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Why do Singaporean students dislike Engineering as their choice of study in Singapore?

There are so many products we use commonly and even don’t know that those all products are the invention of the engineering.

If engineering wasn’t there, we would not have laptops and computers to study, plans and boats to travel and moreover, there would not have been any Smartphone.

Why do Singaporean students dislike Engineering as their choice of study in Singapore

The engineering has done a lot to make our day today life very easy but still, in Singapore, the students are not much interested in studying engineering or even after they studied engineering most of them are not interested in obtaining it as their career choice.

So many engineers say that the engineering is the most lucrative industry in Singapore.

If we look around then we will find so many good examples that are the product of engineering. Even after it is a most demanding industry but still, there is a huge shortage of engineers in Singapore and that is being felt by the prime minister of Singapore at the 50th anniversary celebration of Institutes of Engineers Singapore.

This is a subject to wonder “Why and what are the reasons for Singaporean students dislike engineering as their choice of study?

Why has engineering become one the most understated industry in Singapore?

According to the research conducted by the experts of singaporeassignmenthelp.com below are some points which state the problems faced by the engineers in Singapore:

Salary increment is very low: This is the main issue felt by the Singaporean students and they think that engineering is a hard working and most low pay scale jobs in Singapore.

When one completed their engineering and one completed their finance course will get a job with almost similar pay scale but when their salaries are evaluated after five years, the salary of an engineer will be very lesser to the one in the finance field.

The finance people salary would be almost doubled (2 times) the salary they started and an engineer’s salary will be the just 1/4th time of the day he started.

Lack of good opportunities in the new industry: When Singapore launches a new industry there are a huge lack in the job opportunity and takes ages of time to built opportunities in the same field.

This was seen in 2010, bioengineering was a new subject in Singapore and students were keenly joined this course and when they passed out and there was no such opportunity available related to Biological engineering and they had to choose some other field related to this.

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Inconvenient locations of working: So many engineers found their location is very inconvenient as compared to other jobs such as if one completed his engineering in chemical had to work in off-shore islands and the industrial area such as Tuas area, which is very difficult to go and with no amenities.

But those who are working in the finance sector will work in air conditioner and comfortable offices.

Lack of challenging jobs: Many engineers are set with a specific job description; where they will find work which is repetitive in nature and they found nothing challenging to work so they get bored by the time and they don’t get any opportunity to enhance their skills, that forced the students to not to choose engineering career and they look for an interesting subject options like research field, where they can find new challenge every day.

Lack of flexibility and social life: An engineer has to work long hour compare to other industry like financial service industry, so an engineer doesn’t get time to be active socially.

Life risk jobs: So many engineers have to work in a very unsafe environment such as an electronics engineer has to work sometime with high voltage and a chemical engineer has to work with so many chemicals that could be sometimes, risked their lives.

Not reputed jobs: Moreover, Singapore is a hub for finance, research and medicine. In all these sectors of Singapore, one get reputed and prestige job and money. The one working in among these industries would get more reputation than the other working in the engineering field.

Week engineering portfolio: Singapore doesn’t offer any strong portfolio of engineering such as building trains, cars, machines, it simply focuses on the week portfolio of engineering like maintaining the machines and executing machine jobs.

All the new MNC’s are entering in Singapore; never park their important IP work here but unlike, when a new entrant comes in medical, lawyer, architect and other professional, they enter with no restrictions.

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Less job security: An engineer feels that there is a less job security for engineers in Singapore because many manufacturing sectors are shifting off-shores and economy is slowing down so an engineer has to constantly build up their skills to stay relevant and our government is more interested towards higher value sectors labour supply and demand situation so the job security for engineer is relevantly less attractive.

These are some reasons that have lured many students to leave this industry.

Lastly, I would like to add some of the government initiatives to address some of these issues.

The government is taking the initiative to limit the foreign talent so it provides a fair chance to Singaporean local engineers to show their talent.

Moreover, if Singapore itself will have its own great engineer talent then more MNCs will not look for other option than Singapore to establish their base.

The Government is changing the education environment and making it more challenging and creative to attract more students.

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