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Primary 5 Composition Phrases Writing Help for Students by Experts Guidance

English Composition Writing is one of the challenging tasks faced by the students of Singapore. Composition writing can be difficult coursework for the students but it helps in enhancing their writing skills. Through the preparation of the excellent composition writing primary 5, the students can represent their thoughts or ideas clearly.

Good Phrases for Composition Writing Primary 5

However, the students need to use good phrases as well as they need to develop a conventional pattern while dealing with the composition writing task.

Composition phrases for writing primary 5 accelerates the communication skills of the students by conveying meaningful ideas and making the readers understand. However, writing the academic composition means that the students need to put the relevant sentences together with the help of the effective phrases. It is beneficial for the students of Singapore to make the use of significant phrases while preparing for composition writing. 

Important categories of good primary 5 Composition phrases required for composition writing

There are some of the good phrases which can make the composition writing readable as well as concise for the readers. Though there are many steps on which the students need to work while preparing for the excellent composition writing but still it is effective to focus on the perfect phrases. The good phrases get divided into the following categories:

  • Similes

Generally, the similes get used when the students need to compare one thing with the other thing. The commonly used words as simile phrases include “like”, “as…as”, and many more. It is a beneficial trick that gets used to identify key personality characteristics or traits. In addition to it, similes are good phrases when it comes to describing the emotions. The students of Singapore need to study the use of similes for using it in the appropriate places. 

  • Metaphors

Metaphors are somewhat like similes except the words used. It includes the use of words like “was”, or “is” for comparing one thing to another. While using such phrases in composition writing, the students need to keep some of the efficient points in the mind like the use of adjectives. When the students of Singapore are going to highlight the significant metaphor along with the composition writing then they need to specify every point with proper explanation.

  • Hyperboles

The hyperboles’ phrases are exaggerations which means the students are describing the situation much better than much worse. Generally, the most commonly used word is “so… that” which can describe that hyperbole is used in composition writing. When the students exaggerate something or are trying to make something more extreme then it means they are writing helpful hyperboles in the composition.

  • Personification 

It is easy to identify personification in the composition writing prepared by the students. While using the personification the students need to relate an object or thing with a person. To make the composition writing stand out, it is beneficial to use efficient words or vivid verbs which get applied normally to people. 

How to write an effective primary 5 composition by using good phrases in Singapore?

Composition writing involves the effective steps which the students need to keep in mind. The foremost crucial part includes good phrases that must get involved in academic composition writing. To make the composition attractive, the students need to use some of the suitable or efficient phrases. However, some of the steps on which the students can focus include:

  • Make a proper aim:

The students need to understand the concept as well as the topic clearly when they start preparing for the composition. It is beneficial for the students to pay high attention to the assignments assigned to them related to composition writing. At first, the students need to gather efficient data as well as thoughts while they are planning for composition writing.

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  • Start with an innovative or creative idea:

The students of Singapore can make a rough list while collecting the data for composition writing. After that, the students can rebuild their ideas by eliminating mistakes or errors. During this process, the students can identify the good phrases which can make their composition writing more efficient.

  • Create a significant outline:

It is beneficial to create an innovative outline that shows that the students have organized their thoughts efficiently. Once the students have collected the effective ideas, concepts, or arguments they can start preparing the proper composition. By involving the good phrases the students can present their thoughts and ideas in an impressive way.

  • Introduction, main body, and conclusion:

The students need to focus on the beginning section of the composition writing which can make the readers interested. It is the beginning of the project which can make the readers decide whether they should go through the entire paper or not. After that, the students need to work on the main body paragraph which includes supportive arguments and good phrases.

The last part of the composition writing includes a summary of the entire paper. The students need to conclude all the important aspects which they have presented in the whole composition writing. 

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The suitable phrases in the composition writing can make the project clear as well as concise for the readers. That is why; it is beneficial for the students to include the right language for presenting attractive composition Writing. 

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