, there are so many options available which can be changed as per individual needs.
  • No students like Turnitin: Many students have stated that they like the software it gives a chance to enhance their so many skills.
  • Students can easily “beat” Turnitin to escape detection: Once the students receive the “originality report”, they will have to wait for the next 24 hours for the next submission that prevents students from submitting their paper again and again.
  • The source named in the “Originality Report” is the exact same source used by the student: That is not true there can be many matches of the sources because of extensive duplications of material on the web.
  • Turnitin automatically grades every paper: Turnitin only evaluates the paper against the available database. The grades are depended on teachers only.
  • can you submit a paper to Turitin twice: Turnitin has some setting which allows a student to re-submit the assignment twice and even as many times as he wants, until the date of submission.
  • Turnitin takes very long time for Originality report: generally Originality reports get ready in 15-20 minutes, maximum it can take up to 24 hours depends on the work upload.

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