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Common mistakes made by the students while writing English assignments

Writing English assignment is an important academic task and whether a student is studying in a high school or university or colleges they are supposed to complete lots of academic assignments. Writing an impressive and concise English assignment paper is not an easy task that too without committing any mistakes. Though you will eventually learn assignment writing skills throughout your academic period, there are many usual mistakes made by the students while writing their English assignments.

The best way to not commit such mistakes is to know about them. To help you, here I am presenting a list of the common most mistakes which you should avoid and write an error-free English assignment.

Common mistakes made by the students while writing English assignments

12 common English assignment mistakes:

1. Grammatical mistake:

Grammatical mistakes are the most common mistake made in the English assignments. An English assignment must be written with no grammatical errors.

Make sure you should use the proper noun, if you’re using a singular noun (he, she or it) to introducing something, suddenly don’t shift to the other person. Use the proper verbs; make sure you use the right verb that must respond well in term of number and people.

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2. Vocabulary mistake:

Using proper vocabulary is necessary to construct a good English assignment. If you have used the correct grammar and successfully written an informative paper by using the proper format but, you have used the wrong vocabulary then you have created a disaster paper.

Many students get confused and misuse the homonyms words like hole vs. Whole, here vs. hare and your vs. you’re and many more.

Don’t rely on the spell check website; these websites cannot identify the incorrect use of words such as affect vs. effect, lose vs. loose, and quite vs. quit.

Don’t write quickly or when you’re in a rush because you may write something else which you didn’t mean to say.

3. Spelling mistake:

Spelling mistakes are very common mistakes done in the English assignment paper by the students. Many students believe that the English spelling system is the most typical and unpredictable in the world. There are many difficult words in English letters.

The best solution is to avoid such mistakes is to remember and memorize the spelling. Check your paper with the spelling after you complete your paper and list out the common most mistakes done by you.

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4. Punctuation Mistake:

Using the proper punctuation is very necessary to make an understandable paper. If you don’t use proper punctuation in the paper, your reader gets confused, irritated and frustrated.

Check your paper with the spelling mistakes is quite easy then check the paper with the wrong placement of commas.

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5. Lack of information:

Many times students don’t read the instructions given by the professors and couldn’t write a proper English assignment.

To avoid such kind of mistakes always read the instruction well and write an informative English assignment using the relevant data, concrete facts with a supportive example.

6. Styling the sentences:

This is the most common mistake committed by the students. An English assignment must be written using the proper sentences written in an interesting way. If you do not use the proper styling then it can make a bad impression.

Never use too long sentences which is hard to understand, always break long sentences in short lines because short lines are easy to understand.

7. Using wrong conjunction and transition words:

It is always advisable to use conjunction words to connect the sentences and words but at the same time don’t use too many conjunctions and transition words.

8. Using improper words:

To write any academic assignment, a student must use only a formal and academic language and so with the English assignments. Many times students use the day to day language and abbreviation in the assignments.

You should never use slang and nonstandard verb forms in your assignment, always use a standard high-level vocabulary in your paper.

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9. Improper presentation:

Mostly students overlook the importance of the paper presentation and give all concern towards collecting and evaluating the appropriate data for the assignment. But when your paper is going for analysis you must give consideration to the presentation of your assignment.

Use some bold sentences, highlighters and different fond to present the most important information.

10. Poor structure:

Every academic assignment must be written following a specific structure which ties your idea in the flow and provides an impressive view of your assignment. Sometimes your professors ask you to follow a certain structure and format; you should stick to that only.

Basically, an English assignment follows a basic structure including introduction, the body part and the conclusion. You should write every part of the assignment concisely and informative.

11. Repetition of ideas:

Even though you write your English assignment in a presentable manner with appropriate information but, using the same phrases, words and ideas again and again throughout your paper makes your English assignment boring and dull. It reduces the quality of assignment and creates a negative impression on the faculty.

Try to add new ideas and new words with relevant meaning, use synonyms and word substitute to avoid the repetition of the same noun and verbs and create an impressive English assignment.

12. Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is the biggest concern for the students in higher education. Plagiarism is considered as the big offence while writing English assignment at the university level. Usually, the students copy the idea and words from some academic sources and paste directly in their assignments and committed the mistake of the plagiarism.
To avoid these mistake, remember don’t copy any content; you can take ideas from available resources but convert the information in your own language and write in your assignment.

There are a number of online plagiarism check websites where you can check your paper in free but for the more intense check, your paper with plagiarism take the help from the reliable sources.

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